8 Tips for DIY Fresh 48 Sessions

8 Tips for DIY Fresh 48 Sessions


In honor of Ethan’s birthday coming up tomorrow (9/5) and wanted to share a post for all of you expecting moms out there who were hoping to have a fresh 48 session once the baby was born. I know that Corona Virus has stopped us from having these amazing sessions from happening and it makes me so sad because I just LOVE them! I love getting to see you and your new little growing family and meeting your precious little one for the first time just a few hours old! It’s so heart warming and I just love everything about it. So, here I am, bringing you my love for Fresh 48’s right into your own hands. You can do this, and you can do this with just your cell phone!

Capturing these first days of your baby’s life is so important! You don’t get that time back! Come their first birthday…. and even their 6th, like Ethan will be, I always look back on his actual birthday and it is just so amazing to see the little person who he is growing up to be! I want the same for you. Do no be scared. I promise, I will give you tips to get the best images of your sweet little baby and even though you just had a baby, I want you to also hand the camera over to dad and have him snap a few photos of you with that little person who has been kicking you for 9 months!

When you go into labor the last thing you’re thinking about is that you want to tell a story. So here I am to tell you, that is what you are doing with these photos. You are telling YOUR story. your BABY’s story. A story that you and your family and even that baby can look back to years to come.

TIP 1:  Take a photo of the outside of the location you will be having your baby. You will most likely not remember to take this photo on your way into the hospital, but if you can remember to take one on your way out, you should. This photo is the start of where your family started. 

Tip 2: Hospital Details- The Room, The board with your nurse info on it, the hallway…. maybe even the ice dispenser because hospitals have the best ice chips! Your favorite snack you had during labor. I know what you are thinking… Who does that…. well… I do. I do my friend. And when I look back at the snack and the hospital rooms, wow, you better believe I get ALL THE FEELS! 


TIP 3: When a nurse comes in to check on baby. Get them in a few photos caring for your little one. 


TIP 4: Open the window shade and let that natural light inside. Turn OFF the lights in your room. Bring the baby close to the window and position him(her) so that the natural light is coming from the side or at an angle on the top of the head. The light like this will help highlight those beautiful baby features. I suggest taking the photo “Into” the room where your back is to the window. This lights up the room nicely. 

Tip 5: If there are siblings coming to visit, this is a must have shot! Notice the natural light coming from the side where the window is and babies are facing the window lighting up their faces. 

Tip 6:  Take them out of the bassinet and onto the bed for a different view/look.

 Tip 7: Baby Details! THESE are MUST have photos! Take a photo of the name tag on the bassinet. The baby will have the sweetest little features- capture them! Their fingers, feet, hair, eats, nose, lips! You can never have too many detail photos of your baby!  

Tip 8: prop the phone up on a table ( or order a cell phone tripod) set it up where you and dad are together looking at baby. You can set a self timer OR you can get this remote


Here is the list of all I mentioned for you to see a little clearer without the images incase you need to copy and paste easily to make notes.

Must have shots:

Overhead shot of baby in the bassinet (full body)

Overhead shot of baby in the bassinet (from the waist up)

Details of his nose, ears, hands, feet, and bellybutton

Dad holding baby, giving Eskimo kisses, or attempting to swaddle/change a diaper for the first time

Mom nursing her new babe or snuggling, standing up

Hospital Details- Front of building, hall way, bed, snacks, etc

Nurse coming in to check baby

any cute outfits and accessories

** Remember to keep the lights off and use the natural light from the window. If you can shoot INTO the room that will give you best light. If not, thats fine- you have a cute baby so really just take the photo!


Here are s a few editing apps I love to use! I always brighten up all of my phone photos before sharing them especially on instagram. Some of the photos on my feed are an iPhoto shot edited to my style in Lightroom! Lightroom is my #1 editing app!

MY Favorite Apps to edit with:

Lightroom Mobil



I wish I were able to capture these moments for you, but I know you can do it! Do not stress out- if you can not do it, thats okay. Just take as many photos as you can to have forever and do not put your phone in the washing machine like I did a week after I had Henry. Let me be the first to tell you, you will cry a lot if you do this! I hope these tips are helpful for you!! If you have any questions I am happy to help!

If you need help in photo editing your fresh 48 photos, I would love to do this for you! Contact me and we can chat about editing.

Congratulations, momma! Motherhood is the best, hardest, life changing gift in the world!





A Message from your New England Photographers with Love

A Message from your New England Photographers with Love


This season has been hard. We miss our couples, families and babies. We miss seeing your smiles. We miss everything there is to miss about preparing. capturing and finishing your sessions. Weddings have been moved several times for many couples and it is breaking our hearts. Please know that we are thinking of you all and we are so excited to see you soon! Until then, keep smiling and stay hopeful.


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And: Linda Jennings

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Alyssa & Craig Engagement Session | Portsmouth, NH

Alyssa & Craig Engagement Session | Portsmouth, NH

Happy Wedding Wednesday! I am bringing back this Alyssa and Craig’s engagement session to today’s wedding Wednesday not only for engagement inspiration but also, these two were to be married this coming Saturday but with all that is going on in the world right now, their wedding day is now in June. I am still so excited for them and I am looking forward to giving them both hugs once this is all over! Enjoy their engagement session photos for some E-sesh inspo!


Alyssa and Craig had their engagement session this past fall in downtown Portsmouth, NH. I have only been to this town twice before their session and I have to say I am so glad they chose here!  I just loved that we had so many different locations to choose from, and the light was just so perfect! The weather was starting to get a little chilly, but it felt good to walk around without jackets, chatting the whole time and laughing! We had so much fun and I am so excited to celebrate the Eve of Henry’s birthday with them this April!

Aiden 6 Month Milestone Session | Quincy, MA

Aiden 6 Month Milestone Session | Quincy, MA

I can not believe it has been 6 months since I last saw this family for Aiden’s newborn session!  It is 100% true what they say, the days are long but the years are short. Before I knew it, February was approaching and I knew we needed to get this 6 month photo session in before their little features were not so little anymore! A few weeks ago I went back to their house and we had our session together capturing those candid lifestyle moments and I have to say, I just love sessions like this! This was so laid back, mom Breann was amazing handling her big kid, little kid and fur baby. She’s a natural! I loved catching up with her about life and hearing all of the little milestones Aiden has been achieving!

He was such a good baby during our session, fully idolizing his brother and not minding at all when his dog would walk on him. He is just starting to sit up but mom said he still needs assistance. We attempted to see if he could sit up on his own toward the end of our session and sure enough, HE DID IT! He mastered sitting up and I was there to see it! I was so proud and so excited I got to be there to capture those moments for mom and dad!

I am so excited to see them again for Aiden’s 1st Birthday session! Breann, TJ, Owen and Aiden, thank you so much, again for opening up your home to me to capture this first year of Aiden with you! He is going to have so many new milestones happening within the next few months and when I see you all again, I am so excited to see the difference just 6 more months make! Owen, thanks for keeping me on my toes and always laughing! You are such a great big brother! It is so clear that Aiden looks up to you so much already! Here are just a few of my favorites from out session together! xo.

Alyssa & Craig Engagement Session | Portsmouth, NH

Alyssa & Craig Engagement Session | Portsmouth, NH

I hope you all had the Merriest Christmas EVER! It felt good to stay off the computer for a few days and be present with my family. We had a wonderful time doing all kinds of Christmas traditions and I have to just say, that Ethan and Henry just make the holiday even more special! As much as it felt good to take some time to myself, it also feels good to be back, getting some time to be on the computer doing all the things behind the scenes and not just behind the camera!

Alyssa and Craig had their engagement session this past fall in downtown Portsmouth, NH. I have only been to this town twice before their session and I have to say I am so glad they chose here!  I just loved that we had so many different locations to choose from, and the light was just so perfect! The weather was starting to get a little chilly, but it felt good to walk around without jackets, chatting the whole time and laughing! We had so much fun and I am so excited to celebrate the Eve of Henry’s birthday with them this April!