Amy and Nick Engagement Session | Boston, MA

Amy and Nick Engagement Session | Boston, MA

Within a few minutes of walking up to a couple I can always tell we are truly a good fit. This is 100% true with Amy and Nick. They were relaxed and excited to start their session. When I say relaxed I mean they were ready to trust me as I educated them through out their session on the main poses they will do on their wedding day. They were up for anything and were really wanting to have many candid moments of the two of them together, which just so happens to be my favorite moments!

These guys traveled to Boston from NOLA during a pandemic to have their engagement photos taken in Boston. I noticed them as they were walking across the street to meet me at the Public Gardens. As I mentioned before, they were both so relaxed and looked so nice as their outfits coordinated so nicely! That first initial meeting its like a blind date- I always look for happy in love couples that are most likely going to get their photos taken and these two were exactly that. Happy and in love.

Amy and Nick are Umass Amherst Alumni and are now planning their wedding  at the Saphire Estate in Sharon,MA Summer of 2021. While they were back visiting they got to see family and friends too which if you ask me, getting photos taken and getting to see loved ones sounds like a pretty perfect get away!

Amy and Nick, thank you so much for trusting me and listening to my crazy ideas of how to get to the locations you guys wanted before the sun came down. You were both amazing models and since you guys nailed it during our session, I have no doubt in my mind that you guys will nail it again on the wedding day! I hope you love these photos and can remember this time together visiting your family and friends and meeting me! The way you too look at one another is pure love and I am so happy for you both. Enjoy the next months of being engaged and I can not wait to see you again on your wedding day! xoxo.


Marybeth and Tyler Wedding Day | Stratham, NH

Marybeth and Tyler Wedding Day | Stratham, NH

Marybeth and Tyler are MARRIED!! Yup! MARRIED!! There two had such a beautiful and intimate wedding this past Saturday at Tylers childhood home! It may not have been the wedding they were originally planning for, but it was still so perfect and so beautiful! Marybeth and Tyler made the difficult decision of only having their immediate families, Wedding Party and Vendors at their celebration. Their friends and extended families watched their wedding ceremony via live stream. Even though they could not be there in person, they were celebrating with them in spirit online! Thank goodness for all of these social outlets!

Due to Covid-19, Marybeth and Tyler changed their plans of having their wedding take place in Princeton, MA. The morning started with the girls getting ready in their adorable condo in Portsmouth, NH and the guys getting ready at the AC Hotel by Marriott, Portsmouth. Their first look was at Prescott Park and it was absolutely gorgeous! The weather leading up to their day was hit or miss with the rain, and humid! They had an amazing sunny day, it was hot, but there was sun and when the breeze came through, it was nice! Their photos have a romantic glow about them which makes me so happy!

A crazy thing to think about is,  they will look back on their wedding day 50 years from now and remember that even in the midst of a pandemic, their love was stronger. When they go to visit their parents back at the home where they said their I do’s, they will think about this day. The joy, the stress, the sweat and tears. What an amazing memory they will add to the many memories they’ve shared at this home. All they wanted was to get married, and they made it happen, even in the face of many obstacles. I don’t know about you, but I find all of that incredibly romantic! And speaking of romantic, Tyler planned the sweetest surprise for Marybeth! While they agreed not to get gifts for each other, Tyler surprised Marybeth with a beautiful bracelet for her to wear on their wedding day! It was the perfect way to start their wedding day when she opened this gift just before getting ready. I loved when they saw each other for the first time and he took her hand to see the bracelet on her! It was a special moment.

Marybeth and Tyler, Wow, what a year you guys had! I am so happy that in the end, everything worked out and you guys are now Mr. and Mrs. Joosten! I am so thankful for you both and so honored that you chose me to be your photographer. I loved you guys when I met you for the first time during your engagement session, and I still love you both now! Speaking of love… Here are just some of the photos I LOVED from this day, and I hope you will love them too! Enjoy getting to relive your wedding day through this blog and soon, I hope that you will get to see all of your virtual guests and give them big hugs!


Wedding Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter | Dress Designer: Essence of Australia | Shoes: Davids Bridal| Venue: Backyard at Groom’s Childhood Home | Caterer: Big Boy Catering: Greg Ulicnik | Cake: Bean Counter Bakery | DJ: Meritage Entertainment | Videographer: Digital Purpose Co. | Invitations: Email Invite through Minted 

Ashley and Jesse Maternity Session | Londonderry, NH

Ashley and Jesse Maternity Session | Londonderry, NH



You may be thinking, ” What?! I didn’t know Alex does maternity sessions!!” and you would be correct! I usually do not get to shoot maternity sessions however, long story short, I was contacted by a photographer friend Veronique Photography  who reached out to see if I was available to take this session on as she was not able to, and I was! I am so glad I was able to capture this season of Ashley and Jesse’s lives before they welcome their little boy in July.

With lots of chatting back and forth we decided to have their session at Mac’s Apples in Londonderry! I am so thankful they were open to coming to this location. It was such a beautiful place with lots of areas on their grounds we were able to go to and the light was perfect! The night was perfect for a session and I just loved getting to know them and seeing how cute that little bump is!

As I scroll through these images I can’t help but remember being pregnant with Ethan and then again with Henry and wondering how our lives would change when we had one, and then again when we had another. Nothing could have prepared me for the joy that we were about to experience then. Taking these portraits felt so different after experiencing pregnancy myself and I loved it!  I don’t miss not being able to see my feet or the sleepless nights and indigestion, but I do miss feeling the movement and kicks inside of me. It’s just such a miracle and a precious season that deserves to be captured! I hope that one day Ashley and Jesse’s sweet baby boy will love seeing these portraits of his momma and daddy together before he was born!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

A THANK YOU to our Ali B Health Care Workers

A THANK YOU to our Ali B Health Care Workers

It is easy to forget to say Thank you. It is easy to look past all these things we have and take them for granted. This time being home with my family, not rushing out the door for anything, Not having a all kinds of activities and parties and school and… you get the idea…. has really opened our eyes to ALL the things!! THERE IS SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

Everyday we see on the news of our health care workers on the line, working directly next to patients with COVID-19. They are risking their lives to help save others and go home to their family ( some are isolated from their family) potentially putting them at risk. It is scary for them, I am sure, but they love their jobs and they show up to work everyday.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to these wonderful health care workers in the Ali B Family. These Ali B Brides ( and Ali B Groom) are my HEROS!!!! If I could stand out side of their work holding banners and making lots and lots of noise for them I would! (Wearing a mask, of course!) And so, without further ado, here are your Ali B Bride/Groom Heroes!

Shyra- Married 12.13.14

Stephanie- Married 1.18.20

Gina- Married 8.31.19

Victoria- Married 10.7.16

Paige- Getting Married 11.7.20

Meggy- Married 5.5.18

Kellie- Married 6.2.17

Caitlyn- Married 11.4.17

Married- 10.5.19 ( Engagement Session)

Rachel and Joel- Married 6.8.19

Kelly- Married 6.23.17

Liz & Raffa Engagement Session | Bedford, NH

Liz & Raffa Engagement Session | Bedford, NH

I have officially entered the season of life where business is picking up fast! I kicked off the wedding season with this engagement session in Bedford, NH with Liz and Raffa! Guys! I am not kidding when I say that it down-poured all day leading up to this session! We were checking the weather hour by hour because they traveled from CT. to NH and this was the only day we were able to schedule their session!

Well, as you can see the rain stopped in time for their session and we were able to keep it on! I loved getting to know these two! I asked Liz how they met during out first initial inquiry email and she said ” Raffaele (Raffa) and I met at a craft beer lovers MeetUp event in Connecticut in August 2017. He is from Italy, which means he has an adorable accent, so right away I was weak in the knees. We bonded over the fact that we’re both nerds (my background is in astrophysics and I teach physics now, he’s an engineer, we both love video games, etc.). I taught him how to play (and win!) a game of bean bags. After a few hours of tasting craft beer and flirting, he asked me if I wanted to go get dinner. On our way out to our cars, he grabbed me and kissed me! It was so unexpected but magical! We went to dinner and then went for a walk on the waterfront. Right away I knew this man was special and I wasn’t going to let him go.” I just love this! It is amazing to me how everyone has their own amazing story of how they met and the rest is history!

Liz & Raffa have an amazing year from moving into their first home, traveling to Italy before the wedding and then getting married! I am so excited for their wedding this September in Maine and I can not wait to hear all about their new home and their trip! xo