Some Good News | Bedford, NH

Some Good News | Bedford, NH

On June 4th our town celebrated their last day of school. I was invited to take photos of a Kindergarten Graduation from one of my good friends whose daughter was graduating. Ethan, Henry and I were so excited to celebrate even if it meant we needed to stay 6 ft. apart ( or more) and wear masks.

We made posters that the boys held as the cars drive by seeing their teachers for the last time this school year while I took their photos. We had so much fun getting to meet all the Kindergarten teachers which was awesome since this is the school Ethan will be attending this upcoming September. They were all so nice and Ethan can not wait to see them again! To this day he still talks about “all” of his kindergarten teachers.

The car parade started and all of the teachers were so happy to see their kiddos. Remote learning for the past 3 months has been hard! All they want to do is hug them! As much as this is a sad time, and we all wish that things were back to the way they were, it was really nice to see smiling faces the whole time! These amazing kids worked hard and THEY DID IT! On to first grade!! I saw some moms crying as they drove by which made me tear up too. We are hopeful that we will get to experience in the class room learning next year but if that isn’t something that will happen, we know that these teachers work so hard to give their kids the best learning experience remotely, and getting to see everyone come together to finish this big moment for their kids brought so much joy to all. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the 2020 Kindergarten Graduation!

**Parents have signed a photo consent form through the school and I was given permission from teachers that sharing online is allowed**

Rexhame Beach Extended Family Session | Marshfield, MA

Rexhame Beach Extended Family Session | Marshfield, MA

Another family session post for you all to see! This session took place during sun set at Rexame Beach. It was such a gorgeous night and the sun gave off a beautiful glow! I just love extended family sessions! It’s so nice when a big family can get together for photos and I know it doesn’t happen very often for many! I was so impressed that these guys were able to work out a date for everyone to be there, and I was able to be there as well!

For these images, I edited in 2 different styles. My light and airy approach will at times “blow out” the sky. This night was so pretty and they sky gave off beautiful colors but I am sharing with you the original edits I completed as I just love the glow tones on the family.

Being at the beach is my happy place! I love it when I get to chase kids around and get those authentic smiles! This session as a lot of fun and the kiddos were wonderful!

To the Mullin Family, Thank you so much for trusting me to capture your family photos! It was wonderful meeting you all and I just love the coordinated outfits! Here are just a few of my favorites from our session together!


Henry’s First Year | New England Photographer

Henry’s First Year | New England Photographer

Well, it’s been a few weeks since we have moved in to our new home in New Hampshire and I am starting to call myself a New England photographer since I am now able to expand my services and travel all around New England!! This is so exciting!! As I am sure you’re aware, we moved into our new home on Henry’s 1st birthday! I can not believe we have 2 kiddos and our baby just turned 1! It’s mind boggling to me! It’s so true what they say! The days are long but the years are short! That year FLEW by!

I have the mom guilt of not getting to blog about him each month! I don’t know how parents with 3+ kids do it! My hands and my heart were and still are so full, I just couldn’t keep up with blogging each month like I wish it did.

I took monthly photos which was believe it or not, really hard to do but I did them and I am so happy I did! It is amazing to see the different in him each month! Now, at 1 year old every morning he looks so different and he is so big! He is currently in size 18mo clothing! I just can’t believe it! Here are his monthly photos below:

I recently purchased a Childhood History Journal by Promptly Journals which covers birth- 18 years old. Each boy has their own childhood history book and I am just in love with it. I was able to go back and document memories and I will be updating their journals for years to come! I guess that is my “wish i got to blog” task that I was able to fulfill


  • leaving the hospital as a family of 4 and feeling like it’s the best thing in the world!
  • Always sleeping with his hand behind his ear/ having his hands near his ears
  • getting as many snuggles as I could in while Ethan was at day care for the first 2 weeks I was home on maternity leave.
  • being able to sit down, walk around and hold him standing up the next day after having him which were things I couldn’t do after having Ethan.
  • Sleeping on the couch with Henry in his rock and play next to me for the first 3 weeks since he wasn’t sure what the difference between night and day was just yet.
  • waking up in the middle of the night STARVING and enjoying all the grapes in the world and cheerios between Henry’s feedings
  • Ethan helping to make Henry laugh if he cried, and helping with anything he could- he was a great diaper thrower outer ( is that a thing??)
  • Getting to have several visits from his cousin Quinn and Aunt Becca! Their size difference is amazing and Quinn is just a few months older!
  • going to his first moms club social on a beautiful spring day at Forges Field with lots of big kids and one little baby a week older than him from out centering class. Just sleeping the play date away in their strollers #livingthelife
  • Attending PFN and other Play Groups in the area with his big bro! Always the baby of the group 🙂
  • Being a nursing champ for 11 months up until he became too distracted and I wasn’t producing all that he needs. ( baby’s gotta eat!)
  • Starting to Army Crawl at 6 months!
  • Meeting all our friends and Family all throughout the year
  • realizing his love of Dogs! ( We are on the hunt for one…. any suggestions??)
  • Visiting the Zoo a few times!
  • Walking downtown Plymouth was a family favorite
  • The Ollie Swaddle was the BEST swaddle out there! He slept all night from 3 weeks-4 months
  • Rolling over with Quinn in our sunroom and loving it!
  • Always watching Ethan’s every move and wanting to do whatever it was he was doing at the time!
  • Visiting the Boston Children’s Museum a few times- once with Tia Laura and Auggie and the Science Museum with our cousins the Dutka family
  • Figuring out how to hold the phone to his ear
  • finding his feet
  • always taking a hat off if you put one on him!
  • his first word- mama! but dada and knowing who that was. mama he just said a few times before understanding that was me!
  • calling Ethan DADA
  • Loving the way he smells- before all the dirty diapers….
  • his cheeks! His cheeks still look like one of his ultrasound photos from 34 weeks and i love munching them!
  • baby rolls!
  • always wanting to hold something, and play- loves to play!
  • No interest in watching TV at all
  • Henry has the best dance moves and LOVES all of our dance parties!
  • sitting up tall around 9 months!
  • Having great head control early on and loving tummy time
  • rocking him to sleep and getting a few extra snuggles in while sleeping since he doesn’t stop moving during the day!
  • crawling the “right way” around 11  months!
  • Pulling to standing and climbing steps, furniture walking, and pushing things around with one hand to walk/crawl.
  • having cake for the first time for his birthday!
  • loves bring outside
  • The way he looks at you as you walk into his room first thing in the morning or after a nap! The biggest smile on his face- and the jumping when he gets excited! The best greeting in the AM!
  • trips to the beach during the summer and snoozing in the tent we had set up on the sand. Loving the shade
  • coming to a few photos shoots with me and being a great assistant who slept in the carrier each time!
  • wearing a few different outfits that I love so much- “Did we just become best friends, YUP!” “New to the Crew” and matching his outfits with Ethan at times! Gah so cute!!
  • His first Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Getting baptized on October 1, 2017 at St. Peter’s Parish in Plymouth, MA. Aunt Becca is his Godmother and Uncle Jesse is his Godfather
  • Henry went to his first carnival at PCIS and watched Ethan go on some rides
  • He got to cheer dada on at the Falmouth Road Race and can’t wait to do it again!
  • He also cheered his dad on at the Philadelphia Marathon!
  • Visited Philly, and NJ for the first time in November!
  • working with a new born baby on my lap in the first few months, before he was mobile.
  • Giving my notice at work on July 1 that I would not be going back… this was so hard for me but I am so lucky to get to stay home with my kiddos and be a bossmom!
  • the sounds he made when he was an infant! Ohhh those baby sounds!!!
  • getting to have a cake smash session with Fredriksen Photography for his 1 year photo shoot!



  • Fans! When you turn on a fan, he loves just looking up while its spinning. Once he was able to hold himself up strong, he reaches up for it to try to spin himself.
  • He loved being swaddled up until he couldn’t fit in it anymore around 4 months old. The Ollie Swaddle is THE BEST swaddle there is! Highly Recommend it!
  • Being tickled! He will laugh and laugh and laugh and its the cutest giggle you ever heard!
  • Tubs! He loves splashing in the tub!
  • Anyhting Ethan has….. just ask Ethan….
  • Food. He has always loved his milk, but when it was time to try baby food and solids, he was all for it! He so far has loved everything he’s ever tried!!!! It’s amazing! Ethan is not like this at all with food!
  • Throwing and catching and chasing a ball!
  • Cars- he loves pushing cars around the house
  • DOGS! We need one. He LOVES “Dog Dogs”
  • When he couldn’t crawl, he loved facing outward when being held- we call this “front packing”
  • up until about 9 months, he loved the binky… at 9 months he wanted nothing to do with it.
  • Balloons. he thinks they are so cool!
  • Playing “catch me if you can” with us!
  • repeating what you do- sounds and gestures!
  • tubby time!
  • swinging on his new swing set and any swings at the park!
  • his blue car and walks
  • During the first few months, he loved being held and sleeping on his belly on our chest


Since these photos cover the entire year, their order is not 100% correct…. There were SO many photos, like always, it was hard to choose what ones to share! I just can not believe that he is 1. It FLEW by!

I brought my camera to the hospital and captured my own Fresh 48 photos of Henry. As much as I didn’t want myself in the hospital photos, apart of me did… I was on a lot of IV fluids and I was completely swollen- it’s crazy how different I looked! I was in a few photos from an iphone, but none from my fresh 48 session. Just look at his little (Big) Cheeks!!

My babies! The day Ethan met Henry at the Hospital ( almost 14 hours old).

Meeting his little brother!

Newborn Lifestyle session with Bree Hester at home. Henry is 1 week old here.

While Ethan got to cheer PJ on at the Boston Marathon 2017, Me and Henry met them after the race for dinner in Somerville, MA. Henry is 2 weeks old. || The Boncek Brothers First Touch A Truck!

Baby snuggles and Meeting his friend Avery!

Meeting RARA for the first time and waiting for his BFF to be born!

Snuggles from Ethan just MELT my heart!

This is how I would get some work done in those early weeks after bringing him home! Both of us were exhausted.

Mothers Day 2017- First trip to the Boston Aquarium! Loved this day so much!

April was a great time to have a baby! The weather into Spring then Summer was so nice we were outside all the time! Enjoying the view here!

For both pregnancies, PJ and I attended a Centering Group with my OB office. We were placed in a group with other couples all due around the same time. These are the centering babies!

Meeting Quinnie and Aunt Becca! Loved having them visit a few times last year!

Henry’s first walk with Centering Buddies at the Cape Cod Canal….. I am no lie…. 7 days PP…… That was tough!


1 week doctor appointment vs. 3 months.

Trying to be like Henry. 3 month doctor appointment

RaRa’s baby shower || Meeting cousins and Uncle John on Fathers Day!


First Zoo Trip

This was so special! I happen to be an over producer of milk…. so much so that we ran out of freezer space within the first 2 months! I joined Human Milk for Human Babies and found 2 moms who were in search of milk. We donated 387.5oz of milk to two babies!! I just had to take a photo before they were picked up!

I love sleeping cuddles and oh man the stretches!!!!!!!

After 6 months I gave up on the chalkboard and teddy bear with sticker milestone photos and stuck with the letter board. It was too hard to do it all! E was always a great helper!

Meeting his best friend, Baby Matthew at the hospital! 3 months apart!

Ethan on the far left. Henry in Ethan’s sit me up! || The right photo is at Henry’s 1 year doctor appointment!

Meeting his cousin Victoria

Meeting his cousin Gabby!

Falmouth Road Race Weekend!

Meeting Aunt Dani, Kevin and my dad ( Dzijek)


I cant with this picture! @ Craft Beer Cellar Plymouth

Ethan’s 3rd Birthday- Paw Patrol!

Celebrating Ethan’s 3rd Birthday!

That birth mark though!

Meeting our NJ Cousins!

Visiting the Boston Science Museum

Henry’s Baptism 10/1/17

Philadelphia Marathon 2017

Meeting my best friend Angie and her daughters, Sammy and Emily!

We went to the art museum for our holiday photos and here I am with Henry in the area where PJ proposed. We love the art museum area! It’s so pretty there! Check out our holiday session in Philly here!

Meeting more NJ Family during Thanksgiving!

Henry meeting his buddy, Everett! They both walked/ran in their first 5K turkey trot on their first thanksgiving day!

The Turkey Trot Team!

That photo he is holding is me with my older sister Danielle!

We do a photo of this each year too with the kids. Henry got to be in it with E and Charleigh!

NJ Cousins

Family photos on Thanksgiving in the usual spot out front of my Aunts House!

NJ Cousins with their matching Pajamas

Meeting Santa the day after Thanksgiving at Johnson’s Farm in Medford, NJ

picking out our Christmas Tree!

First ride in the Home Depot Police Cart and watching his first snow fall!

My first Self Portrait I took of us having a dance party in the dance party room with boxes all around as we were preparing to move out of our first home. I love this photo. We love our dance parties!

More dance parties

Always getting into things, but look at that smile!

want to cherish these moments forever! During the day he is a big squirmy mess who wants to go all over the place. Bed time is always a special time because he lets me hold him like a baby

Loves mirrors!

The blue car is a fav. thing. || He’s also just chilling eating his first grilled cheese at a restaurant!

Loves to help me clean!

always trying to steal my coffee!

Loves being outside!

These little fingers! I am always so fascinated on how he uses his hands! so cute!

Bowling for my birthday and hugs from Henry!

Sometimes I would find him playing like this when I had to do something else where 2 hands were required! and the kisses! Gah I love him.

Happy New Year! LOL Not looking very happy!

I went to a photography workshop in NY back in March and this was the day I got home. Happy to see me, and me happy to see them!

He loved looking out the door at our old house, and he loves holding the bag to pirates booty!

These photos are amazing. I just LOVE them! Photos by Fredriksen Photography / Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

Happy 1st Birthday Henry Andrew! Our hearts are full and we couldn’t imagine our lives without you! xoxoxo

Carlson Family Session | Cohasset, MA

Carlson Family Session | Cohasset, MA

You guys! This past fall was FULL of amazing family sessions and I’ve loved every single one of them! I am so happy to have met this beautiful family for their extended family session just before grandma and grandpa went back home to Florida! The day was a perfect fall day and the location was just outside of their family home in Cohasset, MA! The leaves were changing, the sun was just right and the colors were all so amazing!

These little guys were absolutely adorable! Twins- Kennedy and Connor were camera shy at first, but I worked some magic and they had a blast (and I had so much fun, laughing with them!) Their little cousin, Ava was a little ham!  There was a point where I asked Ava’s mom and dad to kiss, and Ava made the cutest kiss face! She had everyone laughing so hard and the photos of it are priceless! It was a great morning and I am so thankful that they chose me to capture these photos of them! It was important to them to have everyone there for this session and it worked out so perfectly! I asked a few questions about our session after it happened and I have included a few answers throughout the blog! Check it out! 🙂

Meredith, Bob, Kennedy, Connor, Kristen, Kevin, Ava, Linda and Steve- Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these memories for you! I loved getting to meet you all and I loved capturing the smiles and the laughter you all shared that day together! I can not wait to see you guys again soon! I hope everyone is enjoying these cold months on the ski slopes!!

Wha’s your favorite family activity?
Meredith: We love to play outside – riding bikes, going for walks, being active. In the winter, we go skiing almost every weekend, and go to the beach most weekends in the summer.

Kristen: Our lives are going a million miles an hour during the week with both Kevin and I trying to “do it all” (aka balance our careers and family) so we make sure to have fun weekend plans to look forward to as a family each weekend. Most winter weekends you’ll find us on the ski slopes
and during the summer you’ll find us at the Falmouth Road Race on our annual family beach vacation.

The night before this photoshoot we had a big family sleepover at the Carlson’s new home in Cohasset so Ava could spend time with her cousins, Connor and Kennedy, as well as Grandma and Grandpa who were visiting from the Florida Keys.

Who are the members of your family and tell me a quick fact about each person.

Bob: Went to Temple University – avid Temple sports fan

Meredith: Working mom, loves to travel to warm places when time allows

Kennedy: Loves to ride her bike, read books, sing songs and recently started to ask for pigtails

Connor: An active little guy who loves to play outside riding bikes, scooters and getting dirty

Linda (Grandma): Retired in the Florida Keys and loves to go boating

Steve (Grandpa): Retired in the Florida Keys and runs a liquor store when he’s not out on his boat

Ava: has recently transitioned to the Toddler room at school (and loves it!) and has just started swimming lessons on the weekends, which she also loves!

Kevin: is obsessed with all things skiing and is determined to get Ava on skis this winter

Kristen: works on Marketing Analytics at Dunkin’ Brands, despite leading her nieces and nephew to believe that she “makes the donuts” @kristenbfitz

 What props did you bring and why?
“The red wagon – the kids love to be pulled around in it!”

Tell me about your favorite parts of our session, or why you enjoyed the session….

“Stepping back and watching Ali take control of what could have been a stressful situation for my sister and brother-in- law, trying to get two 2 year olds to stand still, smile and pose for their family photo. Ali took the stress off of the parents and had plenty of tricks up her sleeve to get
those kiddos smiling because they wanted to, not because they were being told to.”

“We loved having some free time to enjoy outside with the whole family (including cousin Ava and Auntie Kristen (Meredith’s sister) and Uncle Kev (brother in law). The weather was perfect!”

 What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session?
“Don’t stress about how your kids may act or not act during your photoshoot. There will always be a way to crack a smile out of a little one and a perfectly posed photo that is forced is not nearly as meaningful as a photo of a kid who is smiling because they want to, posed or not

 Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? If so, what were the worries?
“Thankfully my sister took the responsibility of coordinating this last minute effort once we knew my Dad was going to be in town for the weekend, so I didn’t even have a chance to overthink or worry about anything ahead of time. But now knowing the experience I had, I would tell anyone that when you work with Ali, you have nothing to be worried about (and that’s coming from a worrier)!”


Abdouh Family | Sagamore, MA

Abdouh Family | Sagamore, MA

Friends! I have been capturing holiday photos of this little girl since her first christmas! She is full of sass and I love her! For this years photo session, mom came to me and said, ” Alex, you are going to think I am crazy…. what do you think of a putting a christmas tree on the beach…?!” Well, I did not think she was crazy and I had never gotten to talk photos of a beachy christmas theme, I LOVED it! So, I went on a hunt for a 4ft. tree and some little ornaments, and a small tree skirt ( Thank you Amazon for the Tree and Target for the skirt and ornaments!) The day we had out session, it was FREEZING!!!! The wind was blowing and I think it was about 25 degrees! It was cold but Sofia, mom and dad took it like champs and worked with me! I just love how every one of their images came out and I am thinking about doing a mini session like this for the next holiday season… Not 100% set on it yet, but I just love it!

Sofia did a wonderful job decorating the tree with mom and dad! Dad is a walking heater and was able to keep his girls warm! I on the other hand went right to store to pick up hand warmers for my next few beach sessions!! I just love all of these photos! The colors with the light beach background worked perfectly and I am so excited to share these with you!

Seph, Cristina and Sofia- Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to capture your family each year! It is so fun to watch Sofia grow! She is getting so big, she is an absolute doll and I love her little sassy self!!! I can not wait to see you all again!