Leila and Chris Engagement Session | Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA

Leila and Chris Engagement Session | Crane Beach, Ipswich, MA

Last week I woke up so excited to finally get to meet Leila and Chris! When I got downstairs to pour myself a cup of coffee, it seemed so dark in the house! I looked outside and sure enough it was dark! I checked the weather and as soon as I did, it started to downpour! I was so confused. I’ve been checking the weather for this day since it was in the 10 day forecast! So, I checked again. It said rain!  I texted Leila and we both decided to keep the session as is, and continued to check the weather throughout the day.  As it got closer to the time we planned to meet the weather was looking good. We met at Crane Beach in Ipswich, MA and could not believe how amazing it all was!

We had so many different kinds of lighting happening during our session together, it just made my heart so happy! These two not only looked like models but the location and different views of the ocean plus the amazing light we had, had me screeching with excitement though out our time together! These guys were up for a long walk on the beach to start in the perfect spot with not too many people. I loved getting to know them and hearing all the things they have planned so far for their Granite Links Wedding next August!

Chris proposed this past July 3rd on Cape Cod after taking a long walk on the beach. It was so sweet to hear them talk about the night they got engaged and the celebration with family they had that night! I am looking forward to meeting all of them! Just as they were telling me about their proposal, I noticed a rainbow in the sky behind them! I had them take a minute to look at how amazing it was! I could not believe it! It was just so beautiful and it 100% added on to how amazing the night was! As soon as our session ended and we got in the car, the skies opened up and there was a downpour! If you can’t already tell I am still in shock and so excited about this session and the light/weather we had! Just check out their photos and you can probably feel the excitement through them!

Leila and Chris, THANK YOU! You guys were so much fun and so awesome for walking far, getting your feet wet and mastering all the poses I taught you! I am so excited to see you guys again for your wedding day! Until then, enjoy these images together and good luck choosing one for your Save the Date! I had way too many favorites and I have a feeling you might too! xoxo

Marie and Matt Engagement | Duxbury Beach, MA

Marie and Matt Engagement | Duxbury Beach, MA

If you have followed me now for quite some time, I think it is safe to say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE photographing on the beach. It does not matter to me what beach it is, but gimme the ocean, salty air, amazing light and a gorgeous couple and my heart is happy! I met Marie and Matt at Duxbury Beach last week and my goodness we were all in for a treat! Duxbury beach is so pretty during sun set with lots of different areas to talk around so we had nice variety in location and lighting.

I just loved hanging with them and learning about who they are as a couple and all about their wedding day! They are getting married May 29, 2021 and I just know that their wedding day is going to be amazing just like how this session was! They had me laughing when they were telling me all about the proposal and they said that Matt was so nervous that he said ” I just can’t take it anymore” and he asked. I just imagined that moment and then she said yes and the rest is history! Here they are, two high school sweet hearts, planning their wedding day.

Marie and Matt, Thank you so much for such a fun night! I can not get over how the sky looked toward the end of our session and I am for real when I say you guys could be models! You 100% nailed it and you now have wayyyyy more than just 1 nice photo of the two of you together. I am so excited to see you again for your wedding day but until then, I will just continue to look at these amazing photos of your engagement. It was really hard to choose just a few favorites so get ready…. 🙂

Marybeth and Tyler Wedding Day | Stratham, NH

Marybeth and Tyler Wedding Day | Stratham, NH

Marybeth and Tyler are MARRIED!! Yup! MARRIED!! There two had such a beautiful and intimate wedding this past Saturday at Tylers childhood home! It may not have been the wedding they were originally planning for, but it was still so perfect and so beautiful! Marybeth and Tyler made the difficult decision of only having their immediate families, Wedding Party and Vendors at their celebration. Their friends and extended families watched their wedding ceremony via live stream. Even though they could not be there in person, they were celebrating with them in spirit online! Thank goodness for all of these social outlets!

Due to Covid-19, Marybeth and Tyler changed their plans of having their wedding take place in Princeton, MA. The morning started with the girls getting ready in their adorable condo in Portsmouth, NH and the guys getting ready at the AC Hotel by Marriott, Portsmouth. Their first look was at Prescott Park and it was absolutely gorgeous! The weather leading up to their day was hit or miss with the rain, and humid! They had an amazing sunny day, it was hot, but there was sun and when the breeze came through, it was nice! Their photos have a romantic glow about them which makes me so happy!

A crazy thing to think about is,  they will look back on their wedding day 50 years from now and remember that even in the midst of a pandemic, their love was stronger. When they go to visit their parents back at the home where they said their I do’s, they will think about this day. The joy, the stress, the sweat and tears. What an amazing memory they will add to the many memories they’ve shared at this home. All they wanted was to get married, and they made it happen, even in the face of many obstacles. I don’t know about you, but I find all of that incredibly romantic! And speaking of romantic, Tyler planned the sweetest surprise for Marybeth! While they agreed not to get gifts for each other, Tyler surprised Marybeth with a beautiful bracelet for her to wear on their wedding day! It was the perfect way to start their wedding day when she opened this gift just before getting ready. I loved when they saw each other for the first time and he took her hand to see the bracelet on her! It was a special moment.

Marybeth and Tyler, Wow, what a year you guys had! I am so happy that in the end, everything worked out and you guys are now Mr. and Mrs. Joosten! I am so thankful for you both and so honored that you chose me to be your photographer. I loved you guys when I met you for the first time during your engagement session, and I still love you both now! Speaking of love… Here are just some of the photos I LOVED from this day, and I hope you will love them too! Enjoy getting to relive your wedding day through this blog and soon, I hope that you will get to see all of your virtual guests and give them big hugs!


Wedding Dress: Madeleine’s Daughter | Dress Designer: Essence of Australia | Shoes: Davids Bridal| Venue: Backyard at Groom’s Childhood Home | Caterer: Big Boy Catering: Greg Ulicnik | Cake: Bean Counter Bakery | DJ: Meritage Entertainment | Videographer: Digital Purpose Co. | Invitations: Email Invite through Minted 

Carrie and Kelsey | Elopement

Carrie and Kelsey | Elopement

It’s been over a year of planning… a year dreaming about their wedding day. I still remember sitting down with Carrie and Kelsey meeting them for the first time at Starbucks learning all about them. How they met, where they work, what their wedding vision- was when all they knew at the time was their wedding date and their venue. We sat together in Starbucks for over 2 hours! I knew that these ladies were so much fun that their engagement session and wedding day were going to be amazing! Never in a million years would I have been able to tell you that just months before their big day, a world wide pandemic was happening.

Kelsey and I were in contact throughout the months leading up to their date. We were all hopeful that we would be able to still have their big wedding at  The Preserve at Chocorua on May 23, 2020. Just 1 year after Carrie proposed. We chatted over the phone, through emails, through texts and about 2 weeks before their day, they needed to have a change of plans, however, May 23 is a special date for them, and they were planning to exchange vows that day even if it was not the way they originally thought it would be. They will still have a wedding with many friends and family in attendance at their original venue in July and we all can not wait!

We were still all ordered to stay at home and only essential workers were to be out. Hopeful that this stay at home order would be changing soon, with the idea that social distancing would continue on, it finally did, the week of May 23! In just a short two weeks time, Kelsey and Carrie planned to have an intimate elopement at Kelsey’s parents home. They had a ceremony outside on the porch with their closest friends and immediate family present. It was truly such a perfect day and I am so thankful that I was a part of it! They shared their first dance in the back yard of the home and they even had many friends and family drive by to send their well wishes from a distance in a car parade! The love and support that these two ladies have just make me so happy. Everyone was so kind and so loving and it really made me so happy to witness all of the love with the small amount of people that were there. I am so excited to see them again, and capture a second wedding with even more love and support from their family and friends in July!

Carrie and Kelsey, THANK YOU. Thank you for having the BEST attitude when life was flipped upside down having to completely change your original wedding day plans. Thank you for keeping me in the loop with all updates and thank you for trusting me to capture the best day of you lives this day ( and again in July!) I am so grateful that I finally got to meet the handsome Brayden! He is one lucky little guy to have you both as his mom. Here are some of my favorite photos from your (1st) wedding day!

Kelsey and Carrie had their ceremony documented and shared on Facebook Live for those who were not able to be there in person this day. Here is the video:


Dresses: Carrie’s Dress: VOWS ,Kelsey’s Dress: The White Room Florist: Kimberly Conley | DJ + Videographer: Jeremy Guilbo | Cake: Batter up| Catering: Homestyle Catering | Invitations: Kellie’s Creative Korner



5 Wedding Day Photography + Bridal hacks | Wedding Wednesday

5 Wedding Day Photography + Bridal hacks | Wedding Wednesday

Okay brides, listen up! I am going to let you in on a few of my little wedding day secrets to get those high end, elegant, gorgeous detail photos! Get your pen and paper along with your planning binder and here we go!


Many images you see from a wedding day of the rings, is when the ring is inside or resting on a really pretty box! Guess what??  I bring my own ring boxes from The Mrs. Box. I have a collection of these boxes in popular wedding colors that I can use to match your wedding vision. I use these boxes for each wedding about 90% of the time, I just love them so much. Want to know something cool? If you were hoping to have a beautiful ring box for your wedding day and beyond, you do not need me to pick and choose the color/shape/look of it! Although I always have these boxes on me at all times during the beginning of the wedding day, I am providing you with 2 links where you can look to see if this is something you want to have as a part of your details and beyond.

THE MRS. BOX – These boxes are BEAUTIFUL! In real life, they are a lot smaller than they look but that is because they make the ring look even bigger! You can look to see if there are colors and styles you like here, but be aware, they range around $85+ depending on your wants/needs.

AMAZON DOUPE– Here is another beautiful ring box found on Amazon!! It has a similar look to the Mrs. Box and they range from $15.99-$25.99! The price difference is amazing and it will still give you that high end look to your details.  You can add this to a wish list or even your gift registry if having your own box is important to you on your wedding day!

#2. Styling Ribbon

Another detail I love to add is ribbon. Sometimes I can find things in the room to use for an added pop to the image, but almost all of the time, I am getting out my silk ribbons from my styling kit. I carry with me on the wedding day 3 neutral popular wedding colors, just as I mentioned above with the ring boxes. These ribbons are so delecate that I need to have them wound and folded a certain way to look the way I want them to. Again, just because I have these with me on a wedding day does not mean you can’t have some too. You can get the exact color you want to have to match your details!

SILK AND WILLOW – These silks are amazing! They look gorgeous in photos and they even have ribbon spools that can make for cool photos if you add the spool into the frame. These range from $30-$90 depending on the exact look you want.

AMAZON STYLING RIBBON– If the Silk and Willow brand ribbon is not in the budget and you still want to have your very own ribbon, another great Amazon option is their ribbon! These ribbons range from $10.99-$20!

#3. Wooden Hanger

There is nothing like getting to a wedding where everything is exactly as you imagined it would be. Your Kleinfeld dress still in the garment bag… when it’s time to open it up and get some dress detail shots… what happens? The dress is on a plastic hanger! This always makes my heart sink when I see this. The dress is a HUGE investment along with the rest of the wedding…. The dress NEEDS a nice hanger! It does not need to be a hanger with a new last name, Mrs. or even Bride. It can be plain! It just should NOT be plastic.

Just like the details I mentioned above, I carry a hanger with me! It’s amazing how many times I have needed to use to too! Which is fine! Thats why I have it with me. I bet a hanger is the last thing on your mind during your wedding day… so don’t worry… It’s one of the top things on my mind when it comes to details which is why, I got you.

Feel free to get a hanger with a cute saying on it! Those make for wonderful photos! I love them! You can find those on Etsy. If you wanted to get hangers incase you decided you wanted not only your dress photographed but you want your girls dresses too, then invest in a pack of wooden hangers. I always will have 1 hanger and if you remind me and request that you want the brides maid dress shot with your dress, I will do my best to bring matching wooden hangers, but I can not guarantee I will have enough of them for all of the dresses. Enter… AMAZON!

AMAZON WOODEN HANGER– I suggest the shirt hanger where there is NO bottom bar to fold pants. The shirt hanger in the photo below is perfect for the dress shot. The bottom bar is not there to draw the eye to it. Imagine this gorgeous dress on a plastic hanger…. now click the link and get some wooden ones. 🙂

#4. Glue Dots

Why glue dots? I will tell you why! These are so amazing to give you those ring shots that stand up! You see, sometimes the rings just do not fit to stand up inside of one another because the bride and grooms fingers are all different sizes and causing the rings to slide, fall down, or just not sit the way I want them to. So, glue dots! These little bad boys do not harm anything! They are primarily used for scrapbooking so you can peel the photo off the paper if you decided you did not like it there. For a ring, it does what I need it to do, and then it peels right off not causing any stickiness to the rings at all. They are glue which means they are clear so when you take a photo, you can not see them at all. It’s magic!

GLUE DOTS- You can find these at any craft store in their scrapbook section. I included an amazon link for you since we can not really get to any stores at this time so Amazon is the best way to go! I always have these with me on the wedding day too! So if you do not get them, I will have them! Just a cool little tip and hack I can share with you while planning your wedding day.


I am not sure if this one is a hack, but it involves your bridesmaids! Whatever room you decide to get ready in, have someone go in and be sure there is zero clutter around the room. No trash, bags, luggage, clothes, etc. Make sure the room where you will be getting dressed in is clean and ready to be photographed. I am not shy to move things around that need to be moved for that perfect shot, however, I do not like having to move personal belongings if I do not have to. Setting this as a job for one of your bridesmaids will help take some stress off of you the day of. The room will be ready to be photographed in and your photos will be amazing!


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