The Front Porch Project Part 2 | Bedford, NH

The Front Porch Project Part 2 | Bedford, NH


COVID-19 can’t keep us from having fun! I started the Front Door Project around the same time as many photographers around the world and I can not believe how much this project has been welcomed by so many families in the area! You can see my first blog post HERE. Once I shared that post, my inbox was full of other families who were hoping to have the same photo experience during this isolating time of a pandemic. I am not kidding when I tell you this whole project has brought me so much joy, even if its only for 3 minutes far away from a smiling family! I love the smiles, I love the creativity and I just love seeing these final images that I get to deliver to these families. It’s so crazy to hear from many of them that they had never had a professional family portrait taken of them all together. I am so thrilled to be apart of this project, capturing loved ones together. Here is the second blog of my Front Door Project. I hope these make you smile.


Theses photos are free, however if you would like to make a donation we have been supporting the Greg Hill Foundation. As many of you know my husband is an operations director for the 99 restaurants and with many employees not able to be at work during this time, this foundation means a lot to us.

Free Editable Wedding Postponement Card | Wedding Wednesday

Free Editable Wedding Postponement Card | Wedding Wednesday





This virus has been causing panic and crashing wedding plans left and right. No bride deserves to have their wedding day ripped right out from under them just weeks weeks away. But if you’ve made the very hard decision to postpone your wedding and you’re wondering how you should let your guests know, I’ve created this editable wedding postponement card just for you. Edit, print, and send!  


Whether you choose to mail these or send them online, they are a simple way to let your guests know to save your new date. You’ve probably already dropped a substantial amount of money on your save the dates, wedding invites, postage and more. Save yourself the headache and grab my free postponement card HERE.


February Vacation 2020 | Personal Post

February Vacation 2020 | Personal Post

Well,  February vacation has come to an end and it’s back to school on Monday for Ethan. We did not have any trips planned but we made the most of it traveling around close to home on our “Staycation” and I have to say we had so much fun!!

With no real plans until the night before each day of the week, we came up with some good stuff!

Monday- Boston Childrens Museum. We went to the Childrens Museum with our friends Danielle, Porter and Sawyer! It was so much fun. They had never been there before so that was nice taking our time through each of the rooms so the kids could explore. It was 61 outside which was just so perfect so after we were there for about 2 hours, we went outside and grabbed some lunch ( at the Shake Shack… SO GOOD….. Didn’t eat dinner..) then went back to the museum area and played outside at the playground that is there. Martin’s Playground is so nice! We can not wait to go back there when the weather gets warmer to spend time on the playground, walk around and just enjoy being outside! The kids all fell asleep on the way back home and I got to listen to a podcast! 🙂

Tuesday- Walked around the Mall, got hair cuts in the AM then we went to Altitude Trampoline Park with our friends and The Thirsty Moose for dinner.

Wednesday- We had no plans other than I knew the kids needed a NAP so BAD! So we got in the car around 11:00am with napping in my mind. (sometimes car naps is all I can do) so I get down the street and Ethan is already asleep. Henry fell asleep about 10 mins later. I KNEW IT!! I know when my kids are exhausted and need naps! Well, since they were sleeping and they usually wake up when the car stops, I kept driving. The next thing I knew I was driving to Hampton Beach! We LOVE the beach! I don’t care if everything is closed down and its cold. Just that salty air and sound of the ocean was worth the drive. We needed it. When the kids woke up, they were so excited to be there! We went on the play ground, we walked the beach a little bit- found some shells and rocks. Ethan could have done that for hours! He loved it!! Henry… well…he was cold….

Thursday-  We had our friends over for a little bit in the morning! The kids had a great time playing and I had a great time catching up with their mom! We chatted all about the Bachelor and yestday we had our own WTA viewing party! Julie came over with her baby girl, Katherine and we chatted the whole time and had to rewind the show during some moments but for the most part, I am going to watch the Lauren Zima Roses’ and Rose recap on Youtube TODAY! It’s so funny and I love Tuesdays because of it!

Friday- We spend several hours at the Library! We got there and we knew some of the moms and kids that were already there. Ethan got to make slime with their STEM learning staff which was great because I have tried to make slime with him and I will NEVER try that again, so if someone else is making it, and its not at my house…. I am all for it! That stuff IMO is a messsssss!!!!! 🙂

So here are some images from our week long staycation! Hope you can see the joy in the kids faces while we were out doing all the things! Next year during their school vacation in February I am really wanting to take them to DISNEY for the first time…..! How amazing would that be?! and We would most likely be there with the whole town of Bedford, NH since it seemed like everyone was there!












 ETHAN THE SLIME MAKER who only makes slime when it is not at our house!

Best of 2019 Weddings and Engagements | Ali B Photography

Best of 2019 Weddings and Engagements | Ali B Photography

Many times I find myself second guessing my photography thinking that being home with my kids full time will not allow me to focus on my business like I would like to. You see, when you have two kids at the ages 5 and 2.5 it can be really hard to get any work done, let alone eat or sleep. Our lives are always so busy and on the go, that I always get worried that I am not giving my business all I have to give (insert Backstreet Boys lyrics here..)

It’s crazy to think about when I first started my business before I had kids, I still was working full time with my business on the side. After having Henry in April 2017, this became my full time job along with being a mom. As hectic as the days may seem, I have somehow figured out how to excel in my photography, business and being a mom of two! Many people will ask me how I did this… and I will just tell you, I don’t sleep much. But the good news is, that every year I think that I should not take on as many weddings as I would like to, I realize that that can not happen! I love this job so much. I love my couples so much. I love my families so much! I always end the years having a collection of favorite photos from Ali B Weddings and I am so thankful for that. Because with all this negative talk about cutting back, enters all those negative thoughts of the “I’m not good enough”. Seeing that I always have so many favorites from each wedding and session I do, makes me realize that I need to cut the negative talk and continue doing what I am so passionate about.

This year, my busiest wedding month was June! It all began in May but June was a popular month to get married. You all kept me busy the entire year and I can not thank you enough for it! As 2019 is coming to a close, I love getting to look back on my favorites from the year and relive each and every wedding and session I was blessed to be apart of. All of you 2019 couples mean the world to me and I hope I get to see you all soon!

Looking back, I feel so proud of the work I was able to create this year and I am excited to share my favorites with you from engagements and weddings! Enjoy! xo.

Newborn Lifestyle Session | The Miner Family | Bedford, NH

Newborn Lifestyle Session | The Miner Family | Bedford, NH

It feels like the year of baby girls! I have had several newborn sessions this year and all of them were little ladies who just stole my heart! This beautiful family invited me to their home for a lifestyle newborn session and I am so thankful! Big Brother Ben was so cute snuggling on his new sister Emily for some parts of our session. He even busted out some adorable dance moves! Emily is absolutely the sweetest and at 7 days new, she was awake for most of our time together. These photos are timeless. It’s just so crazy to see how much babies and kids grow each day. Everyday is new and having these moments captured in your home is a wonderful way to keep these precious memories forever.

Kristy, Jeff, Benjamin and Emily, Thanks so much for spending the day with me! I had so much fun getting to know you guys and meeting baby Emily. She is absolutely precious! She and Ben are so lucky to have parents like you! I hope you love your photos as much as I do! It’s always so hard for me to choose my favorites so here is a sneak peek of a bunch of the photos I love! Can’t wait to see you guys again soon! xo.



The true beauty of lifestyle newborn photography is that there are really no boundaries of what the sessions should be like. There are no rules, set poses or perfect timing. Each family is different and so the end result is different as well. It’s unique as it should be because it portrays each family’s story in a real and honest way. Don’t ever feel like you are too late to capture your baby’s photos. There are no set rules. Babies are beautiful in every phase and the moments are too precious and fleeting to be missed.