Every year, for Thanksgiving my family and I travel to New Jersey to be with our NJ side of the family. We look forward to this trip all year round as we love being around all of our family and friends for not just Thanksgiving Day, but the whole week we are home. This year we left the Friday before thanksgiving and spent the weekend in Philadelphia as my husband ran in his 2nd Philadelphia Marathon (his 3rd marathon ever and 2nd one in 2016!) He did an amazing job and we were so proud to cheer him into the finish line!

After our amazing weekend in Philadelphia, we headed to “my happy place” Smithville, New Jersey. My mom brought my sisters and I here all the time when we were little and it just so happens to be the place that my husband and I got married 6 years ago! We absolutely love it here and we are so thrilled we now get to bring our kids here each year, stay over, walk around and enjoy the happiness that this little town in New Jersey brings.

This year we had our very close friend, Gretchen  (who is like a sister) come to visit us there, with her little man, Declan. Declan turned 1 year in July and he is now walking around, playing independently and trying to talk. We live so far away from each other, but I love the time we get to spend together when they come to visit us, and when we visit NJ. It’s always so great to have our boys together playing and talking their little language. When they came to visit us in Smithville  this time, we planned a little best friend photo shoot with the boys and some holiday photos of them individually. Although it was freezing this day they came to visit, we bundled them up under their cute holiday clothing and got some adorable shots around sun set time for the perfect light.

I just love every single one of these photos as our boys explored the little  adorable town of Smithville, NJ. If you are in the New Jersey area, planning a trip to New Jersey or even if these photos make you want to go and see this cute town, I highly recommend it. The Smithville Inn is a fantastic restaurant where we had our wedding, The Smithville Bakery is so nice for breakfast and hot coco, Fred and Ethel’s Tavern is so fun to be at the bar talking to locals in the area and of course, eating yummy food and the shops in the town are so great to go and look at and of course buy things! You can even lodge in the town and stay at one of the adorable rooms that the Colonial Inn has to offer. If you plan a trip to visit for the day, or even make a nice vacation out of it, tell me! I get so happy to hear when others visit my happy place!


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