Hi I’m Alex!

I’m a lifestyle and wedding photographer based in Bedford, New Hampshire, and I love what I do!

When I was growing up in New Jersey, my close friends and family knew me as Ali. My nickname shifted as I grew older, but when it came time to choose a name for my business, I couldn’t help thinking of my mother, Mary, who passed away in 2002. She always called me Ali, so I brought back the name Ali B for my photography company, in honor of the wonderful woman she was

During a shoot, I feel free. I savor the moment, and everything else just melts away. The ability to freeze time in a simple click brings me joy, but just as incredible are the in-betweens and the behind-the-scenes. The people who trust me to capture their most important moments aren’t just clients – they’re friends.

My photographic style is light, romantic, airy and, above all, authentic. I believe photography is about so much more than just images, and I strive to tell stories, frame by frame. I want everyone who looks at my work to feel fully immersed in the scene – because there is far more to a moment than what we see.

Those who have worked with me know I am positive, creative, flexible, and always looking for the best natural light. I’m very open to ideas and suggestions, and I encourage my clients to speak up and tell me what they’re looking for in their photos! I shoot on location, and I am willing to travel anywhere.

A little more about me..

I’m very social and approachable, and I have good intuition when it comes to understanding people. I love children, and I always have a few tricks up my sleeve to make the little ones more comfortable during sessions!

I am a mother to two wonderful boys – Ethan, who was born in 2014, and Henry, who joined our family in the spring of 2017. They never cease to amaze me! My husband, who I married in New Jersey in 2010, is an incredible man who has always supported my dreams and cheered me on, and I am so thankful for my beautiful family.

Living near the beach makes me happy! There’s nothing like watching the waves and breathing in the ocean air to help me appreciate my life and everything in it.

When I’m not working, you can find me dancing around the house with my boys, coffee in hand…and when that cup of coffee is finished, I’ll pour a new one. I really, really love coffee


Random facts…


1. I walked The Breast Cancer 3 Day in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 raising over $50k for Breast Cancer Research.

2. I still use a planner…..

3. I have a rather large collection of purses that have been replaced with a diaper bag.

4. I grew up as a ballet dancer. In high school I was in the color guard. After high school I performed with Apex Winter guard and then I became a ballroom dance teacher.

5. I taught my husband our wedding dance outside in the summer, in my dad’s  driveway… and it was awesome!

6. I’ve done some commercial photography for Motherhood with a Glass of Whine, This Organic Girl, and Baby’s Journey.

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