Second Shooting with Oh Snap Studio, LLC | Jaffrey, NH

Second Shooting with Oh Snap Studio, LLC | Jaffrey, NH

I have been doing a lot of 2nd shooting this year which is something I just started and I love! This is the first wedding I photographed in New Hampshire, and 100% not my last! Jenilee of Oh Snap Studio, LLC had me tag along with her for this amazing wedding day. We had so much fun and loved getting to know Kerrie and Shelby along with their family and friends! The day was absolutely perfect and you could feel the love all around for these two beautiful brides! Kerrie proposed to Shelby at the top of the mountain that provided an amazing backdrop as they said their vows.

Getting to tag along during their portraits was so great as I learned a lot from Jenilee! We all laughed a lot and so many amazing moments were captured!

I’m in love with love, in love with this venue, in love with the woods and mountain scenery all around and I just love these two! It was humbling to experience a wedding like this, everyone there just loved these brides and their families were just so amazing!
Shelby’s dance with her dad had me In tears! They danced to “just the way you are” and her dad was crying tears of joy! It literally poured out on to everyone there who celebrated Kerrie and Shelby’s love. In the middle of their dance, her dad invited Kerrie and her dad back up, along with their siblings!! Cue the tissues, people!

Oh Snap Studio- Jenilee,Thank you for having me be apart of this day with you! I had so much fun and I can not wait to work with you again! Kerrie and Shelby, You guys are awesome! Congratulations and Best wishes always!


Here are a few favorites from their wedding day.

Venue: The Grand View Estate

Lead Photographer: Oh Snap Studio, LLC

Second Photographer: Ali B Photography


Second Shooting with LM Studio Photography | Scituate, MA

Second Shooting with LM Studio Photography | Scituate, MA

A few years ago, I was looking for an associate photographer/second shooter who would be the one working with me for most, if not all, of my weddings. Lisa McNeil of LM-Studio Photography contacted me and we have been great friends ever since! I love working with Lisa. She is always so positive and and supportive on a wedding day, not just to my brides and grooms, but toward me!! I just love her! We have so much fun together and we capture TONS of amazing moments throughout the day. I always tell her “she’s ma’ girl!”

This time, I got to work as a second shooter for her! Yup! I was LM Studio Photography’s assistant for the day and let me just tell you, I LOVED every moment! It was so nice to see Lisa working her magic with this amazing couple, seeing her creativity come to life as she took on the lead role. I rarely get the chance to spend time with the groom and his groomsmen for longer than just a few hours, so It was nice to get to be creative with groom details and and candids of them getting ready.

Joe & Jocelyn had a beautiful day and I loved being a part of it! I have to say one of my favorite parts from hanging out with the guys was the handshakes I had them make up! I always love taking individual photos of the bride and groom with their bridal party. For the girls, I can have them look at eachother and they start laughing and I can capture adorable natural laughter with them. For the guys, it’s a little difficult for that so I always ask if they have a special handshake! They look at me like I am crazy ( maybe I am??) and then they go with it! It’s hysterical seeing what they all come up with and its so different for each one! Joe and his groomsmen had some great new handshakes that I hope, they will continue to do forever!

Wedding Venue Location: The River Club | Scituate, MA

Lead Photographer: LM Studio Photography

Second Photographer: Ali B Photography


Here are a few of my favorites from second shooting this day. 🙂