Some Good News | Bedford, NH

Some Good News | Bedford, NH

On June 4th our town celebrated their last day of school. I was invited to take photos of a Kindergarten Graduation from one of my good friends whose daughter was graduating. Ethan, Henry and I were so excited to celebrate even if it meant we needed to stay 6 ft. apart ( or more) and wear masks.

We made posters that the boys held as the cars drive by seeing their teachers for the last time this school year while I took their photos. We had so much fun getting to meet all the Kindergarten teachers which was awesome since this is the school Ethan will be attending this upcoming September. They were all so nice and Ethan can not wait to see them again! To this day he still talks about “all” of his kindergarten teachers.

The car parade started and all of the teachers were so happy to see their kiddos. Remote learning for the past 3 months has been hard! All they want to do is hug them! As much as this is a sad time, and we all wish that things were back to the way they were, it was really nice to see smiling faces the whole time! These amazing kids worked hard and THEY DID IT! On to first grade!! I saw some moms crying as they drove by which made me tear up too. We are hopeful that we will get to experience in the class room learning next year but if that isn’t something that will happen, we know that these teachers work so hard to give their kids the best learning experience remotely, and getting to see everyone come together to finish this big moment for their kids brought so much joy to all. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the 2020 Kindergarten Graduation!

**Parents have signed a photo consent form through the school and I was given permission from teachers that sharing online is allowed**

A THANK YOU to our Ali B Health Care Workers

A THANK YOU to our Ali B Health Care Workers

It is easy to forget to say Thank you. It is easy to look past all these things we have and take them for granted. This time being home with my family, not rushing out the door for anything, Not having a all kinds of activities and parties and school and… you get the idea…. has really opened our eyes to ALL the things!! THERE IS SO MUCH TO BE THANKFUL FOR!

Everyday we see on the news of our health care workers on the line, working directly next to patients with COVID-19. They are risking their lives to help save others and go home to their family ( some are isolated from their family) potentially putting them at risk. It is scary for them, I am sure, but they love their jobs and they show up to work everyday.

I wanted to take a moment to introduce you to these wonderful health care workers in the Ali B Family. These Ali B Brides ( and Ali B Groom) are my HEROS!!!! If I could stand out side of their work holding banners and making lots and lots of noise for them I would! (Wearing a mask, of course!) And so, without further ado, here are your Ali B Bride/Groom Heroes!

Shyra- Married 12.13.14

Stephanie- Married 1.18.20

Gina- Married 8.31.19

Victoria- Married 10.7.16

Paige- Getting Married 11.7.20

Meggy- Married 5.5.18

Kellie- Married 6.2.17

Caitlyn- Married 11.4.17

Married- 10.5.19 ( Engagement Session)

Rachel and Joel- Married 6.8.19

Kelly- Married 6.23.17

Jones River Trading Wedding Venue | Allison & Derek

Jones River Trading Wedding Venue | Allison & Derek

Oh friends, I have another gorgeous Jones River Trading Wedding for you today!!

This was my second time this year photographing at the Jones River. You might think that photographing in the same venue several times in a year, I would want some new scenery, but it was just the opposite! You see, my first wedding of the year was held here in February,  and now, it’s September. The trees were green, the water was flowing and their planters on the deck had beautiful flowers. It was warm enough to hold the ceremony outside as well as get some group photos in the back yard area too!

I fell in love with Allison and Derek when I met them at the Starbucks in Plymouth, MA just about a year ago! They were so great to talk to and I loved hearing all about their pup, Dubey who happened to be in the bridal party. After meeting them I was counting down the days to their wedding day ever since! They are two of the sweetest, most thoughtful people and so fun to be around!

All of the details from this day beautiful. I loved her rose gold jewry and shoes along with her wedding clutch. I thought that Derek getting ready was the sweetest as he had his mom helping him with his tie and cuff links and their dog, Dubey was just so handsome in his doggy tux matching the groomsmen!

Allison and Derek, Thank you for trusting us to capture your beautiful day! We had a blast with you guys and loved every minute! I can’t wait to share with you more photos from this day, but for now, here are just a few of my many favorites!

Dress: Davids Bridal | Florist: The Candy Jar | Ceremony and Reception Venue: Jones River Trading | DJ: DJ Scott Events | Cake: Piece of Cake | Catering: Plymouth Bay Catering | Invitations: Magnetstreet | Wedding Favor: Donation to the ALS Foundation in memory of Donna Trube


Upland Sportsman Club Pavilion Wedding | Jessica and Tommy

Upland Sportsman Club Pavilion Wedding | Jessica and Tommy

I walked into Jessica’s childhood home  where the girls were getting ready and I could hear the buzz of the bridesmaids. They were in their matching Bride Tribe Tanks with Leggings- their hair and makeup done to perfection. I hugged Jessica and was so excited to see her! Moments after I was introduced to all of her sweet bridesmaids and I just knew that it was going to be a good day!! I already felt so loved and welcomed. The dresses were all together, hung up on the front window, her details were nicely on a table close by so I could start to tell their story through images. The day was overcast, which many times is “perfect for photos!” The light worked in our favor this day and I shot almost all details outside of their home, on the walkway leading into the house.

Jessica and Tommy shared an EPIC first look! The reaction from Tommy was amazing and melted everyone’s hearts who was there to see it! They are so much fun to be around, I remember laughing the whole time during their engagement session, and this day was just as that! So much laughter to go around along with all that love! As Jess was walking up behind Tommy for their first look, he got out his phone as if he was receiving a phone call! It was really funny and totally something that he would do! Once he turned around he threw the phone and his face was priceless! Jessica has the best laugh and every photo of them is just complete happiness!

This was such a special day! Guests gathered in the backyard  of her family home and witnessed Jess and Tommy say “I Do”. Tears were shed, laughter filled the air, they shared a few epic kisses and then it was time for dancing! The day was so much fun and flew by!

Jessica and Tommy, Thank you so much for choosing me to be your photographer! I loved getting to know you both and it was so nice to get to see you again and celebrate on your wedding day! I watched as your wedding count down filled social media pages and I too was counting down! Lisa and I had so much fun! It was really hard to choose favorites from your wedding day! I hope you look back at these and remember how amazing your day was for years to come! Congratulations to you both! xoxo

Dress: Alexandra’s Boutique | Florist: Etsy- Stella Design Shop | Ceremony: Backyard Wedding at Childhood Home, Pembroke, MA | Reception Venue: Upland Sportsman Club Pavilion, Plympton, MA | DJ: Darren Shea | Cupcakes: Fratelli’s Pastery | Caterer: Porky’s BBQ Cape Cod | MUA: Lyndsay Simon beauty | Hair: Kelly Halpin


The bouquets were really special and something I have never seen before- the flowers were all made of wood! 

Jessica’s first look with dad had everyone ( including myself ) need a tissue!!! It was really special!

I had to share the sequence of photos from their first look! Just check out how their story unfolds in these…. 

She asked him to turn around so she could see all of him…. so they both did a little ballet turn. So cute!

Moore State Park Engagment | Paxton, MA

Moore State Park Engagment | Paxton, MA

You guys! This New England weather has been insane lately! It really can not make up its mind- I mean…. It has been SO hot and SO humid around here, but the day of this session… it was over cast and a little chilly if you ask me! It was actually great weather to have an engagement session in since we were walking a good bit, and climbing through tall grass, I was pretty happy the humidity wasn’t too bad. ( for the whole session… towards the end it was hot!)

Katie and Jared chose this location- Moore State Park in Paxton, MA as it was here that they had their first real conversation! Yup, thats right. We went back to the spot that they chatted about whats next for them, and I got to capture their story all around! I love it when my Ali B Couples choose locations that have such special meaning to them!

We had a blast during their session! I loved getting to know them, talk all about their wedding day plans and even listening to music in the background to Ludacris- Jared’s pick! They were so amazing and their modeling skills are on point! I got really excited when Katie told me she taught Salsa lessons… so I had her teach some salsa to Jared on the spot which made for such great photos of them on the bridge!

Katie and Jared, I LOVED getting to know you both! I loved dancing to the music playing in my back pocket and it was so great that you were both up for anything! Thanks for climbing through that tall grass with me! I swear it didn’t look THAT tall from the parking lot! I can not wait for your wedding day!



Fisher Family | Duxbury Beach, MA

Fisher Family | Duxbury Beach, MA

This past fall was filled with weddings and family sessions! You all kept me so busy and I wouldn’t have had it any other way! I have the best job and I love getting to deliver your images fast so you have them right away to cherish! This family is a friend of ours. Our oldest kiddos were born just days apart! It’s so nice that we get to see them often and Ethan and Audrey play so nice together. I brought Ethan and Henry with me to this session, and to be honest, this is when I decided that they really can’t come with me to many more especially when it’s for their friends….

This family was amazing and so understanding of the kids! While Ethan wanted to play with Audrey the whole time, it was really hard trying to explain that he couldn’t play with her, as I was working. They opened their arms up and let Ethan in on some of the fun. I am so thankful for them!! You really can’t tell that Ethan wanted to play the whole time from these photos! I am thrilled with they final images and I am so happy they love them too!

Tyler, Sue, Audrey and Harper- Thank you so much for being so awesome that my kids had to come to our session together! It was so nice of you to open your arms up to Ethan (And Henry- Thanks for help carrying the car seat..)! You guys were so great and I really can not thank you enough! I hope that I get to capture more of your family memories together and we cannot wait to see you all again soon!