Hogan Family Maternity Session | Bedford, NH

Hogan Family Maternity Session | Bedford, NH

Friends, I really thought I was going to get this blog post published before this little baby arrived.. but I didn’t… He’s here! (and he was a little early, so really I would have had this published before his due date!)

I just love this family so much! They just so happen to live a few houses down from us and their little guy, Liam is around the same age as Ethan and Henry. He is the sweetest boy and he is going to be the BEST BIG BROTHER!

We had our session at Joppa Hill Farm in Bedford, NH. I take Ethan and Henry there a lot to see the animals and walk the trails there. They love it! It is a really beautiful farm where I had always thought that it would be a great location for a photography session but I never had the opportunity to have a session there.. Until I talked to Shannon and she mentioned thats where she was hoping to have their family maternity session. I was so honored she asked me to capture this season of life for them, but I was also nervous, you see, Shannon is a photographer too! I had so much fun getting to capture these moments for them just before the baby arrived!

Shannon, Matt and Liam, it’s crazy to think we have known you guys for just 2 years but it feels like it’s been a lot longer! I just love that you guys are just down the street and are always up for a social distance hello from the door step! We can not wait until we can plan a day to spend with you guys where we do not need to say ” 6 ft. apart” and “keep your distance” to the kids. Thank you so much for trusting me with taking your photos! It means a lot and I am so happy to hear you love them! Here are just a few of my favorites from our session! I can not wait to finally get to hold your littlest one and take more photos of you guys! xoxoxo

First Beach Trip of 2020 | Hampton, NH

First Beach Trip of 2020 | Hampton, NH

Summer has begun and we have been to the beach several times since these photos were taken, but I still wanted to share this blog post with you. If you follow me on social media (especially instagram) you get to see a little behind the scenes of my family so these guys should look familiar to you.

We LOVE the beach!! The sounds of the ocean, the salty air, the sand! We LOVE it! These first few times we went there this year the beaches were only open for active use only. You couldn’t set up your chairs or blankets but we did not mind. We just wanted to see the water and breathe some of that salty air since we have been in quarantine.

Now, its hot, but here at the end of May/Beginning of June it was still chilly by the water, so the kids were dressed in pants and sweatshirts. Well…. I should have known that there was no keeping them away from the water and they were living their best life in the freezing water with sweatpants on! It was exactly what we needed and I have to say, I am a pro at packing for a day trip like this! Extra clothes, towels and pajamas were in the car so when it was way too cold for them, we went up and changed then went back onto the beach.

To top it off, Hampton North Beach has an awesome ice cream place across the street and we have been spoiled with THE BEST ice cream around….every time we go…! Here are  a few photos of the first beach trip we have had so far…. now we are thrilled we can sit on the beach and just be, with distance between all of the other beach goers!

The Duffy Family Gender Reveal | Bedford, NH

The Duffy Family Gender Reveal | Bedford, NH

June has been a month of baby talk! A few weeks ago I shot THIS beautiful Maternity Session. Then, I received an email from a friend of mine that they were having a birthday parade for their daughter, Ellie who was turning 2 along with a small gathering for a gender reveal at their home. I planned to go to both the birthday parade and gender reveal with the kids and I asked her if she wanted me to bring my camera along! She responded how much of a gift that would be, so the kiddos, my camera and I went to celebrate!

It was really sweet to see the little birthday girl and her mama’s baby bump! At 11 weeks, its showing slightly and its adorable! Close friends gathered around after the parade as mom and dad popped a balloon revealing the gender of their new baby coming soon!

Congratulations Duffy family! I am so excited for you! Ellie is going to be the BEST big sister!! <3

Some Good News | Bedford, NH

Some Good News | Bedford, NH

On June 4th our town celebrated their last day of school. I was invited to take photos of a Kindergarten Graduation from one of my good friends whose daughter was graduating. Ethan, Henry and I were so excited to celebrate even if it meant we needed to stay 6 ft. apart ( or more) and wear masks.

We made posters that the boys held as the cars drive by seeing their teachers for the last time this school year while I took their photos. We had so much fun getting to meet all the Kindergarten teachers which was awesome since this is the school Ethan will be attending this upcoming September. They were all so nice and Ethan can not wait to see them again! To this day he still talks about “all” of his kindergarten teachers.

The car parade started and all of the teachers were so happy to see their kiddos. Remote learning for the past 3 months has been hard! All they want to do is hug them! As much as this is a sad time, and we all wish that things were back to the way they were, it was really nice to see smiling faces the whole time! These amazing kids worked hard and THEY DID IT! On to first grade!! I saw some moms crying as they drove by which made me tear up too. We are hopeful that we will get to experience in the class room learning next year but if that isn’t something that will happen, we know that these teachers work so hard to give their kids the best learning experience remotely, and getting to see everyone come together to finish this big moment for their kids brought so much joy to all. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the 2020 Kindergarten Graduation!

**Parents have signed a photo consent form through the school and I was given permission from teachers that sharing online is allowed**

A Message from your New England Photographers with Love

A Message from your New England Photographers with Love


This season has been hard. We miss our couples, families and babies. We miss seeing your smiles. We miss everything there is to miss about preparing. capturing and finishing your sessions. Weddings have been moved several times for many couples and it is breaking our hearts. Please know that we are thinking of you all and we are so excited to see you soon! Until then, keep smiling and stay hopeful.


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Henry’s 3rd Birthday | Bedford, NH

Henry’s 3rd Birthday | Bedford, NH

I can not believe our baby boy is 3 years old!! Where is our baby?!? We celebrated Henry’s birthday at home, quarantined. I have to say, this day was so special for him! He is old enough to understand birthdays and he has been non stop talking about his “fire truck birthday” and “who is coming to my party?” for several weeks leading up to his big day. It definitely was the #1 topic of bed time conversations.

Since we had a feeling that his original birthday party plans were going to fall through we wanted to make his birthday super special at home. Since he’s been talking about having a Firetruck birthday party for a few months now, we tried our best to make it a special fire truck birthday for him! We created a virtual birthday party invite where we asked friends and family to share a photo, video or a few words so that we can share it all with him throughout the day.

It was so amazing to see all of the videos and photos that were shared in the event! I was able to screen shot them all for this blog post! Not only did he just receive these amazing messages, many of our friends and family sent him something in the mail, which… who doesn’t love mail?! We even had a friend of ours come and decorate the front door for him! It was all such a wonderful surprise for him (and us!) Another wonderful friend made him some decorations with their cricket (which is now on my wish list)! It was so perfect!

He took a nap around 12:30 this day so that when we woke up we could do some family things outside. Right around the time he woke up, a friend of mine, Carilyn texted me and said to make sure everyone was outside at 3:00 and to have cameras and videos ready….. HUH? Ummm Okay…..

So we go outside….. what happens next?? 2 Bedford Firetrucks come around the corner with their sirens on! (Carilyn’s husband is a Firefighter with the Sandwich, MA Fire Department). Henry and Ethan could not believe it!! It was just so amazing to see their excitement. Many neighbors came outside for the Firetruck Parade! It was just so awesome. We really can not thank them enough!! To this day, we are still talking about how amazing his whole day was!

We had a virtual Zoom meeting with family and friends after dinner to sing to him. Everyone’s voices were all so amazing ( haha!). He loved seeing them all and then he loved getting to eat cake and ice cream! It was definately a birthday that we will never forget! We are still planning on having his birthday party just so we can have everyone together, but we will be deciding on a date for that later once we know what is going on in the word.

Thank you, EVERYONE for helping make Henry’s 3rd Birthday so special! We love you all!