8 Tips for DIY Fresh 48 Sessions

8 Tips for DIY Fresh 48 Sessions


In honor of Ethan’s birthday coming up tomorrow (9/5) and wanted to share a post for all of you expecting moms out there who were hoping to have a fresh 48 session once the baby was born. I know that Corona Virus has stopped us from having these amazing sessions from happening and it makes me so sad because I just LOVE them! I love getting to see you and your new little growing family and meeting your precious little one for the first time just a few hours old! It’s so heart warming and I just love everything about it. So, here I am, bringing you my love for Fresh 48’s right into your own hands. You can do this, and you can do this with just your cell phone!

Capturing these first days of your baby’s life is so important! You don’t get that time back! Come their first birthday…. and even their 6th, like Ethan will be, I always look back on his actual birthday and it is just so amazing to see the little person who he is growing up to be! I want the same for you. Do no be scared. I promise, I will give you tips to get the best images of your sweet little baby and even though you just had a baby, I want you to also hand the camera over to dad and have him snap a few photos of you with that little person who has been kicking you for 9 months!

When you go into labor the last thing you’re thinking about is that you want to tell a story. So here I am to tell you, that is what you are doing with these photos. You are telling YOUR story. your BABY’s story. A story that you and your family and even that baby can look back to years to come.

TIP 1:  Take a photo of the outside of the location you will be having your baby. You will most likely not remember to take this photo on your way into the hospital, but if you can remember to take one on your way out, you should. This photo is the start of where your family started. 

Tip 2: Hospital Details- The Room, The board with your nurse info on it, the hallway…. maybe even the ice dispenser because hospitals have the best ice chips! Your favorite snack you had during labor. I know what you are thinking… Who does that…. well… I do. I do my friend. And when I look back at the snack and the hospital rooms, wow, you better believe I get ALL THE FEELS! 


TIP 3: When a nurse comes in to check on baby. Get them in a few photos caring for your little one. 


TIP 4: Open the window shade and let that natural light inside. Turn OFF the lights in your room. Bring the baby close to the window and position him(her) so that the natural light is coming from the side or at an angle on the top of the head. The light like this will help highlight those beautiful baby features. I suggest taking the photo “Into” the room where your back is to the window. This lights up the room nicely. 

Tip 5: If there are siblings coming to visit, this is a must have shot! Notice the natural light coming from the side where the window is and babies are facing the window lighting up their faces. 

Tip 6:  Take them out of the bassinet and onto the bed for a different view/look.

 Tip 7: Baby Details! THESE are MUST have photos! Take a photo of the name tag on the bassinet. The baby will have the sweetest little features- capture them! Their fingers, feet, hair, eats, nose, lips! You can never have too many detail photos of your baby!  

Tip 8: prop the phone up on a table ( or order a cell phone tripod) set it up where you and dad are together looking at baby. You can set a self timer OR you can get this remote


Here is the list of all I mentioned for you to see a little clearer without the images incase you need to copy and paste easily to make notes.

Must have shots:

Overhead shot of baby in the bassinet (full body)

Overhead shot of baby in the bassinet (from the waist up)

Details of his nose, ears, hands, feet, and bellybutton

Dad holding baby, giving Eskimo kisses, or attempting to swaddle/change a diaper for the first time

Mom nursing her new babe or snuggling, standing up

Hospital Details- Front of building, hall way, bed, snacks, etc

Nurse coming in to check baby

any cute outfits and accessories

** Remember to keep the lights off and use the natural light from the window. If you can shoot INTO the room that will give you best light. If not, thats fine- you have a cute baby so really just take the photo!


Here are s a few editing apps I love to use! I always brighten up all of my phone photos before sharing them especially on instagram. Some of the photos on my feed are an iPhoto shot edited to my style in Lightroom! Lightroom is my #1 editing app!

MY Favorite Apps to edit with:

Lightroom Mobil



I wish I were able to capture these moments for you, but I know you can do it! Do not stress out- if you can not do it, thats okay. Just take as many photos as you can to have forever and do not put your phone in the washing machine like I did a week after I had Henry. Let me be the first to tell you, you will cry a lot if you do this! I hope these tips are helpful for you!! If you have any questions I am happy to help!

If you need help in photo editing your fresh 48 photos, I would love to do this for you! Contact me and we can chat about editing.

Congratulations, momma! Motherhood is the best, hardest, life changing gift in the world!





Baby Emerson | Lifestyle Newborn Session

Baby Emerson | Lifestyle Newborn Session

Baby Emerson | Lifestyle Newborn Session

I am declaring 2019 the year of baby girls! Yup, who run the world? GIRLS! This is my 3rd newborn session over the past 3 months and they were all baby girls! Now, I have 2 boys so all these baby girls are really making me want another…. kinda… well… I don’t know… maybe! (Just not yet!)

Emerson was born on July 4, 2019 and welcomed by her mom, dad and grandmothers. She came a little early, but not too early! She is the perfect little peanut and I have to say, photos make her look way bigger than she really is! She is a whopping 6lbs 15oz and she is just a ball of loving! I photographed her mom and dads wedding just about 2 years ago ( see their wedding blog here)  and I feel so honored I get to capture these first time moments of them learning to be parents. I feel like they are two of “my babies” just because I get to watch them go from dating, to fiance’s to husband and wife and now, mom and dad!

Maddie, CJ and Emerson, Thank you so much for having us at your home and letting my boys and I meet the baby at just 5 days old. We all love her so much and we can not wait to see the 3 of you again soon! Don’t blink because before you know it, she will be walking! 🙂 Love you all!

Here are just a few of my favorite photos from our session together. I just can not get enough of her! xoxo.

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Fresh 48 | Plymouth, MA

Fresh 48 | Plymouth, MA

After I had my first son, Ethan, I attended a group at the hospital that was offered on Mondays from 12-2. This group was a breast feeding support group and without it, I have no idea how I would have gotten through the first year of being a mom. I won’t go into the struggles of breastfeeding, as this post is not about that, but, this group was just more than that. It was a community of moms, all reaching out for support during a time when their whole life changed. Change for the better, yes, but we really all felt like ( and sometimes still do feel like) we had no idea what we were doing!

I met so many wonderful moms in this group who I am still close to almost 4 years later. Our kids have all grown up together and we hope that they will continue to grow together. Even though we no longer live in Plymouth, we are making it a point to still be close to this group of women and children. We love each and every one of them!

Satina is a mom I met at this group when Ethan was just 1 week old. Her son, Colton was about 3 months then and it was just so heart warming knowing that I wasn’t alone, and she opened right up and provided so much support around the stages I was just starting to go through, when she just did them herself. I took photos of Colton for his 1 year milestone and now, I was able to capture a Fresh 48 for their second baby boy, Paxton.

Paxton was born on July 4th in Plymouth! I traveled to plymouth with my kiddos and I am so thankful for our mom group TRIBE that our friend, Jamie watched the boys so I could go to the hospital to see Satina and her family for these photos. I just LOVE Fresh 48’s. You don’t get these moments back, and there is something so amazing getting to see mom and dad just after going through something so incredible that I am so thankful I do what I do! Big Brother Colton was there with us. He’s already the best big brother! I loved hearing about how different her labors and births were from one another and getting to see some of the nurses who helped me when I was there after both Ethan and Henry.

I edited their full album having all photos in both color and black and white. That was something new for me to do and I have to say as much as I love my light and airy style, seeing these images in black and white just make my heart melt!

Thank you Satina, Mark, Colton and Paxton for having me there just 22 hours after Paxton entered the world! He is absolutely PERFECT and I am so excited to watch him and Colton grow! ( although I know we all want them to stay little forever!) Jamie, Thank you so much for watching Ethan and Henry! They had so much fun playing with Avery and Natalie while I was at the hospital! You guys are seriously, THE BEST! I love you all! ( Shout out to Sue West and everyone in the Monday BID Mom’s Group!)



‘Fresh 48’ Photographer | Plymouth, MA

‘Fresh 48’ Photographer | Plymouth, MA

Hi Friends! I started something new this year and I am absolutely loving every minute of it! Fresh 48’s! I was inspired by seeing some fresh 48 photography by doing a few web searches and I decided it was something I wanted to try, and so, I did…and here I am, OBSESSED with Fresh 48’s! I love EVERYTHING about them. The visit to the new mom and dad at the hospital, the fresh moments of life, the baby coo’s and cries. I love it. Every baby is so different, just like each session. If you or someone you know is expecting and looking to have those fresh new moments captured as a family, please contact me! I would LOVE to capture them for you.

This past June I had 3 Fresh 48’s. Basically I was on call for the whole month waiting for those little bundles to arrive and I couldn’t have been more excited ( and anxious!) They all arrived safely in the month of June…. 2 late and 1 right on time. They were all so perfect. Below is my last Fresh 48 for the month of June. This little guy arrived late as he was comfy inside while all of us outside just could not wait to meet him. Everything about him is perfect and I am so thrilled to say that his mom and dad are a past Ali B Bride and Groom! They were married last September in Plymouth. I love that mom brought the robe she wore on her wedding day to the hospital as I documented the first moments of them as a family of 3. Congratulations mom and dad! I can not wait to see you all again soon!
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August Russel| Fresh 48

August Russel| Fresh 48

Happy Wednesday, Friends!!!! Ohhhhh do I love babies!!! June was a busy month for babies! I had 3 Fresh 48 sessions planned meaning I was pretty much “on call” for the whole month. The first baby was due on 6/10/16 and arrived a week later on 6/18/16. We have all been waiting patiently for this little man to enter the world but he was very comfy. He was welcomed with lots of love the day before Father’s Day. How awesome right! What a gift for dad!!

Mom and Dad happen to be an Ali B Bride and Ali B Groom as I captured their wedding day in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico in 2013. They were my first destination wedding and here we are, the first fresh 48 for the month of June! I also got to get a few maternity photos for them as well which you can find here on the blog. 

Baby Auggie’s Tita and Nanny were there when I arrived at the hospital, along with mom and dad. His Tita flew in from Mexico for this day and stayed here for just about 1 month soaking in all the newborn moments she could before heading back home. She was so sweet, and I am so glad I got to see her again since the last time we saw each other was at the wedding. I captured some amazing freshness of this little guy with his family.

Mom and Dad, I could not be any more excited for you!! Thank you for inviting me to the hospital to be one of the first people to meet your adorable little man! He is absolutely perfect and I am looking forward to seeing much more of him! congratulations and Welcome to the world August Russel, you are so loved!


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