Free Editable Wedding Postponement Card | Wedding Wednesday

Free Editable Wedding Postponement Card | Wedding Wednesday





This virus has been causing panic and crashing wedding plans left and right. No bride deserves to have their wedding day ripped right out from under them just weeks weeks away. But if you’ve made the very hard decision to postpone your wedding and you’re wondering how you should let your guests know, I’ve created this editable wedding postponement card just for you. Edit, print, and send!  


Whether you choose to mail these or send them online, they are a simple way to let your guests know to save your new date. You’ve probably already dropped a substantial amount of money on your save the dates, wedding invites, postage and more. Save yourself the headache and grab my free postponement card HERE.


Beabout Exposure Vendor Feature | Wedding Wednesday

Beabout Exposure Vendor Feature | Wedding Wednesday

Happy Wedding Wednesday, Friends! I am going to be interviewing vendors that I love working with through this series and I am so excited to introduce you to my FAVORITE husband and wife videography team, Beabout Exposure! I met Phill in November of 2018, when we worked our first wedding together at The Pavillion at Pinehills. We instantly became friends and it felt like I knew him and his family for forever! We had a great time working together then, and I knew I was excited to work together again for other weddings in the new year! I also couldn’t wait to meet Britt and the kiddos, Logan and Piper!

I finally met Logan and Piper during their family session this past fall. Henry was with me for their session and he and Logan became friends instantly, which was so nice!! Once this season of life is past us where we need to stay inside, we need to set up a play date!

I asked Britt and Phill a few questions about their business to help you get to know them a little more! If you are looking for a videographer, Beabout Exposure is your team!!

What inspired you to create your business and how did you motivate yourself to keep going when things were difficult?

Our equipment and location were major sources of inspiration for us.  Phill started a business in security simulator training where he would film active shooter scenarios for local police force training and we started brainstorming how we could put our camera equipment to more use.  That’s where our location came in, we are located in Plymouth and surrounded by amazing wedding venues. We have diversified our portfolio to incorporate commercial and real estate work to help offset any difficult times.

When did you start your business?

Our parent company SEIGE USA LLC was born in February 2018 and we filmed our first Beabout Exposure wedding in November 2018

What is your favorite part of the wedding Day?

Phill- Portraits are my favorite part because it allows us time to get artistic and creative with our couples.

Brittany- It is so hard to pick just one part of the day because there are tons of beautiful little in between moments that I absolutely love, but if forced to pick just one the first look is definitely a favorite.

What Book Are You Currently Reading? (Entrepreneurial, Business, Marketing, Blogging related). If you’re not currently reading a book, just name the last one you did read.

Leadership Strategy and Tactics by Jocko Wilnick

What Has Been Your Best Business Purchase? (Your best purchase that made a big difference to your online business, for example: a WordPress Plugin, Website Software, a new server etc)

HoneyBook (CRM)

What is the one random thing you carry around with you  at a wedding? This can be anything from practical to silly…. For me, I always have glue dots to help make the rings stand up if I am getting a detail shot of that… also…. snacks. lol

First and foremost, we do not leave the house without snacks and water lol.  The most random object we bring is a nice wooden hanger, sounds weird but nothing detracts from a beautiful wedding dress like a clear plastic hanger lol.

What are your 3 favorite wedding websites/blogs?

How to film weddings Podcast

Craft 5k Wedding Films

Fulltime filmaker

Who is your Biggest Inspiration?

We get a ton of inspiration from other wedding videographers like Forestry Films, White in Revery, Sculpting with Time,  and Veiled in Motion

Name a favorite business website? (not your website – ideally it should be Entrepreneurial, Business, Marketing, Blogging related)

Craft 5K Wedding Films

What inspired you to create your business and how did you motivate yourself to keep going?

Phill shadowed Alex during Allison and Dan‘s wedding in November of 2018 and the rest is history.  We absolutely love cultivating relationships with our Beabout Exposure couples and truly enjoy spending their wedding day with them. The joy we get from our work is motivation enough to keep doing what we love.

Comparing your business from when you started to now, what has been the main thing that allowed you to expand your business (How did you go from small time to big time success)?

Building relationships with our couples, fellow vendors, and venues has really paved the way for much of our successes and built up our client portfolio.  Building off of those successes we put a major focus on  investing into our business with educational courses and equipment.

What is your work day like? (Do you wake up early, work late, communicate, what jobs do you do yourself, who do you talk to etc)?

We wake up early EVERYDAY between 5-6AM (we have children to thank for that)! While it says we work 9-5 we are ALWAYS working on our business.  We split many of the day to day tasks associated with Beabout Exposure, Phill has a full-time job in Boston and Britt handles the household and children.  Britt responds to most of the new inquiries and emails and writes the majority of the descriptions and blogs, while Phill handles all of the client phone calls and all of the IT side (website, ads, equipment settings, etc). In the midst of wedding season a lot of editing takes place on the train during Phill’s commute to and from work. We try to play on one another’s strengths and weaknesses to divide and conquer the tasks that need to be completed.

What should other entrepreneurs reading this interview – be focusing on to expand their business

Focus on building relationships and networking with other professionals in the industry,  and invest in you and your business.

 What’s the best piece of business advice you’ve ever been given?


What advice would you give brides who are looking for their ideal videographer

Look at the videographer’s portfolio, if you can see yourself in one of their videos reach out.  Pay attention to audio quality and lighting those two elements can make or break a film. Talk with them over the phone, meet in person, Skype, etc. Ultimately, stay true to yourselves as a couple if it feels like a good match great, if not, find someone you feel comfortable with.


Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit | Wedding Wednesday

Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit | Wedding Wednesday



This past October I was my sisters Matron of Honor and I knew that one duty I needed to get done for the wedding day was to have an emergency kit put together. As a photographer I have been to so many weddings where bridesmaids are frantically running around looking for something that they just cant find. (For example: Scissors, finger nail cutters, clear nail…polish just to name a few.) I have always had a small kit on my at all times for each wedding I photograph, but for her wedding I decided it was time to get serious with all the things we might need on the wedding day! It kind of started off as a joke… like I found the BIGGEST clear toiletry bag from Walmart and I said to myself that this bad boy was getting filled to the top! The night I filled it then I snapped a photo with my phone and sent it in the bridesmaid group text telling everyone I was so ready for the weekend! They of course thought I was crazy, but I knew that this bag was amazing and we would all need something in there at some point during the day.


If there is one thing from this post you take away, let it be this- either you need to get yourself an emergency kit that you can DIY or you need to hire me and I will have this with me! (haha. That’s a joke… kinda). You will be so happy you have a bag like this on the wedding day and even if YOU don’t need EVERYTHING in there, you will most likely need at least 1 thing… and then you have it to offer incase a wedding party member, family member or guest needs something!



  • Scissors
  • Deodorant
  • Make Up Remover Wipes
  • Safety Pins
  • Bobby Pins
  • Travel Hair Spray
  • Allergy Medication, Motrin, Aspirin, Tums, Pepto
  • Tissues
  • Heel Glide for those blisters
  • Bandaids
  • Alcohol Prep Pads ( to brighten up your nails)
  • White Chalk ( incase the bride has a stain on her white dress)
  • Clear Nail Polish
  • Fake Lashes
  • Floss
  • Breath Mints
  • Neutral Colored Impress Nails
  • Mini Tooth Brush
  • Travel Static Guard
  • Shout Wipes/ Tide Stick
  • Mirror
  • Lint Remover
  • Eye Drops
  • Super Glue
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Lighter
  • Feminine Products
  • Sample Perfumes
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Diamond Dazzle Stick
  • Lip Gloss
  • Chap Stick
  • Pen
  • Paint Brush for Beach Weddings (to get sand off feet)

Click HERE for all items listed on my AMAZON STOREFRONT




So there you have it. These are the things that I currently have in my emergency kit which I love that I have it for when I am working. I know what’s there so I can help in a pinch if someone needs something! Comment below if you have any emergency items I may have forgotten in this list! I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts about having a kit like this! Wether you are a bride or bridesmaid, having something like this for not just yourself but everyone involved on the big day is such a HUGE help! If you are an Ali B Bride.. don’t worry. I have you covered. 🙂


Engagement Session Style | Wedding Wednesday

Engagement Session Style | Wedding Wednesday

what style do you prefer?

B O L D o r N EU T R A L

D R E S S Y o r C A S UA L

C L A S S I C o r T R EN DY

These choices represent the three main decisions you will have to make in regards to your outfit choices. There are no right or wrong answers! Maybe you want one outfit to be dressy and the other to be casual. Maybe you want one outfit to be very light and neutral but you want to wear more color in the next outfit. These categories will hopefully help you determine what you’re hoping for in your engagement session. If you’re feeling stuck and can’t seem to determine what you prefer, that’s very normal!

Here are some general “rules of thumb” when it comes to styling during an engagement session. Once you read through these, you may have a better understanding of what you prefer and you can start planning your outfits. These “rules of thumbs” are based off of my experience and aren’t concrete rules that can’t be broken. However, if you have questions about one of them in regards to what you want to wear, just email me and we can talk about what would be best! :

Things to Avoid:

1. Colors to avoid : bright reds, neons, bright oranges (they reflect color onto skin and can be difficult to edit!)

2. Avoid patterns smaller than a quarter : Tiny patterns cause something called “Chromatic Aberration” in digital images. Men’s checkered shirts are fine if the “checks” are on the larger side.

3. Alternate Heaviness: If one of you is wearing very dark jeans, the other may want to wear lighter pants. If one of you is wearing a navy top, the other shouldn’t wear a dark/heavy colored top. To a certain degree, alternating the “heaviness” of your outfits can make your images look more balanced.

4. Avoid one of you being casual while the other is more dressy: This can look a bit awkward in photos. If one of you is dressed up and the other is casual, it can look a little odd in your images.

5. Other things to avoid: Tennis shoes, Graphic tees, Bold logos on shirts, Sunglasses & Baseball Hats



If you’re hoping for a more romantic style of shoot that includes “light” and “airy” colors, you can actually make outfit choices that will lend your images to turn out brighter, softer and extra photogenic! Here are some ingredients that go into creating a romantic styled shoot. It’s important to note that you do not need to choose all of these ingredients in order to have a light and airy style to your images but the more ingredients you include, the more romantic it will be:

– Neutral Colors: Blushes, tans, light pinks, faint blues and light minty teals, creams, grays and whites will always result in more of a light and airy look in your images. These colors photograph softer and more romantically!

Long, Flowy Skirts/Dresses: Dresses and skirts with feminine ruffles, multiple layers of fabric and the ability to blow and move in the wind will always photograph beautifully! You would be amazed at how impactful moving fabric softens an image.

– Khakis vs. Jeans: If you really want your images to be as bright as possible, consider having your groom wear lighter pants instead of dark dress pants or dark jeans.


Just like the “Romantic” recipe, you don’t have to apply all of these “ingredients to get a perfectly BRIGHT & BOLD look to your engagement session. These  ingredients include:

– Only one wears a pattern: If one of you has a bold pattern, it’s very important that the other doesn’t. The more bold the pattern, the more important this rule is!

Bold Backgrounds: A lot of time, if my couples are going for a bold and bright look, I will notice solid colored backgrounds to use for part of their engagement session! It’s a double win if the background coordinates

with their outfits!

– Only one bold color: If you really want a bold and bright look but you want to do it well and tastefully, I would suggest that only one of you have a bright and bold colored outfit and the other stay in a solid

neutral to avoid over-doing it!

– Large Patterns are Preferred: If you really want to wear a pattern, my only request is that your pattern is on the larger side. Patterns that are smaller than a quarter can be difficult to photograph. This isn’t true of

all patterns but it’s a good general rule to go by!


So there you have it! Hope this post is helpful for you in planning your engagement session style! Feel free to comment below or email with if you have any questions!

xoxo, Alex

Best of 2019 Weddings and Engagements | Ali B Photography

Best of 2019 Weddings and Engagements | Ali B Photography

Many times I find myself second guessing my photography thinking that being home with my kids full time will not allow me to focus on my business like I would like to. You see, when you have two kids at the ages 5 and 2.5 it can be really hard to get any work done, let alone eat or sleep. Our lives are always so busy and on the go, that I always get worried that I am not giving my business all I have to give (insert Backstreet Boys lyrics here..)

It’s crazy to think about when I first started my business before I had kids, I still was working full time with my business on the side. After having Henry in April 2017, this became my full time job along with being a mom. As hectic as the days may seem, I have somehow figured out how to excel in my photography, business and being a mom of two! Many people will ask me how I did this… and I will just tell you, I don’t sleep much. But the good news is, that every year I think that I should not take on as many weddings as I would like to, I realize that that can not happen! I love this job so much. I love my couples so much. I love my families so much! I always end the years having a collection of favorite photos from Ali B Weddings and I am so thankful for that. Because with all this negative talk about cutting back, enters all those negative thoughts of the “I’m not good enough”. Seeing that I always have so many favorites from each wedding and session I do, makes me realize that I need to cut the negative talk and continue doing what I am so passionate about.

This year, my busiest wedding month was June! It all began in May but June was a popular month to get married. You all kept me busy the entire year and I can not thank you enough for it! As 2019 is coming to a close, I love getting to look back on my favorites from the year and relive each and every wedding and session I was blessed to be apart of. All of you 2019 couples mean the world to me and I hope I get to see you all soon!

Looking back, I feel so proud of the work I was able to create this year and I am excited to share my favorites with you from engagements and weddings! Enjoy! xo.

Behind the Scenes 2019

Behind the Scenes 2019

IT’S THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!!! Yup, you guessed it!  Behind the Scenes 2019! I can not believe that in just a few days we are going to be entering into a new decade! It’s so crazy!! This blog post is something I started to do a few years ago and each year I just feel the need to keep it going. As you know the photos you see take a lot of work behind the scenes to have them look that way… different angles, the veil flip, that perfect fluff of the dress when standing still….someone’s gotta do it! We here at Ali B Photography are professionals and we get the job done!

I am so thankful to get to do what I do! I have the best coupes and families in the world and I can not thank them enough! Cheers to 2020. Let’s take a look at Behind The Scenes 2019.


Here we are starting with the first wedding of the year May 2019. When we get this shot of the bride and her dad walking down the aisle, we take so many and we work fast to be sure to get out of the way from the other photographer shooting back or front. I always try to get that one photobomb shot just so I know I will have it for the blog when the time comes for BTS. Thanks Lisa for being perfectly centered for this photo!

That perfect fluff of the dress. We got you. Always.

Sometimes when I am shooting portraits of the bride and groom, my second photographer is shooting reception details and can not stay with me to help with somethings. It really all depends on the timeline and where cocktail hour is held. For this wedding ,I had this lovely MOH stay behind with me so she  can help me with a few things…. She was so wonderful and happy to help and did all I needed her to do.

It just doesn’t get much better than being with people on the happiest day of their life for a living. But sometimes the wind will take over.

Rocking her MOH duties!

Even when we are all done with the veil, she stayed behind to watch and held all the things for the bride and groom.

We get so excited when a couple learns their first dance. We just need to be as close to the floor as we can to capture every single side of it!

So if you’re looking for two poised professionals to capture your most special day, look no further.

We make sure to test the lights out on the dance floor before you get announced….

We help to hold your flowers if you need to use your hands. We also look into the sun for you when portraits are at that peek sun time during the day.

I will set up the shot and then show you the next thing I want you to do. 

If it isn’t right, I will just fix it. NBD.  Beach weddings= No shoes…. but lots of dress fluffing perfecting!  Sometimes I will pose like I am in the photo… and sometimes I will not….

When everyone is looking at the person making the speech.. someone is looking at the bride and groom…. or the back of the camera to be sure the light is just right!

Oh Hey! Just pretend like I am not even here…..

We work closely with Videographers a lot. We be sure to communicate and tell each other where we will be for the shot that we need. Sometimes I just shoot a bunch to be sure my lighting is right before the big moment happens.
 Always protecting that train!

We are always willing to go outside to shoot in any kind of weather! For this one, it was thunderstorms and downpours, but it cleared up and we were outside for awhile with them! With and without umbrellas. Also…. many of us vendors have kids so if we need to do something one handed… we are masters!

A car or a gold cart might be coming, but don’t move!

When you fluff the dress before fluffing the veil…..
The Dream Team as we like to call ourselves.

Always there to get that perfect fluff.

It is always so much fun getting to work beside so many different creatives each wedding!

There is never a moment where I am NOT thinking of the next shot.

Sometimes we shoot in the road….

And we do all we can to be sure the dress does not get muddy!

Many venues will deliver appetizers to you guys while we are taking photos! If I don’t need you, you can totally eat all you want! 🙂

Beabout Exposure, Phil is helping me test out some lighting! Like A BOSS.

Sometimes,I break out my dancing shoes… I just LOVE first looks! This venue had a beautiful space on the porch and one of us was able to be next to the groom, while I went off to a side porch. It was great for us to get those intimate angles we needed.

And it was so sweet to have that intimate first row spot as a photographer! We all were just glad Morgan didn’t fall! She nailed her shots and I was able to not see her for the ones I delivered in their gallery!

Ya gotta get that back shot of the whole ceremony! 

You know…just testing more lighting!

Sometimes on your wedding day, while out taking sunset portraits, a group passes you to get to their boat… Then they invite you on for that special sun set cruise! I will never forget this!    Trying to master the veil flip without bumping into servers! 

I do not mess around with our portrait time together! Directing is one thing I do best. 🙂 We have fun and we get it done! 

Same day slide show  preview from a few guests. I love their reactions.

A sparkler exit needs a few test runs with off camera flash…. Also, when you have amazing videographers, they need to get that mic on you….

and sometimes when we need to get that perfect dress shot, we will tell through doors to tell people not to come into the room or the dress will fall…
 More directing…

First look. Back Center. HEYYYY!   I just love each and every one of my brides and grooms! I also love it when we get a photo together! I need more of these in 2020.#addmetoyourshotlist

I even love getting a photo with guests!

When you do a first look with your girls and your hair dresser stays…. but she can’t see over the ladies so she stands on a chair!   First look front and center. Don’t worry…she hid when the bride came out.

Wedding party portraits are my JAM.  

Winter Beach Wedding…. Where everyone is bundled except the bride and groom and I love them for it!

Just setting up the camera for a cold winter wedding day sunset.We are not cold….you’re cold.

Light check master, LISA!    The two were my first wedding of the year. It rained on their wedding day a bit and when it came time for portraits, we did not have enough light to do them outside. They had beautiful portraits inside, but they were wanting that beach session together. So we set up a date close to their 6month anniversary to have a beach portrait session. I am so glad we did this because their portraits are absolutely gorgeous! I had to get in a photo with them and their lovely MOH who continued her duties after the wedding day!

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