FAQ | The Rain Policy

FAQ | The Rain Policy

Rain Rain go Away, Come Again Another Day….. Yes, I know… admit that you just sang that! ( I totally did while typing it up!) I wanted to share a post about my rain policy as in the past I have had several sessions where the weather called for rain. Some were rescheduled and some were kept. I wait until 8 hours before your shoot to make the call about weather based on the hourly forecast. If you have a morning session, I’ll check in with you the night before. Evening? I’ll check in that morning. If it’s rain until 4pm, and your session is at 5pm, we keep the appointment as planned.

If it’s calling for rain at the session time, you can choose from the following options:

1. Choose a different start time Please leave the day of your session as free as possible for this reason. I find most “rainy days” turn out to be some sun and some rain. I can move you to a better hour.

2. Shoot at home. We can get classic family portraits on the couch, near pretty window light, or cozied up on a bed. You can also plan some lifestyle activities, like reading stories, baking cookies, or giving the kids a bubble bath. Subject to travel time and distance to your home.

3. Shoot at a outdoor location with coverage- There are not too many places I am aware of with coverage for this, however The Plymouth Plantation on the South Shore, Cape Cod has an area with lots of tree cover we could use. In New Hampshire I will have to do some research. You’re welcome to bring rain boots and umbrellas for puddle-jumping shots at the end. I find when clients choose this option, we often get lucky with the weather and shoot outside anyway!

4. Reschedule. Please know this is subject to the availability and I can’t guarantee the new date will have better weather. My appointment calendar is often booked two months out.

Thank you for your understanding. Your flexibility is greatly appreciated.

10 Reasons why I love visiting Philadephia, PA

10 Reasons why I love visiting Philadephia, PA

Happy Wednesday! The weather isn’t looking good over here, rain, wind and cold! I am so ready for spring and getting to be outside all day every day with my kiddos! Today, we went to play group and now both littles are “car napping”. ( any other moms think that car naps are life, like me?? I have a love hate relationship with the car naps!)

I realized that I have not posted a personal post lately and I want to get better at sharing things about me so you get to know who I am! In the fall last year, we visited my side of the family for Thanksgiving and spent a day in Philly while we were there. The art museum area is one of our favorite spots! Not only is it beautiful, its also where PJ proposed to me in 2008! We brought the kids back there and I played around with them taking photos that turned out to be our Christmas Card photos this year! I even had them sitting in the area where “I said Yes” and these photos just melt my heart each time I look a them!

Henry is 7 months in these photos. Ethan is 3. Henry JUST hit the sitting up milestone and because PJ and I did not get in the shot for this session of fun, Henry isn’t in too many because he couldn’t sit up strong just yet.

As I mentioned before, we visit Philly every year around Thanksgiving since we are not too far visiting our family in New Jersey. It’s something my family and I look forward to each year and it is going to be even more special now bringing the boys there as they grow!

Here are 1o reasons why I love Philadelphia!

10. It’s so close to home- I am from Washington Township, NJ. This is about 20 minutes from Philly and growing up, it was fun to go into the city for the day! I still remember how to get there and the drive is not bad at all!

9. The View- I went to college at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ. The view of the city from the parking lot I always parked in is just beautiful. Although Camden may not be the nicest area, it does showcase the city nicely and it has a great location for photos if you wanted the city in the background!

8. South Street– It was always fun to walk around South Street with friends! So many unique shops, restaurants and bars. The last time I was there, I remember being with my friend Christina and my cousin Vicky. We were shopping around and my cousin got a phone call where she was offered a teaching position! hah. I think I still remember that because it was such an exciting day for her! She is still teaching in the same school for the past 12 years! I also took ballroom lessons at Society Hill Dance Center for a few years! I miss it there! and I miss dancing!! anyone want first dance lessons? let me know!

7. The Philadephia Zoo– This zoo is amazing! We have gone there twice with Ethan so far and can’t wait to bring Henry there with our friends and family. The kids love seeing the animals and running around ( and I do too!) This is always a fun day trip we like to do when we visit in the summer.

6. Philadelphia Cheese Steaks- Sorry New England….. they will always be a cheese steak to me! Pats Vs. Genos

5. Manayunk- I never really cared about this location when I was younger, but now I think its such a cool area! A neat main street with restaurants and bars! The Manayunk Brewery is one of our favorite places to go if we are there, and if there is a table outside, thats where you would find us!

4. Mothers Day– Every mothers day, Susan G. Komen hosts their Breast Cancer Walk beginning at the art museum. We did this every year, up until the year I moved to MA. I miss these walks but LOVE seeing that some friends and family still go and I love getting their texts and photos of this special day.

3. The Breast Cancer 3 Day- In 2007 I decided that I was going to challenge myself and walk in my first 3 day. I told my family I was going to sign up and raise $2300 for breast cancer research in memory of my mother. While many people thought I was crazy, my cousin, Vicky signed up with me. I will never forget my 1st 3 day with her. After that, we signed up again and I walked in the Philadelphia Breast Cancer 3 day for 3 years after that! Our team grew and our memories are ones I will cherish forever!

2. Boat House Row– This area is always lit up a night, its got a beautiful view of the art museum and there are always college students rowing. Its fun to watch and the houses are beautiful.

1. The Philadelphia Are Museum– This is my favorite area! I feel like I mentioned that a lot in this post already, so I am sure you guessed it, but I love it there! The museum is free on Sundays with a donation and you can walk around the area and take as many photos as you want! You can even challenge friends and race up the Rocky steps! It’s the start of so many walks and runs, its where we cheer on PJ as he runs in the marathon each year, its beautiful. We had our first date at Waterworks in 2006, we had our engagement photos taken there and it’s where PJ asked me to marry him. 🙂

Here are a few photos of my favorite place in Philadelphia of my favorite baby boys!

I just loved everything about this door! The color was cool, the lighting was perfect and my kids matched! 

Christmas Card Worthy!

This is where PJ popped the question and I said YES! Back in 2008! 

Looking forward to going back with my family in 2018!

Dowses Beach Engagement | Osterville, MA | Molly and Chris

Dowses Beach Engagement | Osterville, MA | Molly and Chris

We had been emailing each other for what seemed like for ever in planning their wedding and their engagement session, and then finally, the engagement session day was here! Dowses Beach in Osterville is BEAUTIFUL! This was my first time at this location and I just loved all the layers about it! Speaking of layers…. we didn’t have any and it was FREEZING during their November date! We didn’t let the cold stop us from having the best night and I just have to say how amazing these two are! Poor Molly by the end of our session couldn’t feel her toes!!

Chris proposed to Molly at Great Road Kitchen in Littleton, MA which just so happens to be their favorite restaurant. He proposed this past July with a plate full of Barnstable oysters and Champagne! It’s so true what they say… ” Every seashell has a story…”

Chris and Molly are planning a summer wedding this year at the Osterville Historical Society! I loved getting to know them and I can not wait to see them again for their wedding day! It seems so far away, but I know the months are going to fly by and their big day of celebrating with friends will be here before we know it! Here are just a FEW favorites from their session!



Everett’s First Christmas | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Everett’s First Christmas | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Baby Everett just celebrated his first Christmas! i have been friends with his mom, Christina since High School and I am so happy we still stay in touch! She and I were pregnant together in 2017 so it was really fun chatting through text about our pregnancies! While we were in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, I FINALLY got to meet Everett and man, he is so cute! He just turned 6 months and it is so weird to me, because it feels I just got the text that he had arrived!

Everett had the cutest little overalls outfit and moccasin booties by Freshly Picked. He matched his momma in plaid and was very festive for his holiday photo shoot. Everett’s dad, Greg couldn’t be there with us for this session but the next one, we will be sure he can make it! I was able to get a few photos of mom and baby to celebrate this special time.

Greg, Christina and Everett, I loved getting to see you guys! Everett is a doll and was so great for the camera! His little faces were adorable and the winter hat you brought made me melt! I can not wait to see you again and have a fill family session together. It will be so amazing to see how much Everett has changed from this session the next time I see you! Thank you for trusting me to capture his first christmas photos! Your holiday card was too cute, and I know it was not easy to choose one for the card! You picked a good one 🙂


The Zippilli Family  | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

The Zippilli Family | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We had a few days of WARM weather here in New England and I was loving it! We got to spend some time outside and I even drove around town with my window opened just a little! It made me so excited for spring and then reality hit that it is still winter and we are back to cold cold weather. Looks like we will be getting more snow this week…! So, let’s all check out this adorable family session.. one where there is no snow on the ground!

Continuing my New Jersey family sessions, this family was so much fun. Mom, Angela has been my best friend since we were born, really. We lived across the street from each other. While she moved away in elementary school, we stayed friends all these years. She met her husband, Ilya at Rutgers New Brunswick and now they have two beautiful little girls, Sammy (4) and Emily (almost 2). At the start of their session, little Emily didn’t want to let go of her pirates booty and my little pony. No problem! My job is to capture these REAL moments and if thats what she wanted, I will capture just that. It takes kids a few minutes to warm up to the camera so we had a dance party, and walked around a bit. Emily was able to get go of the Pirates Booty during our session, but I just love how we all know, thats what she wanted, when she wanted it…and no, she didn’t share any with me. (maybe next time…)

Angela, Ilya, Sammy and Emily, I LOVED getting to see you guys ( multiple) times that week I was in New Jersey! It was so nice to get to capture your family together for the first time and I hope that I get to do it again! You did a nice job color coordinating the purples and grey for a beautiful fall look! I hope that you love your images and are able to display them nicely in your home! P.S. I loved your holiday card!!!


These are too fun. If you noticed Emily with her pink pony, she has to be holding something. Like many kids, its a security thing. Sammy here has a little blanket she calls a ” woo woo”. Mom says she sometimes will carry 4 of them at a time for those “just in case” moments. Here, dad is holding her woo woo in his back pocket and I just love it. It’s real! She won’t need that woo woo forever, so now is the time to capture those important details! Those ones you don’t want to ever forget!  Z