Rowan Family | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Rowan Family | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Last year around the holidays I ran 2 giveaways! One was based around holiday cards ( you can see that winning session here) and the other was through a name generator. This wonderful family won their mini session through the name generator and we were able to schedule their session in NJ when I was there visiting for the Thanksgiving holiday!

Funny story, I use to teach Kristen when she was in the High school marching band color guard! I feel so old. She is married and has a beautiful little girl now! It has been awhile since I had seen her but it was so nice to see her again, and I loved getting to meet her husband Jessie and their little girl, Chelsea!

Jessie, Kristen and Chelsey- Thank you so much for meeting with me a few days after Thanksgiving for your session! I know you guys waited almost a year for this! I appreciate your patience and allowing me to figure out the best time to come to NJ after just having a baby a few months prior! I appreciate you and I hope you love your family photos! Thank you for sending me your family holiday card! It was beautiful! I hope you cherish this special time with your little girl. She is getting big, fast! Keep these images to look at when you need a little baby fix! I hope to see you again soon! xoxo.

The Wahl Family | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

The Wahl Family | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Happy Tuesday! This wonderful family happened to be in New Jersey at the same time as us for Thanksgiving visiting with their family this year! Stacey and Dave have been friends of mine for a while now! All I can say is ( to keep a long story short) that it’s a small world, and these two are together and its amazing!

Stacey and Dave are expecting their second baby due February 2018! I loved that I was able to see her little bump before the baby came! See, these guys live in VA and it has been awhile since I had seen them. This was actually the first time I got to meet Ben and he JUST celebrated his 3rd birthday! While I wish I was able to have met him when he was born, I am happy I finally got to meet him! He was so great during their session and just so much fun to talk to! He’s going to be an awesome big brother!

Dave, Stacey and Benjamin, Thank you so much for meeting up with me during your Thanksgiving trip to New Jersey! I was so excited to see you guys, meet Ben and see that adorable bump! Stacey you are absolutely GLOWING and the dress you wore was so pretty! I loved that I got to capture your family memories as well as a few maternity photos for you! I can not wait to see you all again and meet the newest member of your little growing family! xo.

Everett’s First Christmas | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Everett’s First Christmas | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Baby Everett just celebrated his first Christmas! i have been friends with his mom, Christina since High School and I am so happy we still stay in touch! She and I were pregnant together in 2017 so it was really fun chatting through text about our pregnancies! While we were in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, I FINALLY got to meet Everett and man, he is so cute! He just turned 6 months and it is so weird to me, because it feels I just got the text that he had arrived!

Everett had the cutest little overalls outfit and moccasin booties by Freshly Picked. He matched his momma in plaid and was very festive for his holiday photo shoot. Everett’s dad, Greg couldn’t be there with us for this session but the next one, we will be sure he can make it! I was able to get a few photos of mom and baby to celebrate this special time.

Greg, Christina and Everett, I loved getting to see you guys! Everett is a doll and was so great for the camera! His little faces were adorable and the winter hat you brought made me melt! I can not wait to see you again and have a fill family session together. It will be so amazing to see how much Everett has changed from this session the next time I see you! Thank you for trusting me to capture his first christmas photos! Your holiday card was too cute, and I know it was not easy to choose one for the card! You picked a good one 🙂


The Zippilli Family  | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

The Zippilli Family | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend! We had a few days of WARM weather here in New England and I was loving it! We got to spend some time outside and I even drove around town with my window opened just a little! It made me so excited for spring and then reality hit that it is still winter and we are back to cold cold weather. Looks like we will be getting more snow this week…! So, let’s all check out this adorable family session.. one where there is no snow on the ground!

Continuing my New Jersey family sessions, this family was so much fun. Mom, Angela has been my best friend since we were born, really. We lived across the street from each other. While she moved away in elementary school, we stayed friends all these years. She met her husband, Ilya at Rutgers New Brunswick and now they have two beautiful little girls, Sammy (4) and Emily (almost 2). At the start of their session, little Emily didn’t want to let go of her pirates booty and my little pony. No problem! My job is to capture these REAL moments and if thats what she wanted, I will capture just that. It takes kids a few minutes to warm up to the camera so we had a dance party, and walked around a bit. Emily was able to get go of the Pirates Booty during our session, but I just love how we all know, thats what she wanted, when she wanted it…and no, she didn’t share any with me. (maybe next time…)

Angela, Ilya, Sammy and Emily, I LOVED getting to see you guys ( multiple) times that week I was in New Jersey! It was so nice to get to capture your family together for the first time and I hope that I get to do it again! You did a nice job color coordinating the purples and grey for a beautiful fall look! I hope that you love your images and are able to display them nicely in your home! P.S. I loved your holiday card!!!


These are too fun. If you noticed Emily with her pink pony, she has to be holding something. Like many kids, its a security thing. Sammy here has a little blanket she calls a ” woo woo”. Mom says she sometimes will carry 4 of them at a time for those “just in case” moments. Here, dad is holding her woo woo in his back pocket and I just love it. It’s real! She won’t need that woo woo forever, so now is the time to capture those important details! Those ones you don’t want to ever forget!  Z

Declan Holiday Session | Kirby’s Mill | Medford, NJ

Declan Holiday Session | Kirby’s Mill | Medford, NJ

Happy Saturday! Here is a fun session for you! I am continuing my blogging series on my New Jersey Holiday Sessions right now, and this session was with my best friend, Gretchen’s little guy, Declan! in 2016 ( I keep having to write the year out because I am not used to it being a new year already….anyone else?!)  I photographed Declan in Smithville, my happy place! You can see those images here. It is so amazing to me to see the difference a year makes!

For 2017 we decided on Kirby’s Mill in Medford, NJ. It was a chilly day but a really cool place to let the kids roam around. Ethan and Declan are less than a year apart which is really special. They are both now interested in playing with others and it was cute to watch them interact. They had a blast running around, exploring leaves and sticks, climbing steps and throwing leaves in a lake… which nearly gave me and Gretchen heart attacks. Hey…they were fine and the photos are adorable!

Thanks Gretchen and Ray for having me capture these moments with Declan and again! It is always so nice to see you guys and I really love getting to see the difference a year makes. Watching him grow is just so amazing. Your little fearless man is ever so handsome and had me laughing! I can not wait to see you all again!