3 Tips for Military Brides planning their wedding day | GUEST BLOG POST by Brittney Galeaz

3 Tips for Military Brides planning their wedding day | GUEST BLOG POST by Brittney Galeaz

I am so excited to start my guest blogging series! Here is a new post by an Ali B Bride! Brittney and Sean will be getting married this coming December on Cape Cod and I can not wait! We had so much fun during their Boston engagement session. You can check out their engagement session HERE.  Huge THANK YOU to Brittney for taking the time to blog this subject! I know there are so many other millitary brides out there who will love reading this! Feel free to comment if you have any questions, myself and Brittney can answer them the best we can! 🙂

I first met Sean in 2012 through a mission trip our church organized. On the first day of the trip we did an ice breaker exercise to all get to know one another. The first thing Sean told me about himself was that he wanted to join the Air Force and my first thought was wow, that is going to be so hard on his future wife. Well, here we are 7 years later and I am the future Mrs. Donovan! 

Sean and I have been together through all of college, through ROTC, and are now living in DC with Sean stationed at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. Throughout this time, I had somehow convinced myself that Sean would never deploy. This was such an unrealistic mindset but it was the way I stayed positive through the uncertainly. Sean and I got engaged in September of 2018 and his first deployment was scheduled for shortly after. I had mixed emotions about the deployment and planning our wedding on my own. I was happy for Sean as this opportunity was what he had always wanted but of course I was hesitant.

Now, on the other side of our first deployment, I wanted to share some tips and tricks with my fellow military brides on planning a wedding with your person being on the opposite side of the world and still making the process what you always wanted it to be.

#1. Tip number one is include your family! I never would have gotten through wedding planning without my amazing mom, step-mom, future mother in law, my sisters, and all of my bridesmaids. Everyone stepped up in the most amazing way touring venues with me, stuffing save the dates, and planning. It was not only helpful but it was fun! My mom and I split too many bottles of wine to count talking about color schemes, wedding dresses, flowers, and more. I missed Sean during the planning but he was still able to be a part of it. We made every decision together and FaceTimed during venue tours. This way he still was able to plan his own wedding even from thousands of miles away.

#2. Tip number two is to talk to your vendors and your venue about military discounts. I am never one to ask for a military discount but I made an exception in this case! While not every vendor is able to offer for a number of reasons it NEVER hurts to ask. Additionally, ask about a military escape clause. As we all know, the military is unpredictable and if you have to move your wedding for one reason or another you do not want to deal with the cost of transferring the date for your vendors and venue. All my amazing vendors gladly offered this clause, and if someone isn’t willing to, they likely are not the vendor for you.

#3. Tip number three is to stay positive and enjoy the process. There were difficult days and moments throughout the planning process where I missed my fiancé and wanted him with me for cake tastings, venue tours, and everything else we had planned on doing together. I stayed positive mainly by keeping Sean in the loop always via our weekly FaceTime dates. I also leaned on the amazing people around me and took them up on the help they offered. I was beyond thankful that so many people stepped up, it is not something I will soon forget.

I’ll never forget my first reaction to hearing Sean wanted to be in the Air Force back in 2013. I laugh when I think about it now because my perspective is so different. Being a military spouse is an adventure, it takes you to places and cities you have never seen, it pushes you to be independent and self-reliant, and it strengthens your relationship making you stronger as a couple and individually. I feel lucky to become a part of it and become an Air Force Wife. 

I want to thank Alex for allowing me to write this piece to share our story! We feel so lucky to have her as a part of our day and our lives! Always proud to be an Ali B Bride! 

Granite Links Golf Club Wedding Venue| Kevin and Gina

Granite Links Golf Club Wedding Venue| Kevin and Gina

One of my favorite moments I get to experience at a wedding is watching the bride and groom really realize how much their life has just changed.When this happens, there are tears and hugs and a few minutes of just being in awe of what just happened. This moment can come at any time throughout the wedding day. For Kevin and Gina, their moments happened at different times during the day. Kevin had tears in his eyes as Gina walked down the aisle with her dad.  Gina’s moment was after they recessed down the aisle and embraced outside of the ceremony. Her tears of joy were sweet enough to make anyone watching get emotional. They were just SO happy. It was the sweetest thing to see and I couldn’t be any happier for them!

I know I mention the weather a lot but honestly, I can’t believe what we experienced this day, It was probably one of the most beautiful days of the entire summer. It felt like October and not the end of August!! It was amazing! Not only was the weather beautiful, this entire wedding day was stunning! It really was so perfect and the smiles on their faces throughout the entire day let everyone know that this was their best day ever! During their ceremony, the sun came in and out of the clouds but the way that the wedding party was standing on a hill allowed me to capture this absolutely gorgeous image from their ceremony. The sun position, clouds and just where I happened to be standing, with my 35mm lens on, the settings I used, and the final edit produced this amazing photo that I am thinking about printing on a canvas for myself to hang in my office!

The Pavilion at Granite Links Golf Club is absolutely beautiful. With views overlooking the Boston Skyline, and the most beautiful sun set, I loved getting to be there again this year! I loved the simplicity of their decor that tied their day together so nicely. Just wait until you see their reception decor with the view of Boston. It was just stunning and the sun set all together just made their ending to a perfect day, even more perfect…. if that can even happen!

Kevin and Gina had their dog Charley join them for a few moments on their wedding day, just after they shared in their first look. The love that these two have for their fur baby is just the cutest. They were so excited to see her and I loved that she was included in their wedding day for photos, again in Kevin’s vows and then a few more times during their toasts at the reception. It was so sweet! I loved that I got to see Charley again from their engagement session. The photos of the moments with her are so special.

It was so nice that they were able to include their siblings on this day as their officiant, brother of the bride, did an amazing job sharing about their relationship and their love for one another.  They are the sweetest duo. Lisa and I felt so honored that we were the ones who had the opportunity to capture their day for their family and friends to remember forever!! Enjoy some of my favorite images and as always…get ready for a lot of photos in this post….

Dress: Vows Bridal- Martina Liana | Florist: Sarah’s Floral Design | Ceremony Location: Granite Links Golf Club | Reception Location: Granite Links Golf Club | Band: Legends of Summer Band | Videography: Beabout Exposure | Cake: Montilio’s Baking Company | Bridesmaid Dresses: Lulu’s + Birdy Grey | Groomsmen Attire: Jos.A.Bank | Invitations: Minted | Tent Details: Simplistic Charm | Hair: Vow to Style | Makeup: Kerri Herlihy

Planning Your Bachelorette Party on a Budget | Guest blogger: Aimee Lyons

Planning Your Bachelorette Party on a Budget | Guest blogger: Aimee Lyons

I’ve been really wanting to do  a series of guest blog posts and when Aimee Lyons, owner of DIY Darlin’ emailed me suggesting she write a blog about budget friendly bachelorette party planning I was so excited! This blog post is so great for all of you out there planning and/or attending a bachelorette party in near future! I am currently looking to have more guest bloggers be featured here and would love to hear from you! Please email me alibphotography.info@gmail.com or fill out my contact form for more information and to set up your blog post!

Photo Credit: Pexels

Every year, over 2.2 million marriages take place in the United States — meaning some 4.4 million bachelor and bachelorette parties! Your bachelorette is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy quality time with your closest friends before you get married. Whether you want a wild bash in Cancun or prefer to sedately sip wine in Sonoma, there is a trip for every bride’s style. Planning the event can be difficult, however, especially if you’re on a budget. The last thing you want is for the weekend to become a legendary bachelorette party horror story. Follow these tips to ensure that doesn’t happen.


Create a Reasonable Budget


Establish a budget for your bachelorette party before you make any bookings. Decide on a guest list to figure out how many people you need to plan for. Then, there is transportation, accommodation, and food to take into account. If you’re planning to drink, consider alcohol costs, as these can quickly add up. You can save by having alcohol delivered to your hotel room via Drizly or a similar service depending on your location.


If you are thinking of attending an event, ticket prices are also a factor. Pop concerts, sporting games — a diversity of options is available. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to splurge on the most expensive tickets to have a great time. Also, check if group rates are possible. Some venues might offer discounts for larger bookings, which can often result in significant savings.


Choose an Affordable Destination


Once you have an idea of your budget, you can more realistically choose a bachelorette party destination that’s affordable for you. There’s no need to head across the ocean to Amsterdam or London or to fly down to Mexico. Many fun and popular destinations can be found within the United States. This guide from the Knot has fantastic ideas, from Cape May, New Jersey to Austin, Texas.


When picking your party city, look up transportation costs before making a final choice. Airline tickets can get expensive, especially if you’re not booking well in advance. If you’re strapped for cash, picking a spot within driving distance might be your best bet. A road trip is also a fun way to start the weekend. Follow these tips to save money on gas, such as avoiding highway gas stations and tuning the engine before you leave.


Pack Your Glam Ahead of Time


Part of the fun of your girly nights out during your bachelorette event comes from getting all dressed up. So, pack all your glam squad needs, such as nail polish and remover, makeup, party clothes, and hair straightener. If you’re flying, coordinate items like straighteners to avoid excess baggage fees — you don’t each need to bring one!


If you’re looking to vamp up more than usual for the weekend, consider getting eyelash extensions, which, according to Smart Style Today, have seen a boost in popularity. They look glamorous and even make you appear younger than you are. They also eliminate the need for mascara and heavy eye makeup, since they stand out on their own. Shop around and find a reputable salon, however; poor-quality extensions can leave your real lashes broken, damaged, and even falling out altogether.


Bring Some Bonding Entertainment


If your bachelorette party includes people from different areas of your life — for instance, work friends versus college pals — games are a great way to bond everyone. Cosmopolitan has a fun list of games you can play like a “How well do you know the bride?” quiz and a bar crawl scavenger hunt. These are cheap and not cringe-worthy.


As with any event, your bachelorette party is probably not going to go perfectly. Maybe a friend misses their flight or perhaps you drink too much one night — these things can happen. The important thing is to stay positive and not let these smaller setbacks derail the entire excursion. Follow the above tips to keep things running as smoothly as possible — and focus on enjoying the quality time with your friends.


Photo Credit: Pexels

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