Everett’s First Christmas | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Everett’s First Christmas | Croft Farm Arts Center | Cherry Hill, NJ

Baby Everett just celebrated his first Christmas! i have been friends with his mom, Christina since High School and I am so happy we still stay in touch! She and I were pregnant together in 2017 so it was really fun chatting through text about our pregnancies! While we were in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, I FINALLY got to meet Everett and man, he is so cute! He just turned 6 months and it is so weird to me, because it feels I just got the text that he had arrived!

Everett had the cutest little overalls outfit and moccasin booties by Freshly Picked. He matched his momma in plaid and was very festive for his holiday photo shoot. Everett’s dad, Greg couldn’t be there with us for this session but the next one, we will be sure he can make it! I was able to get a few photos of mom and baby to celebrate this special time.

Greg, Christina and Everett, I loved getting to see you guys! Everett is a doll and was so great for the camera! His little faces were adorable and the winter hat you brought made me melt! I can not wait to see you again and have a fill family session together. It will be so amazing to see how much Everett has changed from this session the next time I see you! Thank you for trusting me to capture his first christmas photos! Your holiday card was too cute, and I know it was not easy to choose one for the card! You picked a good one 🙂


Declan Holiday Session | Kirby’s Mill | Medford, NJ

Declan Holiday Session | Kirby’s Mill | Medford, NJ

Happy Saturday! Here is a fun session for you! I am continuing my blogging series on my New Jersey Holiday Sessions right now, and this session was with my best friend, Gretchen’s little guy, Declan! in 2016 ( I keep having to write the year out because I am not used to it being a new year already….anyone else?!)  I photographed Declan in Smithville, my happy place! You can see those images here. It is so amazing to me to see the difference a year makes!

For 2017 we decided on Kirby’s Mill in Medford, NJ. It was a chilly day but a really cool place to let the kids roam around. Ethan and Declan are less than a year apart which is really special. They are both now interested in playing with others and it was cute to watch them interact. They had a blast running around, exploring leaves and sticks, climbing steps and throwing leaves in a lake… which nearly gave me and Gretchen heart attacks. Hey…they were fine and the photos are adorable!

Thanks Gretchen and Ray for having me capture these moments with Declan and again! It is always so nice to see you guys and I really love getting to see the difference a year makes. Watching him grow is just so amazing. Your little fearless man is ever so handsome and had me laughing! I can not wait to see you all again!



Charleigh Holiday Session | Medford,NJ

Charleigh Holiday Session | Medford,NJ

While in New Jersey for Thanksgiving, I had a few sessions planned over the course of 2 days. When we visit, we always stay with our cousins, Jen, Mark and Charleigh. I took photos of Charleigh in 2016 and this year we planned to do it again.

We went to a park in Medford, NJ and walked all around during sun set. Charleigh was very serious for a lot of the session so I had a sneak in a few things to get her laughing. She loves sports so I had her pretend to be playing different sports. We played some music so she would dance and I had her run a bit! I got some awesome smiles and laughter from her and I just love how these came out! Her outfit was perfect for holiday photos too. I can not believe how big she is. ( I know I say this a lot, but its so true!)

Jen, Mark and Charleigh- Thank you for hosting us during Thanksgiving! We love getting to see you all and the whole family. Thanksgiving is just the best time of the year and we are so happy we get to spend it with everyone in NJ. Cant’ wait to see you all again soon! xo

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions | East Bridgewater, MA

Christmas Tree Farm Mini Sessions | East Bridgewater, MA

Man, the holidays just flew by! I have so many holiday sessions to share, I am not going in much of any order! But! Since I was little, my family always kept Christmas decorations up until my birthday (1/6), so,  I am going to do my best to get these holiday sessions blogged this week and next…. ( just to give myself some breathing time incase I do not get them all done this week!!) Feel free to give me permission to share them all throughout the month of January… hmmm… thats not a bad idea…..

2017 my first year hosting Christmas Tree Farm mini sessions. In 2016 I had A LOT of inquiries about them but I never contacted a tree farm in time. For 2017 I was pro active and set this up in August! Once I released the date these were completely filled within the first 2 weeks of sharing the information! I couldn’t believe it! This year I will be thinking about minis again for the fall and maybe, just maybe I will open up 2 days!

9 beautiful families came to meet with me at the Mistletoe Acres Christmas Tree Farm in East Bridgewater, MA. The employees here were wonderful to work with when setting up these sessions and it was nice to have our own section where the kids were able to decorate trees, play and chase me around! One family had an exciting announcement which I was so thrilled to document for them!! It was 85 degrees this day in October and I felt like I worked a wedding! Lots of photos were taken, lots of laughs were had and I just love every moment captured for these families! Getting holiday cards from their sessions made me smile! I can’t wait to see everyone again in 2018!

Behind the Scenes 2017 | Ali B Families

Behind the Scenes 2017 | Ali B Families

All year long it’s so much fun getting to meet so many new people and photograph them and their loved ones! If you’ve been following me, I try to post sneak peeks and blog as much as I can in a timely manner… This year has been amazing and so busy for me (THANK YOU) so I am JUST catching up on lots and lots of blogging. I have a few fun blogs I am going to be sharing for you and here I am, starting off the fun blogs with these behind the scenes- Family edition! Have you ever seen posts like – Instagram vs. Reality?! Well, every time i have a session I always wish I had someone with a camera following me around too, capturing those full behind the scenes shots of how I have mom and dad behind me making noise to get a baby to look, or the mess of toys and clothes behind me or edited out of the photo, the real lighting situation we are in, my arms holding a baby, a toddler or sometimes 2 kids plus my camera while still taking photos- all of the real life ways!

I do manage to get some of these real photos- either I take them or I have clients that sneak a few and are so awesome to text or email them to me! I have included those in this blog post today just so you can see. Many times, especially while shooting kids, it’s so helpful to have the parents there if there are multiple because I can’t do it all, like sometimes I’d like to think I can. Its hard for me to watch kids and photograph one at the same time. Those extra eyes are needed in situations like that. So, THANK YOU to the moms, dads, siblings, granparents, aunts and uncles who were those watchful eyes while I worked my magic to capture your family memories of 2017 for you!! I hope to see you again soon!

Now, without further ado, I present to you the Behind the Scenes- Family Edition of Ali B Photography!




With those watchful eyes and arms to help hold up kiddos who can’t quite sit up on their own. Moms worked as my assistants this session day as we captured our kids on the beach.

Henry just hanging out while I run around chasing toddlers!

When one kiddo doesnt want to participate in a group photo… you have to try to get them to play… Ahem…. Ethan, my son wasnt having it this day….. We were trying to get him to sit down on the blanket by talking about the really cool tattoo his friend Natalie had on her arm! 

because what kid doesn’t love dogs?

This is the same day as the beach photos for Ethan… He wasnt having it and I was in crunch time to get some fathers day photos done…. Thank you Fruit Snacks for being the bribe of the day! I managed to get some nice photos for dad! 

When I bring my assistant Ethan with me, he has his camera to help with. He will also try to get you to smile… and he will also walk away…. thanks to the moms who have had their eyes on him this year when he had to come with me!

This mom! I cant even. She is absolutely AMAZING! I have been taking photos of her and her kids for 2 years now and I just love them all so much! She is always so calm when I see them- a mom of 4 and her last 2 are twins. I am sure you have seen their photos all over. Well, Here is behind the scenes from a halloween shoot we did. Getting her kiddos ready, while they play.

Everyone is dressed and ready to go

That helping hand when one can’t walk on her own just yet.

Still helping and trying to get all 4 kids to look at me, nicely!

Nailed it. 

Ethan again at a family session. Sometimes he just has to get in on the fun! 

I loved this family! This was a last minute fall session I was so happy to have been able to squeeze in! These little ones are twins and when one doesn’t want to be in a photo, I play. Here I am holding Kennedy while I let her think she is helping me…. She really is helping me- She ‘pushed the button’ a few times! After this happened, her brother helped me and then i was able to get some amazing photos of this family of 4! This was an extended family session so their Aunt snapped this photo when I didn’t know and emailed it to me later that day! I just love it! 

sometimes…nature calls…. and I am baby wearing and holding a camera that is really heavy…. 

back at it… 

When I want one kiddo to look out at the waterfall…. but he didn’t want to do it… Ethan comes to the rescue! 

Playing so we can get some great shots! knock knock! 

Ohhhhh all the helpers! 

Mom making sure he doesn’t fall in… .I thought this was a good idea until i quickly realized….it wasn’t! but then it was because their final photos were AMAZING! 

snuggle break….

Behind the scenes at Pinewood Lodge 

This isn’t really behind the scenes… but its the first photo that Ethan took, on my phone…that isn’t too bad! Photographer in the making???

This behind the scenes photo was taken by Sammy. Sammy is 5 years old and we had just ended their family session in New Jersey! Mom, Ang has been my best friend since we were babies and we are still best friends today! I loved photographing them during our NJ visit and I just love this photo that Sammy took! You can see my makeup running! It was a chilly day and yes… I love my vest… I think I am wearing it in almost every photo of me in this post haha. 

Trying to get some monthly photos of Henry….. Thanks Ethan! 

Making sure Henry doesn’t fall over because he is JUST starting to sit up on his own…. Ethan might be holding him a little too rough so that didn’t last long… 

I hope you enjoyed these fun behind the scenes photos! I am working on another Behind the Scenes- Wedding Edition! So stay tuned!!