Pinto Family | Middleboro, MA

Pinto Family | Middleboro, MA

Family sessions have been in full swing this season and I am so excited to share this beautiful little family with you! I have been taking family photos for these guys for the past 4 years! It is so amazing to watch them grow each year and now, they have a little bundle of love, Mary.

Big Brother Benjamin was a baby when we met. He and Ethan are very close in age, so Jen and I became close friends as our boys were growing up together. I love that we are still friends, our kids are growing up together and I get to capture their family milestones each year.

Tony, Jen, Benjamin, Mary, Jay and Echo- You guys are the sweetest! Thank you for trusting me year after year to document your family photos for you. I love seeing your Christmas cards with images from our session on them. I am wondering what ones you will choose this year, because as you will see below, I had a hard time choosing a favorite! :- ) Can’t wait to see you all again soon! xoxo

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Portrait Session | Kids and Family

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Family Portrait Session | Kids and Family

Friends! I say this all the time when I look at my kids- ” WHAT HOW DID YOU GET SO BIG!?” Then, Ethan usually comes up to my legs and has me measure him. Then he will run back to back with Henry and compare heights together. It’s the cutest thing.

I know what you think when this happens, as I too am thinking the same thing- Where did the time go? Sure, the days are long but the years are short! Each season of our lives are so different from one another and many times, the seasons (good and bad) go by and we have no evidence from that time period. I know that I am a culprit of this. Me, a photographer, who LOVES her job so much, struggles to get in the frame, and struggles to take photos of all four of us as a family. Now, I understand the importance of family photography, which is why this year, it WILL happen for our family. We WILL get family photos and from now on, we WILL get them 1-2 times per year by another photographer.

These milestones come and go and it is so important to freeze that time to look back and remember life in that moment.

Here are 10 reasons why you should have a family portrait session:

  1. It Savors that moment in time– Each family is different from one another. Everyone is changing and growing. This is one reason why I love my job! Many of my clients come back to see me year after year, sometimes multiple times a year and the differences are just so amazing. It really only takes a few months to see changes in your family, and documenting that time is precious.
  2. Family sessions are FUN– I know that many people dread family portraits, I completely understand. My husband is one to dread them. Many people opt for the portrait sessions from JC Penny, which is great if that is the style you want however that does not sound very fun at all for anyone. Sessions don’t need to be that way! If you have a session with me, I promise you capture images that are YOU and not just staged in a studio. I love it when everyone is themselves. I provide my clients with a style guide and I play with the kiddos. I give prompts in moments where I am not getting that genuine smile or laughter and I am not kidding when I say the hour goes by so fast!
  3. Giving the gift of Smiles– When you are struggling to find that perfect gift for a loved one, nothing comes close to the personalization of a family portrait. With my sessions you recieve an online gallery with over 60 images that are edited to my style. You gain the rights to those photos meaning you can print them and enlarge them from any photo lab, or you can order right from my website! These make perfect gifts for grandparents!
  4. Instant Home Decor- I LOVE home decor! The people who inspire me with decor ideas, I follow in Instagram! (@Jordecor, @Misdiy, @Laurenmcbride to name a few) You can print your photos, frame them, enlarge them to a canvas, make a photo book and they will add a little something to your home styling personality. **FUN FACT: did you know that hanging up portaits in the home help to increase childrens self esteem? Studies show that having your family photographed and having your loving portraits displayed prominently in your home sends the message that your family is important to one another…and that you honor the memories you created together.
  5. You can get the WHOLE family in the photo– How often do you get to see the WHOLE family? The great thing about a family session is that you can add on as many people as you need. My sessions include up to 5 people and everyone after that, is an additional cost. I love when I get contacted for extended family sessions. Many times these sessions are used for gifts to parents and grandparents and it really is so nice! I am able to get the group as a whole, and each family individually plus I focus on the parents together and the kids. It’s so much fun and it goes by really fast!

6. BIG MILESTONE- Your baby is 1. They just started walking and its time to capture that huge moment! Mom, dad, you did it! You survived your first year of parenthood! Sleepless nights, spit up all over, those wonderful diaper explosions, I know… I have been there! CELEBRATE IT! Maybe you’re having a baby, maternity sessions are so beautiful to cherish that time together before your life changes forever, and document that perfect baby bump. High school graduation? You name it! There are tons of milestone we all go through and making sure we capture that time is so important!

7. Locations– Do you have a happy place? A place where your family loves to be? I will meet you there! Let’s go! I love shooting at so many different locations in New England (and beyond) and when that location has a meaning to you and your family it makes it even more personable than the session already is!

8. These photos are natural and represent who you are– It is not just about saying “cheese”. I have other tricks up my sleeve that will help to get your genuine personalities to shine in your photos. However, a tip for you if your photographing at home- Have your little one say “Honey” it helps relax their face and the smile will not look forced.

9. You can relieve these memories– Photographs bring back all kinds of feels. You can look back on your images and remember how you felt before the session, during the session and when receiving your final gallery. You will remember what life was like and you can talk about it with family and friends. How amazing is that?!

10. Family sessions are an investment- I know that many people stop thinking about family portraits because of the cost. Professional photography can be expensive but knowing that when you invest in a quality service, you are investing in something that will be valuable for a lifetime. It has value the moment you book your session and it then becomes more valuable throughout the years. These images are high quality. The experience if fun and I can not wait to meet you!

Wheaton College Family Session | Norton, MA

Wheaton College Family Session | Norton, MA

Family portrait season has begun ( along with a crazy wedding season!) I have been working with this adorable family for over 2 years now and I just LOVE them! You may recognize them from the Motherhood with a Glass of Whine blog. We have had many photo sessions within the last 2 years, Carilyn has been an Ali B Fan and spreads my name all over the place when she can! Many of our sessions have taken place inside of her home. For the longest time, she has mentioned to me about how she really wanted to take the kids to her college campus, Wheaton College,  where she attended under grad courses. We were able to buckle down a date and I followed them all around the campus and listened to so many different memories she had.

These kiddos are  just the best! They know how I am so they were happy to have their photos taken. I gotta say, its pretty hard to get toddlers to look at you every now and then. Many of these candid style images are my favorites as they clearly show exactly what season this family is in right now.

Carilyn, Seth (we missed you), Andrew, Brooke, Kate and Kiera, Thanks for letting me follow you around and capture images of your amazing little family! I just love everyone so much, getting to watch them grow is an honor and I am so thankful for you guys! Here are just a few favorites from our stroll around your old college campus!

Fresh 48 | Plymouth, MA

Fresh 48 | Plymouth, MA

After I had my first son, Ethan, I attended a group at the hospital that was offered on Mondays from 12-2. This group was a breast feeding support group and without it, I have no idea how I would have gotten through the first year of being a mom. I won’t go into the struggles of breastfeeding, as this post is not about that, but, this group was just more than that. It was a community of moms, all reaching out for support during a time when their whole life changed. Change for the better, yes, but we really all felt like ( and sometimes still do feel like) we had no idea what we were doing!

I met so many wonderful moms in this group who I am still close to almost 4 years later. Our kids have all grown up together and we hope that they will continue to grow together. Even though we no longer live in Plymouth, we are making it a point to still be close to this group of women and children. We love each and every one of them!

Satina is a mom I met at this group when Ethan was just 1 week old. Her son, Colton was about 3 months then and it was just so heart warming knowing that I wasn’t alone, and she opened right up and provided so much support around the stages I was just starting to go through, when she just did them herself. I took photos of Colton for his 1 year milestone and now, I was able to capture a Fresh 48 for their second baby boy, Paxton.

Paxton was born on July 4th in Plymouth! I traveled to plymouth with my kiddos and I am so thankful for our mom group TRIBE that our friend, Jamie watched the boys so I could go to the hospital to see Satina and her family for these photos. I just LOVE Fresh 48’s. You don’t get these moments back, and there is something so amazing getting to see mom and dad just after going through something so incredible that I am so thankful I do what I do! Big Brother Colton was there with us. He’s already the best big brother! I loved hearing about how different her labors and births were from one another and getting to see some of the nurses who helped me when I was there after both Ethan and Henry.

I edited their full album having all photos in both color and black and white. That was something new for me to do and I have to say as much as I love my light and airy style, seeing these images in black and white just make my heart melt!

Thank you Satina, Mark, Colton and Paxton for having me there just 22 hours after Paxton entered the world! He is absolutely PERFECT and I am so excited to watch him and Colton grow! ( although I know we all want them to stay little forever!) Jamie, Thank you so much for watching Ethan and Henry! They had so much fun playing with Avery and Natalie while I was at the hospital! You guys are seriously, THE BEST! I love you all! ( Shout out to Sue West and everyone in the Monday BID Mom’s Group!)



Extended Family Session | Wakefield, MA

Extended Family Session | Wakefield, MA

Happy Tuesday, Friends! I just LOVE getting to see families over and over again, year after year…. and sometimes with just a few months in between! I captured this lovely extended family session last year where they got together as a gift for the little ones grandmother. You can see that blog post here! It’s so amazing to see the difference a year makes! These kiddos are all getting so big! I loved playing with them and watching how silly they all are! This session was a gift again for the grandparents, and I just love this idea! Yearly extended family photos! Yes Please!!

Little Trey is going to be a Big Brother this September and Twins Veronica and Jacob are celebrating their 3rd birthday….TODAY! What amazing milestones that are happing for this family!

Congratulations TJ, Kristin and Trey! I can’t wait to meet your newest little one!!!!

Happy Birthday Veronica, Jacob ( and Andrea and Stevie!)

Thank you for being my #1 fans! I love you all! xo. Here are just a few of my favorites from our session!