FEATURED ON HOW THEY ASKED | By The Knot + Tacari Weddings

FEATURED ON HOW THEY ASKED | By The Knot + Tacari Weddings

o continue on with my featured sessions, The Knot published Rachel and Joe’s proposal story on their blog!!!!!! Ahhhh!! Pinch me! I am dreaming….right?!?!

You can view their full blog here: HOW THEY ASKED


This session was also published on Tacari Weddings!!! You can see that post here: TACARI WEDDINGS FEATURE- RACHEL AND JOE

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Belkin Family Lookout Farm Engagement Session | Rachel & Joe

Belkin Family Lookout Farm Engagement Session | Rachel & Joe

You want to know what I love? I love it when couples do something unique for their engagement session! Not only do I love it when they select unique locations and ideas for their shoot, I also love it when these ideas and locations have sentimental value. Rachel and Joe were so much fun to talk to during out initial Facetime meeting ( Thank Goodness for Facetime!). Once we picked the date for their engagement session, she came to me with the idea that they would love to go back to the location that Joe proposed. Joe proposed on October 20th at the, Belkin Family Lookout Farm in Natick, MA. Rachel told me “It had been a cloudy autumn day and literally when the sun came out and the light was perfect, I heard his voice behind me saying “Rachel look at this weird apple”. I turn around and he’s on one knee with the most gorgeous ring. He didn’t even have the chance to say anything before I blurted out “Yes!” He timed it perfectly too because my 30th birthday party was that night, allowing us to surprise my closest friends and have loved ones in from out of town.”

The day of our session was probably not a warm as it would have been in August but it was overcast for most of the session. We didn’t get that pop of light on the day he proposed but that is okay! May has been so crazy like that this year…. it has been cloudy and rainy for almost the whole month, but, we were able to have their session and we had the whole orchard to ourselves! It was just beautiful! They walked me around to different areas of the orchard and then showed me where Joe proposed where I got to hear their proposal story again but this time, it was even more amazing because we were there! In that same location it all happened. The smiles they had on their faces this day were contagious and I was just so happy that I got to not only capture their love, but fully see it in their faces.

Aside from the Orchard we had time so we went to a garden area that was oh so beautiful and then we went back to their house where I got to meet their fur baby, Pepper! We had so much fun and I am so excited to finally get to share their images with you! There were way too many photos to choose from and just select a “few” favorites! I know I say this all the time, but really, its so true! Joe and Rachel, I can not wait to see you guys again for your wedding day! Thank you so much for bringing me around these places and for letting me meet Pepper! She was just the sweetest! This year is going to go by fast, enjoy looking at these photos in the place that has so much meaning to you both! xoxo.

Location: Belkin Family Lookout Farm | Rachel’s Dress: Lulu’s

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University Engagement Session | Stephanie & Daniel

Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University Engagement Session | Stephanie & Daniel

I feel like I am destined to shoot photos sessions on over cast days! I mean, I set up sessions with my couples and families MONTHS in advance. I always set them up for really, whatever time works best for you, but I always suggest 2 hours before sun set. I feel like more often than not, we have clouds during out sessions more so than sun. Guess what…I am 100% fine with that!

I am able to shoot my sessions in the sun, at sun set, sun rise and even those over cast days. I know everyone usually wants that high sun peek glow but you do not need to stress if it happens to be the day of your session and the sun is not out for most of it. I got you.

Stephanie and Daniel’s engagement session started out overcast. At times we had some cloud movement and we did get some of the sunny sun set glow, but for the most part, its was a cloudy overcast perfect session and I loved every minute with them!

Stephanie and Daniel are High School Sweethearts! I have had a few couples who have been together since High School and it is just the sweetest thing! They brought their fur babies with them and I got to meet Stephanie’s MOH, her sister Emily! They were all so nice and I loved getting to know them! Their pups, Griffin and Sadie were so cute and loved getting their photos taken too! I can not wait to see them all again for their winter wedding next year at the Pavillion at Pinehills! xo.

Liz & Raffa Engagement Session | Bedford, NH

Liz & Raffa Engagement Session | Bedford, NH

I have officially entered the season of life where business is picking up fast! I kicked off the wedding season with this engagement session in Bedford, NH with Liz and Raffa! Guys! I am not kidding when I say that it down-poured all day leading up to this session! We were checking the weather hour by hour because they traveled from CT. to NH and this was the only day we were able to schedule their session!

Well, as you can see the rain stopped in time for their session and we were able to keep it on! I loved getting to know these two! I asked Liz how they met during out first initial inquiry email and she said ” Raffaele (Raffa) and I met at a craft beer lovers MeetUp event in Connecticut in August 2017. He is from Italy, which means he has an adorable accent, so right away I was weak in the knees. We bonded over the fact that we’re both nerds (my background is in astrophysics and I teach physics now, he’s an engineer, we both love video games, etc.). I taught him how to play (and win!) a game of bean bags. After a few hours of tasting craft beer and flirting, he asked me if I wanted to go get dinner. On our way out to our cars, he grabbed me and kissed me! It was so unexpected but magical! We went to dinner and then went for a walk on the waterfront. Right away I knew this man was special and I wasn’t going to let him go.” I just love this! It is amazing to me how everyone has their own amazing story of how they met and the rest is history!

Liz & Raffa have an amazing year from moving into their first home, traveling to Italy before the wedding and then getting married! I am so excited for their wedding this September in Maine and I can not wait to hear all about their new home and their trip! xo