The Fielding Family | Dennis Beach , Cape Cod

The Fielding Family | Dennis Beach , Cape Cod

Where is summer? Seriously… where did it go?!? How are we a few days away from September? I know I am not the only one that thinks the summer flew by! I am working on lots and lots of family sessions currently ( shooting and editing) and I am trying catching up on my blogging! I have a ton of blogs lined up in drafts to be published asap and I am so excited to share my newest work with you all.

The last few weeks were so busy over here, and the last few months my bed time has not been earlier than 1am!! I am forever grateful for my families, couples and fans for believing in me and my business and I am thrilled that many families have been coming back to me for years to capture their stories. It makes me so happy and I love that I get to see everyone  again and again, as well as I get to watch their babies grow! How awesome is that?!

This wonderful family contacted me 2 years ago when they were visiting Cape Cod for their summer family vacation. At that time, they had 2 little ones- (Indy and Lulu) and this year, I got to meet their littlest one, Posey! All of the kids were just so cute and so much fun to play around with on the beach! I just loved how they warmed up to me right away and I was able to capture so many silly moments of them, letting their personalities shine! Their session was held on the same beach as it was the first time I met them, right outside of their rental home. How amazing to have this view for a full week while on vacation! I know I could get used to that!!

Brandon, Audrey, Indy, Lulu and Posey, I LOVED getting to see you again and meeting Posey! They are all so adorable and it is no doubt how loved they all are! It was really cool to look back at our session from 2017, you can check that session out here, and see the differences from then to now! Thank you for inviting me back to Cape Cod for your family vacation and for trusting me to capture these memories for you. Can not wait to watch them grow!

The Neithercut Family | Cape Cod, MA

The Neithercut Family | Cape Cod, MA

I feel like it’s been a long time since my last post when really, it was just a couple of weeks ago! Well, I am back and I am so excited to share this extended family session with you! You may remember Caitlyn and Chris from their engagement session in Boston and their wedding day at the Chatham Bars Inn, and if you don’t- take a look here and here! I loved getting to capture those two big milestones in their life and I was so excited that Caitlyn contacted me to capture another milestone with their family!

Their session was in West Yarmouth, which I just loved every minute! The Cape Cod beaches will NEVER get old to me. Even if I am there for 2 hours max during a session, I love every second of being there doing the thing I love. This family was just so great to work with. I loved their coordinated nautical outfit choices and it was so nice I got to meet 2 more members of their family- Baby Nora (3 months) and Baby Jack who is almost a year this August! We had a great time and I can not wait to see them all again soon!

Caitlyn, Chris, Jack, Scott, Kristin, Skylar, Kayden, John, Sarah, James, Nora, Jim, Claudia- Thank you so much for inviting me to your Cape Cod home and trusting me to capture these images of your family. I hope that these bring a smile to your faces when you see them and remember how perfect your vacation was here at this house, on this beach, with each other. Love you guys! xo

This was one of the last photos I took this day. Dad and his two girls. I asked him to “pick a daughter and look at her” and the reaction of who he picked to look at first was hysterical, but then all of a sudden a wave of emotions hit. These are his girls. They are wives. They are mothers. They are daughters and I can only imagine how proud of them he is. .At first I thought I said something to upset him but then I realized that these were happy tears. They were all together. It doesn’t get any better than that. .

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The {B} Family // Fall Newborn-Family Session | Chiltonville, MA

The {B} Family // Fall Newborn-Family Session | Chiltonville, MA

Just a little over a year ago, I saw this beautiful family for Big Brother Jack’s 1st birthday photos. At the time he was not fully walking on his own yet but he was trying! You can view their session here! It’s really cool to go back and look at those photos and see how big Jack got over the last year!

I ran into mom and Jack this past August and shortly after she contacted me for another family session, this time, with their newest addition, Mason! I was so excited to see them all again and to get to meet Mason! He’s absolutely adorable at just 10 days old. Jack is already an awesome big brother and mom and dad couldn’t have looked any happier!

Their session was in Chiltonville, MA. I just love this location for fall photos as the fields there are just so open and the colors have started to change on the trees! Emily said she was hoping to have photos with the fall colors  and when she agreed to have their session at Chiltonville I was so excited, I knew they would love it. It was a little windy and cold during their session, but we made it work. Jack and Mason were troopers! We warmed up in the car mid way through their session and then were able to get out and do a few more photos along the path just as the sun was setting so nicely!

Emily, Keith, Jack and Mason I hope you love your fall family photos! I had so much fun spending time with you and I am so happy I got to meet Mason and see how big Jack is! Congratulations on your new little guy! Thank you for trusting me to be your family photographer! Here are some of my favorite photos from our session…although it was very hard to choose! xo.


Adoption Day | Barnstable, MA

Adoption Day | Barnstable, MA

Friends! THIS was an AMAZING DAY!! On October 12, 2017 good friends of ours became a forever family! Jane and Rob found out 1 week before Jack and Shayla arrived to their home that they were coming at just 6 months old! On this amazing day, Shayla, Jack, Jane and Rob shared laughs and tears in the court room with their family and I am so thankful they invited me along to help capture in photos this amazing story of theirs!

These kiddos are now 4 years old. They are the sweet, funny, caring and so loving! Their parents are the some of the nicest people I have ever met and I really couldn’t be any happier for them all! After their official adoption, we headed over to Nelson Park in Plymouth, MA for a little family session of the 4 of them! It was pretty chilly and oh so windy but it was a lot of fun. They all played together and everyone really couldn’t stop smiling! It was just the perfect ending to the perfect day for them!

A few days later, my family and I were invited to their adoption celebration at The Mirabu Inn and Spa at Pinehills. Jack and Shayla are Ethan’s best friends. He couldn’t wait for their party! The venue was beautiful and there were so many people there celebrating this amazing adoption. This forever family is SO loved! Their speeches made me ( and everyone) cry, the kids had a blast and the pinata’ was a huge hit!

Jane, Rob, Jack and Shalya- I really can’t even express how much it means to me that you invited me to share this amazing time with you. We love you all from the bottom of our hearts and I will never forget these moments. Jack and Shayla, are so lucky to have parents like you! I can not wait to watch them grow and I am so happy to have you guys in our lives. xoxo.

Carlson Family Session | Cohasset, MA

Carlson Family Session | Cohasset, MA

You guys! This past fall was FULL of amazing family sessions and I’ve loved every single one of them! I am so happy to have met this beautiful family for their extended family session just before grandma and grandpa went back home to Florida! The day was a perfect fall day and the location was just outside of their family home in Cohasset, MA! The leaves were changing, the sun was just right and the colors were all so amazing!

These little guys were absolutely adorable! Twins- Kennedy and Connor were camera shy at first, but I worked some magic and they had a blast (and I had so much fun, laughing with them!) Their little cousin, Ava was a little ham!  There was a point where I asked Ava’s mom and dad to kiss, and Ava made the cutest kiss face! She had everyone laughing so hard and the photos of it are priceless! It was a great morning and I am so thankful that they chose me to capture these photos of them! It was important to them to have everyone there for this session and it worked out so perfectly! I asked a few questions about our session after it happened and I have included a few answers throughout the blog! Check it out! 🙂

Meredith, Bob, Kennedy, Connor, Kristen, Kevin, Ava, Linda and Steve- Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these memories for you! I loved getting to meet you all and I loved capturing the smiles and the laughter you all shared that day together! I can not wait to see you guys again soon! I hope everyone is enjoying these cold months on the ski slopes!!

Wha’s your favorite family activity?
Meredith: We love to play outside – riding bikes, going for walks, being active. In the winter, we go skiing almost every weekend, and go to the beach most weekends in the summer.

Kristen: Our lives are going a million miles an hour during the week with both Kevin and I trying to “do it all” (aka balance our careers and family) so we make sure to have fun weekend plans to look forward to as a family each weekend. Most winter weekends you’ll find us on the ski slopes
and during the summer you’ll find us at the Falmouth Road Race on our annual family beach vacation.

The night before this photoshoot we had a big family sleepover at the Carlson’s new home in Cohasset so Ava could spend time with her cousins, Connor and Kennedy, as well as Grandma and Grandpa who were visiting from the Florida Keys.

Who are the members of your family and tell me a quick fact about each person.

Bob: Went to Temple University – avid Temple sports fan

Meredith: Working mom, loves to travel to warm places when time allows

Kennedy: Loves to ride her bike, read books, sing songs and recently started to ask for pigtails

Connor: An active little guy who loves to play outside riding bikes, scooters and getting dirty

Linda (Grandma): Retired in the Florida Keys and loves to go boating

Steve (Grandpa): Retired in the Florida Keys and runs a liquor store when he’s not out on his boat

Ava: has recently transitioned to the Toddler room at school (and loves it!) and has just started swimming lessons on the weekends, which she also loves!

Kevin: is obsessed with all things skiing and is determined to get Ava on skis this winter

Kristen: works on Marketing Analytics at Dunkin’ Brands, despite leading her nieces and nephew to believe that she “makes the donuts” @kristenbfitz

 What props did you bring and why?
“The red wagon – the kids love to be pulled around in it!”

Tell me about your favorite parts of our session, or why you enjoyed the session….

“Stepping back and watching Ali take control of what could have been a stressful situation for my sister and brother-in- law, trying to get two 2 year olds to stand still, smile and pose for their family photo. Ali took the stress off of the parents and had plenty of tricks up her sleeve to get
those kiddos smiling because they wanted to, not because they were being told to.”

“We loved having some free time to enjoy outside with the whole family (including cousin Ava and Auntie Kristen (Meredith’s sister) and Uncle Kev (brother in law). The weather was perfect!”

 What are some words of wisdom you have for other families preparing for a family session?
“Don’t stress about how your kids may act or not act during your photoshoot. There will always be a way to crack a smile out of a little one and a perfectly posed photo that is forced is not nearly as meaningful as a photo of a kid who is smiling because they want to, posed or not

 Were you worried about any parts of the session beforehand? If so, what were the worries?
“Thankfully my sister took the responsibility of coordinating this last minute effort once we knew my Dad was going to be in town for the weekend, so I didn’t even have a chance to overthink or worry about anything ahead of time. But now knowing the experience I had, I would tell anyone that when you work with Ali, you have nothing to be worried about (and that’s coming from a worrier)!”