Hi, I’m Alex.

I grew up New Jersey, but now, Plymouth, MA is my home. I am a lifestyle photographer who absolutely loves her job and everything that comes with it. I appreciate the people I meet, the places I go and everything there is to learn about photography. I love all of the in between moments that no one would think to capture and the joy that is shared when my clients see their images for the first time.

I have a fun, relaxed and light style which shows through each of my images. Through the simple art of Ali B Photography, you will fall in love with a child, feel the softness of a kiss and experience the joy in a special day. I specialize in lifestyle and wedding photography. I shoot on location and I am willing to travel wherever.

Aside from Ali B Photography; I work full time as an Employment Specialist for a non-profit human services organization. The one thing I have always known I’d like to do with my life is to help people and I do that, everyday. I help individuals live independently in the community, provide a listening ear, and support them.

About the name

Ali B Photography: When I was little my close friends and family called me Ali. My mom passed away in 2002 and I wanted to represent her in my business some how. After thinking of several different names, this one stuck. Now, everyone calls me Alex so bringing Ali back is special to me.

On September 5, 2014 I became a mother to an adorable (if I do say so myself), very talkative, extremely busy little boy who amazes me each and every day. His name is Ethan, but to me, he’s ‘baby cakes’.  I am married to the most amazing man who supports each and every one of my dreams, who I am thankful for always. We were married on September 4, 2010 in Smithville New Jersey.

When I am not working you can find me with coffee in hand, dancing around the house with Ethan and following his every move…. and when that cup of coffee is done…I’ll have another. I love coffee.

Random facts…


1. I walked The Breast Cancer 3 Day in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2011 raising over $50k for Breast Cancer Research.

2. I still use a planner…..

3. I have a rather large collection of purses that have been replaced with a diaper bag.

4. I grew up as a ballet dancer. In high school I was in the color guard. After high school I performed with Apex Winter guard and then I became a ballroom dance teacher.

5. I taught my husband our wedding dance outside in the summer, in my dad’s  driveway… and it was awesome!

6. I’ve done some commercial photography for Motherhood with a Glass of Whine, This Organic Girl, and Baby’s Journey.

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