Henry is TWO!

Henry is TWO!

Can you believe it?! Our baby boy isn’t a baby anymore. He is a handsome little strong willed toddler that is so amazing in so many ways! Just like I was with Ethan, I am sad in a way that he is not a baby anymore but I am excited to see who he becomes. Everyday is so different- he says so many words and is so funny, each day we are surprised in one way or another with him. PJ and I always will say ” did you hear what he just said” “did you see that?!” He is so funny and pretty much everything he does just makes us laugh…. a lot! He is learning so much, he looks up to his best friend and brother Ethan and says new words and phrases daily. He knows all of the words to his favorite- The Wheels on the Bus and Baa Baa Black-sheep. He is starting to get the hang of the ABC’s and he can bust out the lyrics and moves to any song from the Greatest Showman and Moana. He is an amazing little boy who is so curious and always following Ethan around. We love him so much.

He makes the silliest faces and we cant get enough of them. He will squish his face together into this adorable little smile with his eyes closed- which we have named “Scrunch Face”, he will stick out his tongue and also do a really funny surprised face just to make you laugh. He expressed excitement with high energy screaming and chanting “yay, woohoo”!

He is a broad dude who weighs a whopping 30 lbs and he is wearing 2T/3T shirts and 2T pants. He loves to jump and throw himself down to the ground for fun! He will scream ” Cannonball” every time he does it. He loves to read books- his favorites are anything that has to do with trucks, and Goodnight Moon. He knows his colors and is starting to get the hang of counting! He started gymnastics in January and has been loving it! We go to the gym a lot a he loves that he gets to play there!

Henry loves trying new foods! He is a great eater ( for the most part) and his favorite foods are hummus and avocado! He knows a few words in sign language but he talks really well so he uses his voice more.

He is obsessed with his brother Ethan. I always say “ahh monkey see monkey do!!” He does whatever Ethan does! They have their moments where they fight a little but most of the time they are best friends and play together so nicely! It’s makes me so happy.

He rarely sits down unless Elmo, Super Wings, or Boss Baby is on the TV. If you ask him what his name is he will tell you “Boss Baby” and he will say it proudly! It’s true…. he really is a boss baby. He made his first build a bear for his birthday and that is something he loves to cuddle with at night when going to bed. He will say ” Ethie go night night? dada go night night? mama go night night?” Every time he goes down for a nap and/or bedtime just to be sure he isn’t missing anything!

I could go on and on and on about him (and his brother). Everyday he does something hilarious and says something new. As hard as tantrums are, he is still so fun to be around and I forgot that this age is really neat to watch as they learn and explore all around them. He is so interested in using the potty and has filled up a sticker chart with 50 spaces for using the potty! He is still in diapers but that is a big milestone for having the interest and actually trying. He will tell me “I go pee pee on potty!” and he will go and get the stool to do it.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Its’ a collection of images I took specifically for his 2nd birthday. He got his first hair cut the day before, and then we went outside where I followed him around catching his personality on camera for a few minutes. I started creating Family Year Books starting with 2014 and while I am still working on them to be caught up by the end of the year, I am excited to have nice photos of him to add to our 2019 book.

First hair cut- 4/4/19
We moved into our house 1 year ago today and we celebrate Henry’s birthday! 4/5/17

Snow Day in New Hampshire

Snow Day in New Hampshire

In my latest post, #Printyourphotos I talked about creating a family year book for each year starting with 2014 since that is when Ethan was born. We have always wanted to do this project so we have memories for the kids when they get older and even now, it is fun to look back at the years with them and see how much they have changed!

In this post I am sharing a few of the photos that I started to take for 2019. It is going to be snowing later today into tomorrow, so I figured the best post to start with is a snow day post!

Friends of ours came to visit from New Jersey at the end on January. We had so much fun together and the kids were so amazing. They loved having eachother to play with and they got to do so many fun things. The day it was calling for snow, we had tickets to go to see Disney on Ice. We surprised the kiddos with matching Mickey T-Shirts ( Thanks, Target) and m&ms to have as a special treat. Everyone was so excited to see the show ( I was probably the most excited! 🙂

The snow started once the show ended and the kids loved to watch it out the window. While we stayed inside that night, we went out the next day to play! Ethan and his buddy, Declan loved playing in the snow. They had sled rides and made snow angels, they even went “slide sledding” from the playground. Henry on the other had was not a fan of the snow but he was a trooper and stayed out side with everyone. He tried to take a ride in the sled but that did not last very long. Let me just tell you…. and if you are a parent, you understand… it takes about 45 minutes to get ready to go play in the snow…. and you are outside for about 10-20mins tops. But its worth it. The kids love it so much!

If you are getting snow, be safe, be warm and have fun! Take out your camera and snap a few memories of your kiddos during this time! You will love to look back at them!

Dana Farber & The Jimmy Fund | Mini Golf Fundraiser | Golf Country, Middleton, MA

Dana Farber & The Jimmy Fund | Mini Golf Fundraiser | Golf Country, Middleton, MA

Happy Monday, Friends! Do you have a super hero favorite?! On Wednesday last week, my family and I attended a SUPER fundraiser at Golf World in Middleton, MA. Over 200 people attended this event and raised thousands of dollars for the Dana Farber Cancer Institue/ The Jimmy Fund! This fundraiser is something that the Ninety Nine Restaurant hosts annually and it was so much fun to be apart of the event, capturing the heroes having fun! Each team had their own team name and were dressed in their best! I loved getting to see how creative the teams were with their outfit choices! One team dressed as Spider man, The Hulk, Superman and Wonder Woman. Well, Ethan is obsessed with Spider Man these days and he really thought this team had the real Spider Man on it! He chased ‘spidey’ down a good bit during the day and I loved seeing how excited her got every time he went near him! They won the best dressed award of the day and I have to agree with the judges on that one.. they looked awesome!

We love being apart of Team Lanzoni! It is amazing to see the final amount raised when the team completes their yearly fundraising at the Falmouth Road Race in August! Their efforts in raising money for cancer research is inspiring! PJ runs in the road race each year and works so hard running fundraisers and also, reaching out for donations on his Jimmy Fund page. We are so proud of all the hard work that gets put into hosting events like this and are thankful to be apart of something so amazing!

We were at the event all day, we got to enjoy meeting new people, seeing many we have already met, we walked around the farm area and saw the animals, and got ice cream! I was taking photos while wearing Henry most of the time and Ethan had so much fun golfing for the first time! We are so excited to have the weekend in Falmouth this coming August to cheer on all the runners and celebrate this amazing team! They all really are so amazing!

A little bit about Team Lanzoni…..

“Since its founding in 1948, the Jimmy Fund has supported the fight against cancer in children and adults at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, helping to raise the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world. In 2006, the Ninety Nine lost David Lanzoni to a courageous battle with cancer. He was a friend, a mentor and a colleague. Shortly after he passed, one of our Operations Directors ran the Falmouth Road Race in David’s memory. With this effort, he raised $5,000 for the Jimmy Fund and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. From there, Team Lanzoni was born. Team Lanzoni (https://www.facebook.com/Team-Lanzoni-195301487166598/timeline/) quickly gained enthusiasm at the Ninety Nine, and grew from a one-person team to an organization with dozens of members in two short years. Now, Team Lanzoni is a company-wide initiative. Fund raising efforts have expanded beyond The Falmouth Road Race to The Pan Mass Challenge, mini-golf tournaments, bake sales, opportunity drawings and more, with all proceeds benefiting The Jimmy Fund and The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. In 2017, Team Lanzoni and the Ninety Nine Restaurants raised over $530,000 with the help and generosity of Ninety Nine’s caring guests. That’s over $3.5 million in the last nine years!” – The Ninety Nine Restaurant

How You Can Help…

Throughout the year The 99 Restaurants host many kinds of fundraisers, this mini golf fundraiser being one of them. You can stop in to your local 99 and donate or click HERE to help support PJ in his Falmouth Road Race fundraising goal of $2000! See below for an Opportunity Drawing Raffle! 

Here are a few images from Mini Golf I wanted to share with you! xoxo



Henry’s First Year | New England Photographer

Henry’s First Year | New England Photographer

Well, it’s been a few weeks since we have moved in to our new home in New Hampshire and I am starting to call myself a New England photographer since I am now able to expand my services and travel all around New England!! This is so exciting!! As I am sure you’re aware, we moved into our new home on Henry’s 1st birthday! I can not believe we have 2 kiddos and our baby just turned 1! It’s mind boggling to me! It’s so true what they say! The days are long but the years are short! That year FLEW by!

I have the mom guilt of not getting to blog about him each month! I don’t know how parents with 3+ kids do it! My hands and my heart were and still are so full, I just couldn’t keep up with blogging each month like I wish it did.

I took monthly photos which was believe it or not, really hard to do but I did them and I am so happy I did! It is amazing to see the different in him each month! Now, at 1 year old every morning he looks so different and he is so big! He is currently in size 18mo clothing! I just can’t believe it! Here are his monthly photos below:

I recently purchased a Childhood History Journal by Promptly Journals which covers birth- 18 years old. Each boy has their own childhood history book and I am just in love with it. I was able to go back and document memories and I will be updating their journals for years to come! I guess that is my “wish i got to blog” task that I was able to fulfill


  • leaving the hospital as a family of 4 and feeling like it’s the best thing in the world!
  • Always sleeping with his hand behind his ear/ having his hands near his ears
  • getting as many snuggles as I could in while Ethan was at day care for the first 2 weeks I was home on maternity leave.
  • being able to sit down, walk around and hold him standing up the next day after having him which were things I couldn’t do after having Ethan.
  • Sleeping on the couch with Henry in his rock and play next to me for the first 3 weeks since he wasn’t sure what the difference between night and day was just yet.
  • waking up in the middle of the night STARVING and enjoying all the grapes in the world and cheerios between Henry’s feedings
  • Ethan helping to make Henry laugh if he cried, and helping with anything he could- he was a great diaper thrower outer ( is that a thing??)
  • Getting to have several visits from his cousin Quinn and Aunt Becca! Their size difference is amazing and Quinn is just a few months older!
  • going to his first moms club social on a beautiful spring day at Forges Field with lots of big kids and one little baby a week older than him from out centering class. Just sleeping the play date away in their strollers #livingthelife
  • Attending PFN and other Play Groups in the area with his big bro! Always the baby of the group 🙂
  • Being a nursing champ for 11 months up until he became too distracted and I wasn’t producing all that he needs. ( baby’s gotta eat!)
  • Starting to Army Crawl at 6 months!
  • Meeting all our friends and Family all throughout the year
  • realizing his love of Dogs! ( We are on the hunt for one…. any suggestions??)
  • Visiting the Zoo a few times!
  • Walking downtown Plymouth was a family favorite
  • The Ollie Swaddle was the BEST swaddle out there! He slept all night from 3 weeks-4 months
  • Rolling over with Quinn in our sunroom and loving it!
  • Always watching Ethan’s every move and wanting to do whatever it was he was doing at the time!
  • Visiting the Boston Children’s Museum a few times- once with Tia Laura and Auggie and the Science Museum with our cousins the Dutka family
  • Figuring out how to hold the phone to his ear
  • finding his feet
  • always taking a hat off if you put one on him!
  • his first word- mama! but dada and knowing who that was. mama he just said a few times before understanding that was me!
  • calling Ethan DADA
  • Loving the way he smells- before all the dirty diapers….
  • his cheeks! His cheeks still look like one of his ultrasound photos from 34 weeks and i love munching them!
  • baby rolls!
  • always wanting to hold something, and play- loves to play!
  • No interest in watching TV at all
  • Henry has the best dance moves and LOVES all of our dance parties!
  • sitting up tall around 9 months!
  • Having great head control early on and loving tummy time
  • rocking him to sleep and getting a few extra snuggles in while sleeping since he doesn’t stop moving during the day!
  • crawling the “right way” around 11  months!
  • Pulling to standing and climbing steps, furniture walking, and pushing things around with one hand to walk/crawl.
  • having cake for the first time for his birthday!
  • loves bring outside
  • The way he looks at you as you walk into his room first thing in the morning or after a nap! The biggest smile on his face- and the jumping when he gets excited! The best greeting in the AM!
  • trips to the beach during the summer and snoozing in the tent we had set up on the sand. Loving the shade
  • coming to a few photos shoots with me and being a great assistant who slept in the carrier each time!
  • wearing a few different outfits that I love so much- “Did we just become best friends, YUP!” “New to the Crew” and matching his outfits with Ethan at times! Gah so cute!!
  • His first Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • Getting baptized on October 1, 2017 at St. Peter’s Parish in Plymouth, MA. Aunt Becca is his Godmother and Uncle Jesse is his Godfather
  • Henry went to his first carnival at PCIS and watched Ethan go on some rides
  • He got to cheer dada on at the Falmouth Road Race and can’t wait to do it again!
  • He also cheered his dad on at the Philadelphia Marathon!
  • Visited Philly, and NJ for the first time in November!
  • working with a new born baby on my lap in the first few months, before he was mobile.
  • Giving my notice at work on July 1 that I would not be going back… this was so hard for me but I am so lucky to get to stay home with my kiddos and be a bossmom!
  • the sounds he made when he was an infant! Ohhh those baby sounds!!!
  • getting to have a cake smash session with Fredriksen Photography for his 1 year photo shoot!



  • Fans! When you turn on a fan, he loves just looking up while its spinning. Once he was able to hold himself up strong, he reaches up for it to try to spin himself.
  • He loved being swaddled up until he couldn’t fit in it anymore around 4 months old. The Ollie Swaddle is THE BEST swaddle there is! Highly Recommend it!
  • Being tickled! He will laugh and laugh and laugh and its the cutest giggle you ever heard!
  • Tubs! He loves splashing in the tub!
  • Anyhting Ethan has….. just ask Ethan….
  • Food. He has always loved his milk, but when it was time to try baby food and solids, he was all for it! He so far has loved everything he’s ever tried!!!! It’s amazing! Ethan is not like this at all with food!
  • Throwing and catching and chasing a ball!
  • Cars- he loves pushing cars around the house
  • DOGS! We need one. He LOVES “Dog Dogs”
  • When he couldn’t crawl, he loved facing outward when being held- we call this “front packing”
  • up until about 9 months, he loved the binky… at 9 months he wanted nothing to do with it.
  • Balloons. he thinks they are so cool!
  • Playing “catch me if you can” with us!
  • repeating what you do- sounds and gestures!
  • tubby time!
  • swinging on his new swing set and any swings at the park!
  • his blue car and walks
  • During the first few months, he loved being held and sleeping on his belly on our chest


Since these photos cover the entire year, their order is not 100% correct…. There were SO many photos, like always, it was hard to choose what ones to share! I just can not believe that he is 1. It FLEW by!

I brought my camera to the hospital and captured my own Fresh 48 photos of Henry. As much as I didn’t want myself in the hospital photos, apart of me did… I was on a lot of IV fluids and I was completely swollen- it’s crazy how different I looked! I was in a few photos from an iphone, but none from my fresh 48 session. Just look at his little (Big) Cheeks!!

My babies! The day Ethan met Henry at the Hospital ( almost 14 hours old).

Meeting his little brother!

Newborn Lifestyle session with Bree Hester at home. Henry is 1 week old here.

While Ethan got to cheer PJ on at the Boston Marathon 2017, Me and Henry met them after the race for dinner in Somerville, MA. Henry is 2 weeks old. || The Boncek Brothers First Touch A Truck!

Baby snuggles and Meeting his friend Avery!

Meeting RARA for the first time and waiting for his BFF to be born!

Snuggles from Ethan just MELT my heart!

This is how I would get some work done in those early weeks after bringing him home! Both of us were exhausted.

Mothers Day 2017- First trip to the Boston Aquarium! Loved this day so much!

April was a great time to have a baby! The weather into Spring then Summer was so nice we were outside all the time! Enjoying the view here!

For both pregnancies, PJ and I attended a Centering Group with my OB office. We were placed in a group with other couples all due around the same time. These are the centering babies!

Meeting Quinnie and Aunt Becca! Loved having them visit a few times last year!

Henry’s first walk with Centering Buddies at the Cape Cod Canal….. I am no lie…. 7 days PP…… That was tough!


1 week doctor appointment vs. 3 months.

Trying to be like Henry. 3 month doctor appointment

RaRa’s baby shower || Meeting cousins and Uncle John on Fathers Day!


First Zoo Trip

This was so special! I happen to be an over producer of milk…. so much so that we ran out of freezer space within the first 2 months! I joined Human Milk for Human Babies and found 2 moms who were in search of milk. We donated 387.5oz of milk to two babies!! I just had to take a photo before they were picked up!

I love sleeping cuddles and oh man the stretches!!!!!!!

After 6 months I gave up on the chalkboard and teddy bear with sticker milestone photos and stuck with the letter board. It was too hard to do it all! E was always a great helper!

Meeting his best friend, Baby Matthew at the hospital! 3 months apart!

Ethan on the far left. Henry in Ethan’s sit me up! || The right photo is at Henry’s 1 year doctor appointment!

Meeting his cousin Victoria

Meeting his cousin Gabby!

Falmouth Road Race Weekend!

Meeting Aunt Dani, Kevin and my dad ( Dzijek)


I cant with this picture! @ Craft Beer Cellar Plymouth

Ethan’s 3rd Birthday- Paw Patrol!

Celebrating Ethan’s 3rd Birthday!

That birth mark though!

Meeting our NJ Cousins!

Visiting the Boston Science Museum

Henry’s Baptism 10/1/17

Philadelphia Marathon 2017

Meeting my best friend Angie and her daughters, Sammy and Emily!

We went to the art museum for our holiday photos and here I am with Henry in the area where PJ proposed. We love the art museum area! It’s so pretty there! Check out our holiday session in Philly here!

Meeting more NJ Family during Thanksgiving!

Henry meeting his buddy, Everett! They both walked/ran in their first 5K turkey trot on their first thanksgiving day!

The Turkey Trot Team!

That photo he is holding is me with my older sister Danielle!

We do a photo of this each year too with the kids. Henry got to be in it with E and Charleigh!

NJ Cousins

Family photos on Thanksgiving in the usual spot out front of my Aunts House!

NJ Cousins with their matching Pajamas

Meeting Santa the day after Thanksgiving at Johnson’s Farm in Medford, NJ

picking out our Christmas Tree!

First ride in the Home Depot Police Cart and watching his first snow fall!

My first Self Portrait I took of us having a dance party in the dance party room with boxes all around as we were preparing to move out of our first home. I love this photo. We love our dance parties!

More dance parties

Always getting into things, but look at that smile!

want to cherish these moments forever! During the day he is a big squirmy mess who wants to go all over the place. Bed time is always a special time because he lets me hold him like a baby

Loves mirrors!

The blue car is a fav. thing. || He’s also just chilling eating his first grilled cheese at a restaurant!

Loves to help me clean!

always trying to steal my coffee!

Loves being outside!

These little fingers! I am always so fascinated on how he uses his hands! so cute!

Bowling for my birthday and hugs from Henry!

Sometimes I would find him playing like this when I had to do something else where 2 hands were required! and the kisses! Gah I love him.

Happy New Year! LOL Not looking very happy!

I went to a photography workshop in NY back in March and this was the day I got home. Happy to see me, and me happy to see them!

He loved looking out the door at our old house, and he loves holding the bag to pirates booty!

These photos are amazing. I just LOVE them! Photos by Fredriksen Photography / Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

@Fredriksen Photography || Boston Portrait Company

Happy 1st Birthday Henry Andrew! Our hearts are full and we couldn’t imagine our lives without you! xoxoxo

Thompson Photography Group | Style Shoot Favorites | Delhi, NY

Thompson Photography Group | Style Shoot Favorites | Delhi, NY

Happy FRIYAY!!!!! I have lots of goals for this year and I am excited to share this post with you! One goal is to network more, attend workshops and photograph a styled shoot! (Is that one goal….or three goals??) For years I have watched my favorite photographers share their styled shoot images online and while I always wanted to share something like that, I never was able to find the time to do it. In March, I attended my first ever Photography Workshop and Styled Shoot with Thompson Photography!! I arrived late the night before, stayed over in an estate with about 7 other photographers, woke up to an amazing view of the mountains with my coffee in hand having lovely conversations with ladies who share the same passion as I do! The entire weekend was incredible and I am so thankful I was able to attend!! Cassidy, owner of Thompson Photography Group ran the workshop and I just can’t explain how amazing she is! I met her on Facebook about a year ago and she’s been a mentor to me since. I loved getting to spend the weekend with “The Real” Thompson Photography Group and I am so excited to share with you just some of the images I captured during this weekend. Grab your coffee, put your feet up and check out this gorgeousness!

Hosted by: thompsonphotographygroup
Venue: Stonewall Estate
Florals: melarosafloraldesigns
Video: keymomentfilms
Invitations: House of Catherine
Party Rentals: smithpartyrentals
Dress: Lyra Vega Bridal
Dress Lily Saratoga
Shoes: Kate Whitcomb
Vintage Rentals: Orange Blossoms Floral and Event Styling
Cake: Hope Knapp
Makeup LMN Skin & Brows
Hair: kirstinn_h



10 things we LOVED and HATED about selling our home | New England Photographer

10 things we LOVED and HATED about selling our home | New England Photographer

PJ accepted a new position with his job this past fall which meant it was time for a change, a change that involved a pretty big move! For YEARS PJ has been working North of Boston and has dealt with the Boston traffic everyday. With this move, we knew that his commute would be better, I would be able to continue working on the Cape and South Shore with my Ali B Weddings and Families and just everything about our life would be better as long as we were all together. While we LOVE Plymouth so much and we have many friends and family there, we hope to have visitors and we hope we can get back there a lot to see them too! The process of buying and selling a home is like a second job! When we bought our first home we were moving from an apartment. This process was very different and scary at times! There are so many mixed feelings I felt throughout this whole process! We learned a lot and I think my mixed feelings are going to be with me for a bit…however I am pretty excited to slowly  decorate our new home and share a few of my favorite things with you!

10 Things we HATED 


  •   A spotless home: Seriously… imagine your life with 2 kids, one infant and one toddler. Now, imagine being home with them during the week, while your husband is already working in New Hampshire 2 hours away, and we get notified that people wanted to come and look at the house the night before… and the time always had to revolve around nap time! It got old, pretty fast. I was up late cleaning the night before, putting things away, making sure the house was as presentable as I could for potential buyers to come walk around for 15 minutes or so. If I didn’t get to clean up the night before, I was scrambling around in the morning
  • Listening to the feedback from buyers: There are a few things with our home that we have zero control over. One big thing we had to hear was “Oh, the power lines are just way too close”. The power lines never bothered us, and there was nothing we could do about that..
  • No Shows: We had a few showings scheduled for smack dab in the afternoon. So, I got the house ready, I got the kids ready, got myself ready… that took a few hours! We would get out of the house and if they didn’t car nap, we were most likely mall walking… Then a few hours later we would get home to realize that NO ONE showed up. It was pretty infuriating when this happened, but the kids liked being out. ( Trying to spin that into a positive thing…)
  • Losing things: Sometimes there would be a few loose items laying around and If I had to get the kids in the car, fast, I would shove things in a drawer then forget about it….. #reallife
  • Early Showings- and by this I mean we would have realtors arrive at the door an hour sometimes an hour and a half early! Henry would be napping in his crib and I would be doing last minute touches. Many times I had to turn the potential buyers away because my baby was sleeping. When this happened about 75% of the time, they never rescheduled to come back and see it
  • Waiting in the car- This was so tedious. If a showing was at 1pm. I would have to plan to be out of the house by Henry’s first nap around 10am because he would wake up around noon and to get 2 kids out of the house, on time incase they came early was really hard on me, so we would leave for the nap, he’d fall asleep- I would drive around listening to podcasts for 2 hours. Then Ethan would nap. By the time they both woke up from their car naps at different times, it was time to go back home
  • Constantly being asked if we sold the house: It was really nice that everyone wanted to know if we sold the house, but it was hard to continuously share that there was no movement on it yet, and that the time of the year for selling was pretty bad..
  • SNACKS: I am not kidding. Every time we got in the car to start the car nap experience, Ethan was screaming for a snack…
  • Packing the car for a full day: Yes, I had to pack the car as if we were not going to be home all day because as I mentioned the naps were always in the car and they were way before or even after the showing time. It was really hard to judge that and with people arriving early, I just started leaving once we all woke up, and we’d drive around, go do an activity that mostly involved mall walking since it was winter out and way too cold to play outside. I had bags and bags and bags of things that I know my kids would need… Toward the end of the showings I started packing a backpack with my ” portable office” and discovered stealing internet from Starbucks and working on my laptop was the only way to get some work done during the day
  • Second guessing EVERYTHING: Is it the kitchen cabinet color? The bathroom wall paper since we didn’t get around to re-doing them, the size of the bed rooms? Maybe we need to get rid of some photos, decor… maybe they didn’t like the neutral grey walls we picked and pained ourselves…It got confusing and we didn’t know if we were doing something wrong, but we made it through and the buyers liked what they saw and they wrote us a letter all about themselves which I loved! 🙂

10 things we LOVED

  • Time to plan- We knew the house was going to be going up for Sale towards the end of September. It wasn’t exactly official until mid October and just before it went up for sale, we purchased a dumpster and completely filled that thing! It’s crazy how much STUFF you accumulate after all the years of being somewhere! CRAZY! We completely filled it up and then were able to plan what things would be out of sight for the home photos ( that yours truly took!) and what didn’t need to be seen for the showings that were going to happen. We would have about 1-2 days notice for a showing which was helpful for me to make sure the house was presentable and to know what time I would need to leave with the kids to base it around their naps.
  • Living in perfection- I say thing because we went to New Jersey for Thanksgiving and we were gone for a week. In that week there were 2 showings. Before we left we made sure the house was clean and looked nice. When we arrived home it felt AMAZING that the whole place was clean! It felt like that each time we came home from being out after a showing. Not having everything around/ getting rid of a lot really makes you feel good!
  • Spending 2 weekends in NH- We went to NH twice to see houses. The first time was in October and the second time was in March! Getting to come and look at different houses was nice. We had the kids with us each time and they think hotels are the coolest thing! We got to go swimming and and enjoyed being together for a full weekend.
  • Fresh Flowers- When PJ brings Ethan to the grocery store, they always come home with fresh flowers to surprise me with! The best is when Ethan picks out the flowers that are in an actual flower pot that should be planted in to the ground, but I would always put them on the kitchen table! It made the house feel nice.
  • Hearing that a few buyers thought i kept the house clean with 2 kids- This was a HUGE compliment. I know many people have more than 2 kids, but really….anyone that has kids (plus owns their own business), keeping a clean house is dang hard! It was nice to hear that they appreciated that even if I went to bed past midnight every night!
  • Our Sweet Friends- We had so many friends text us daily checking in on the process and always making sure we were okay. They offered to take Ethan out, have both kids at their house and just wanted to be apart of it. We are so thankful for them and we are so blessed to have so many amazing friends in our lives!
  • Our Kitchen- For the last 5 years our kitchen cabinets were a pretty dark brown color. We decided to paint them white in November as we were not sure if that was something that was stopping potential buyers. We painted them white and we wished we did that years ago! It made the kitchen so much better!
  • Minimizing and organizing- Now, I didn’t really LOVE this in the moment, BUT growing up, my mom collected a lot of things to which I feel that I am not as bad as she was with that, I still have a LOT of stuff, but I knew that having so much stuff, it just needed to go- I listened to minimalist pod casts and follow a few minimalist groups on Facebook and really worked (and stressed) on getting rid of things I didn’t use/didn’t have a purpose. I went on Pinterest and looked at ways to organize a few items- specifically the linen closet items that tend to over flow! At the end we had over 1150 lbs of trash that PJ brought to the dump and I donated about 20 bags between friends and to Savers! It felt good to release all that stuff from me and it’s weird to say how much “lighter” you feel.
  • Neighborhood Walks- When we would get overwhelmed and if the weather was semi warm, we would walk around our neighborhood or go downtown.
  • Self Portraits- This year I decided I wanted to be in front of the camera more- knowing that we were not going to be in our first home much longer, I made it a point to get out the camera more, capture moments of us all together in our home that we brought our babies home to, just doing some of our favorite things.

When all is said and done, I know that the struggles of selling a house are much like first world problems. Yes, life is stressful and this fall/winter/spring hasn’t been the most peaceful seasons however I am very aware that we are so blessed to even sell a house. This house was our first home. The home  I labored in for 2 pregnancies, the home we brought our babies home to…. The home we hosted EVERY Christmas Eve, Fathers Day and Birthdays for the last 4 years! It was a home made for hosting and we loved getting everyone together each time we could! I remember Ethan’s first birthday party out in the back yard…. I think 100 people showed up! It was like a wedding with the amount of people we had there celebrating him! It was amazing. We hosted our NJ family there when they came to visit, and with kids, the memories of Christmas morning are so special to look back on. It’s bittersweet. We are so blessed.

This was the room we always had dance parties in. We had a dance party EVERYDAY! We didn’t let the boxes get in our way of dancing. Since our last dance parties in this room were coming to an end. I decided to take my FIRST self portrait! I just love how this came out!


We moved to New Hampshire ( New Hamster in Ethan’s words) on Henry’s 1st Birthday! We have been so busy that I feel like I didn’t really get to process our move until right now while writing this! Ethan will talk about neighbors and friends we lived close to in Plymouth, and thats when I feel most sad. BUT  we will be back a lot and I hope that we get to see our friends as often as we can!

Closing on both houses on Henry’s Birthday- April 5, 2018 was really exciting! I loved getting to share with you the day on Insta Stories and I hope you enjoyed watching! Our home in New Hampshire is coming along- We are excited to get a few new things to decorate and as I type this post in my new office, I am just so excited to have a place to call my own and I can not wait to decorate it! It’s a great size and I can even use 1/2 of it as a studio for practice with my kiddos which is exciting! We love our neighborhood and have already met a few new neighbors this week! We are looking forward to making new memories in our new home and we can not wait to have visitors!