Boston Sea Port Engagement Session | Gina + Kevin

Boston Sea Port Engagement Session | Gina + Kevin

I met Gina and Kevin in the summer when Gina’s sister Jen got married at  Mill Falls. I had so much fun at Jen and Jason’s wedding, when Gina contacted me I was so excited, I knew I was going to love them for their engagement session and I know their wedding is going to be a blast! Guess what….? I was right…I love them.

Gina and Kevin’s engagement session was around the Boston Sea Port. What a perfect location! We were able to have several different backgrounds since there are so many awesome places for photos in this area. I found out that this area has a special meaning to them as they met at a bar not too far from where we were!

Charley. their fur baby attended the shoot for the last half hour! She is such a beautiful pup and I was so happy they brought her with them! You can see the love that is shared between all 3 of them during this shoot and I am so thrilled I was able to capture it all.

Gina, Kevin and Charley, Thank you so much for choosing me to capture these moments. I had so much fun seeing to guys again and getting to meet Charley. I am sad I will not see you guys again until August! I hope you love your photos and I hope you enjoy looking at a few of my favorites from our session together. xoxo.

A huge shout out to Beabout Exposure as they were there during this session documenting behind the scenes video for us! I even did a little interview after their session and I can not wait to share the final product! If you are looking for a videographer, contact them!! Philip and Brittney are awesome!

Gina’s Dress: Nordstrom | Gina’s Sweater: Free People

Amylee & Greg Engagement Session | Chiltonville, MA

Amylee & Greg Engagement Session | Chiltonville, MA

You know how good it feels when you can be around someone who just makes you feel like 100% yourself?? It’s such a good feeling and that is exactly how I felt around Amylee and Greg! These two were so laid back and just so fun to be around! Our whole session was just filled with laughter and I loved every second of it! The best is that I got a text a few hours after our session from Amylee telling me her abs hurt from laughing so much!!

Amylee and Greg have been together for 10 years after meeting at work in Kingston, MA. Greg proposed to Amylee last December in Downtown Plymouth just after enjoying a nice dinner at Strega! When we were together I suggested they go back to Strega since they were all dressed up and looking amazing! 🙂 I just love it when my couples have their engagement session and make a date out of it.

They chose to have their session at Chiltonville and I have to say I just love this location for fall sessions! The light is just so nice in the open field that I love to use and the dirt road with wooden fence just adds something to the images. This was my second time shooting in this location just a few weeks apart. The colors on the tree’s have started to fall,but I still loved everything about this location!

Amylee and Greg, I had the best time with you guys! I can not wait until your wedding day next year! Enjoy my favorites from your session! xoxo.



Backyard Engagement Session | Mashpee, MA

Backyard Engagement Session | Mashpee, MA

One of the things I love about photography is that two shoots, are never the same and Devon and JJ’s engagement session was no exception! I started my business on the cape and since moving to NH this past April, I have been traveling to the South Shore and Cape Cod area’s a ton! Their session location was in their family’s backyard in Mashpee, MA and many of these photos, they dont resemble a backyard session at all! The colors on the trees this time of year are amazing, the view out to the water from the backyard was breathtaking and when you add these two in the frame, it’s even more breathtaking!

The New England weather has been a bit all over the place this fall and we had to reschedule their first session due to rain. This day, it was pouring in NH and when I checked the weather for the Cape, it was clear! So we kept it as scheduled and my goodness it was so much fun! They were just so amazing and fun to talk to, they listened to everything I had to say… ( and I say A LOT!) and their smiles were just contagious! I got to meet JJ’s mom who was there capturing some behind the scenes photos on her camera which was great! She was an awesome assistant when I was shooting some ring shots! 🙂

Devon and JJ Thank you so much for inviting me to your family Cape Cod home! The location was perfect for your session and I am so honored to have captured these special  moments with you. I can not wait to see you both again for your Plimoth Plantation wedding next summer!! Here are some of my favorite photos from our session together! As I mentioned at the session, it was definitely hard choosing these as there are so many I just love! xoxo.


Samantha and Buddy // Engagement Session | Ahern State Park, Laconia, NH

Samantha and Buddy // Engagement Session | Ahern State Park, Laconia, NH

I just loved everything about these two! Samantha and Buddy! From the  first email we shared I knew these guys were awesome and I could not wait to meet them in person ( because the first time we met was actually on Face time!)

When I asked Samantha how the two of them met, I just loved her answer! She said, “Buddy and I met while he was working as a bouncer at a bar I would go to with my friends. He kept telling me that I couldn’t dance with a drink in my hand but I took that as a hint that he must be hitting on me! I tried giving him my number but couldn’t really remember it after a few too many cocktails. Thankfully one of my friends helped me out. I didn’t hear from him for a while but I was planning on moving to Colorado later in the Fall anyways. Two weeks before I was supposed to move I was at that same bar and he came up and talked to me. I told him if my plans and he said, “we have to get a coffee. “ I actually didn’t even drink coffee at the time but said yes anyways! We ended up going out for dinner that Monday and by Wednesday, I told my family I wasn’t moving to Colorado. That was October 2012 and I still believe it was one of my best ( and most rash) decisions of my life.” How sweet is that?! And here they are, planning their July 2019 wedding day!

Samantha and Buddy chose a very special place to them for their engagement session, Ahern State Park. I had never been there but I was excited to see new area’s of NH since It’s really only been 6 months since we moved here. We arrived at a small beach that overlooked this amazing mountain view and Lake Winnisquam. My jaw dropped! It was amazing! I asked them if there was any way to get across to a small rock landing that was visible from the beach to get this crazy awesome wide shot of the view. They said, “thats exactly where we are going.” So we started a small hike, she in heel boots and Buddy in nice dress shoes. (my shoes were not that nice!) but we did it and everyone shoes stayed clean. 🙂 So, anyway, keep reading…. this is the reason why their session location was so special.

When I asked Samantha about their engagement, she said, “we got engaged the Friday of Memorial Day weekend this year! It was the first nice day of Spring and I had the day off from work. buddy decided he wanted to take a half day off too so we could go out for a nice lunch. The night before I was trying to think of places to go but he said he already had reservations at a place that was a secret. I thought it was weird that we needed to make reservations on a Friday afternoon at 2:30pm for lunch but I rolled with it. He came home from work and his hands were so clammy so I thought he definitely had something special going on! He started driving us to the other side of town and as we would pass a restaurant I kept wondering where we were going. Finally he turned onto the dirt road towards Ahern State Park in Laconia. Which happens to be the wooded trails behind my parents house on Lake Winnisquam that I would walk with my Dad and the dogs when I was younger. He walked me up to the point over looking the lake and he had a beautiful picnic with music, Champagne and food from one of our favorite restaurants. He immediately got down on one knee and pooped the question. I think he was too nervous to wait another second!”

This is the exact area ( and in some, the exact spot) he proposed! I just love everything about how special this is and I hope that their images always put a smile on their face when looking at them and remembering back to not just our session together, but that amazing day when “she said Yes!” Buddy and Samantha, I said it when I saw you, and I will say it again, THANK YOU. Thank you for bringing me to this spot! It is so amazing and it was the perfect place to have your engagement session. I can not wait to see you guys again for your wedding day! Here are just a few of my favorites…. and by a few…I mean like… a lot. xo.