Humble Warrior Power Yoga Studio | Manchester, NH

Humble Warrior Power Yoga Studio | Manchester, NH

Way back in June, I had the pleasure of photographing a local NH business, Humble Warrior Power Yoga Studio in Manchester, NH. Our session was the day before they opened their doors for the first time and the vibe inside of their studio was just so exciting yet so humbling! Each of the warrior teachers where there showing their talents and planning for the next day. The building is absolutely beautiful and the studio space is amazing with exposed brick, large windows and beautiful floors! I loved getting to see the space before their opening day and I am so excited to get to take classes with them. I have had a busy busy season over here, but once my sessions and editing lessen, I will be there to take some classes.

I asked owner, Genevieve Hoellrich a few questions about their studio which I have included in this blog below. You can check out their website here, and go visit their studio to take a class and see how beautiful it is! Here is their CLASS SCHEDULE.

At what point in your teaching career did you decide – I want to open a yoga studio?

Opening a yoga studio has always been a dream but it was not until I met Talitha it became possible. We had the same vision and dreams and the family and friends who supported us in the lead of faith to pursue our dreams.

What was your biggest fear or limiting belief during the process?

There was so many… No-one will come to class, will we be able to pay for it. Who is going to teach and so many more, BUT with the support of the most amazing partner the fears quickly turned away and we just kept moving forward and conquering our fears.

What were the steps you took in order to open a yoga studio?

We found the space, then from there we had a vision of what we wanted , the look, the heat. We found vendors who would help us and it went from there. Lots and lots of work and patience .

What resources did you find helpful during the process?

family, friends, each other and the support of our amazing instructors

How did you decide upon the name?

This was all Talitha!

What’s your number one piece of advice for future yoga studio owners?

Some days it may be hard but it is the biggest gift, to help others ands your dream come true

What’s the most difficult situation you run into on a consistent basis?

Not to many yet.. they may come lol

How did you decide upon your class offerings, type of teachers you’d employ, and the overall vibe of the studio?

we had a vision of what we wanted and we knew some amazing teachers and from there it blossomed. We want teachers to feel 100% authentic to themselves and teach from there heart. This is creating unique, powerful classes.

And lastly – Why did you start practicing yoga in the first place? And how and why did you become a yoga teacher?

I was in a deep dark place and I needed something. 14 years ago I went to my first hot yoga class and was hooked from there. So much has happened in my life but what has stayed true is my yoga practice. After a long time practicing my dad said it was his wish for me to share my passion. I took the leap and 7 years later here I am!!!


Liberti Family | Wakefield, MA

Liberti Family | Wakefield, MA

I have had a little break from blogging over the last couple weeks which I have to say, feels like its been an entire year! Between family sessions and weddings, I have been non stop with LOTS and LOTS of late nights editing. I have so many blog drafts almost ready to be published and I do not want to keep those blogs in cue anymore! I am so excited to finally feature this amazing family! I have been taking their photos since I started my business in 2012! It went from just a couple, to maternity, to family, to extended family and I am forever grateful for them all!  We had their session in Wakefield, MA again this year and this time the littlest lady, Lilly is here! It is so fun to get to see these families grow and I love getting to be apart of savoring these moments for them!

Here is the start of my 2019 family sessions!! Get ready for more awesomeness! 🙂

Big Moose Inn Wedding Venue | Liz and Raffa

Big Moose Inn Wedding Venue | Liz and Raffa

I knew that I loved Liz and Raffa from their engagement session. You could tell that they are in love and care so deeply for one another. But I have to tell you, their love for one another was NEVER so evident as it was on their wedding day. From their first look, it was hard for them to hold back the tears. They cried and smiled and looked at each other with so much love and happiness throughout our portraits, through the ceremony and even more so on the dance floor. It was the sweetest thing to see them both so overcome with emotion and happiness. I am so honored I was able to document that for them.

Their day was PERFECT! Earlier that day, it rained but when it was time for their first look, the rain subsided and we were able to have all their portraits and their ceremony outside!! I’m so thankful for clients who care about their portraits! We had so much time for their family portraits, wedding party and their bride and groom portraits. They were open to any of the locations that we suggested and for their second half of portraits, they were all for our suggestions and a little bit or sun came out over the mountain giving us enough light to capture beautiful portraits on the lake with the mountain backdrop and I’m SO glad that we did!!! Just wait until you see them!

Liz and Raffa, thank you so much for trusting me to capture your wedding day! It was so nice to get to meet your family and friends! You guys have such beautiful families it was an honor to be the ones capturing these memories of the day!!! I love you both and I can not wait for you to see these photos!

“There are two big days in any love story: The day you meet the girl of your dreams and the day you marry her.” – How I Met Your Mother

Dress: Modern Bride & Formal Shop | Ceremony Venue: Big Moose Inn, Cabins, & Campground | Reception Venue: Big Moose Inn, Cabins & Campground | DJ: JI’s Music Express | Cake: Frank’s Bake Shop & Catering | Invitations: Vistaprint | Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal | Groomsmen attire: Express